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  1. Yeah coming back to thamoz s explanation i think 2 is still correct.. The main chisen nation has to fulfill its own requirements regardless of allies. The close allies can use any remainder of points taken as core so you could in theoryhave more than 40% and or still be able to use air units for example...
  2. Ah yes that is it. It is all about the battlegroup formation. So you have the battlegroup of your chosen nation and your allied battlegroup. So you cant just bring allied smalls you re. Still required to bring at least 1 unit of your main faction...
  3. Hmm i didnt think thye could as they build their own battlegroup.. But having said that atm i cant find it in the rules where it actually states this is so... Having said that as it si not a megacompetetive game i would feel slightly dissapointe d if my opponent where to bring such to the table. As this could lead to some misuse and powerplays...
  4. Yup... Also with a single medium kill he also managed to score 50% fleet value? Mustve been a nice first turn.
  5. Hah. You never saw me roll my dice have you...
  6. To get back to topic. What opponents have you usually been playing? And how much terrain. Why we got a little boost imo is because other factions could pump out the same amount of dice from similar weapon systems + have a secondary weapon to attack with. And have shields at the same time. And or other goodies before this change i wouldve rated fsa as the 6th strongest faction out of the core 7. As for pinpoint, i believe there was something needed to give a little unique flavour and boost to american rockets which where otherwise sub par As you say i dont find the diehard attitude all that important as generally you can make your breaktests anyway. But it might help a little favour with the dice gods... The sharpshooters on the augusta are indeed a treat as for the point reduction im quite fine with it just check the other factions frigates. Sure most cost 30 pts but will have a secondary firing mechanism, higher ad levels and can generally shoot out to rangeband 3 making the fsa frigates meh compared to the rest. Just have a look at the french frigate 25 pts 5/4/3/2 fore torpedos 5/4/2 broadsides Compared to 2x 4/3 turret. Seems much closer sue we can link for 1 extra die in rb 1/2 but dont get to shoot out to rb 3 or multiple sides or a bunch of torpedoes. More significantly than the boost the fsa has gotten is in my opinion the point increase in most of yje other factions... So all this sumed up we got goodies and a buff to equalize the fsa with the other factions....
  7. Aye rather seen a nerf on the dioelephantus than an exact copy with point increase + "upgrade" to dread.. Hit the pa a little or switch it with the aristotle pa. carrier 6 pretty standard for assault carrier... -2 to the broadside. Coupled to the drone nerf would already be a lot i reccon To be fair the +1dr/cr does help now... As for the 50 % deaderdead drones. I agree it would be nice and flavourfull if it where only the ones that where shot down. But i wll form a stronger opinion after some games..
  8. Can only be deployed as stated.. I thought the free was about the victory points attached to the card if it are played.. Hmm defo haveto read up...
  9. they said the alliance nations will get updates in teh coming months.. so yup they will.. wether it is a buff...... edit. copy from blog This first instalment focuses on the core seven nations. After this we will have a month gap before the alliance nations get their own release.
  10. hurray. sorry to say but im happy with these changes. i always preferred the aristotle for playstyle and i hated drone spam.. so basically the way i played coa has been buffed and is possibly pushed into the meta for coa fleets.. does the happy dance
  11. im with presidente on this one. nah2po4aq. earlier battles i saw myself being matched on guns by my opponents ships but with an addition of rockets or torps o other toys etc. the + 1 dr is not going to be able to compete with that.. anyway a few buffs is nice. esp considering most of the other core nations got a slight nerf. so the spread of power between nations is definitively getting smaller... lets just see what happens in actual play..
  12. Hmm as a main fsa player i do find a few problems in regards to firepower of other factions. At the moment i find em rather a little vhallenge to play. People say stick in rb3/4 and blast your opponents away. But this doesnt work all that easy. If you just sit like that you re going to be blasted out of the water. You need to get your own tiny little advantages. Hide your battlecruiser behind your battleship etc to try and max your firepower. Remember sustained fire works only once for every shot. This makes not linking fire a little more interesting. And if possible you should roll for a hit and hope for a crit x2 rather than rolling for a single crit. Also im hoping for a minor boost to the fsa when the new orbat comes out with outpr robotdread as i feel at the miment we are totally outgunned by the bond... Good luck. Mickey
  13. There are no longer tokens they are now classified as tiny models. Dont want to help his friends? I prefer they dont want to shoot their friends from the sky as a dogfight isnt 2 static lines but a complete intermingle from all the aircraft involved. But yes the last bullet point is the important one here. And as you say the only 2 attacks that are allowed.. Therefore nothing else is... Any other rules such as attacking part of a squad does not apply as it technically isnt..
  14. Wait what 50% deals where? I see the 25% off bundle deals. Where is the 50 % deals? Gotta get me sime of them...
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