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  1. FSAHoops, Like your comments above - and I'm a Russian player! Yup, agree with all the points, just want to add a new one - that I haven't tried yet. It's the "new" Russian iceberg mines - several of the Russian larges and dreadnought now get them. While I (and my buddies) haven't had a game with them yet (all still awaiting our personalised rulebooks, and can't run a game from the softcopy!!) I am looking forward to pumping out some 11 and 12 AD mines - and then being able to move them! - while my mates are not very enthused by the idea at all. And just to finish off for FurionMoneygrabber, I also have a very large Brit fleet (love em) and 2 of my regular opponents have Prussians. Nothing wrong with them either. What I like about D Wars is the good, overall balance of ALL the fleets - and if anyone says otherwise - they're probably playing against better opponents! Just buy a fleet that you can love - even when it loses. And enjoy the hobby - it's great.
  2. Wraithbrood, I've been running a Russian fleet since Spartan first brought out the initial Russian models - back then, no Nikels, but the Novgorods were in the "first box". And such a useful little model, that I got round to painting 30 of them - yes, we have run some very big battles. But that was when they were only 25 points each. Then we had the big "re-tune" and Novgorods went up 5 points (yes, I know it isn't much - but multiplied x times?) to cost the same as the Nikels - and the Novgorods stayed in my boxes for a very long time. You can make the arguements both ways for 2 x 10AD attacks versus 1 x 15AD, but the Nikel has that additional Ap (and 12 boarders versus 8 is a far better proposition) plus the Nikel has an extra AA AND 2 extra CC. So with the extra points (increased DR, redoubatable and Hunter submerged), there isn't any question as far as I personally am concerned. Always the Nikel.
  3. Aye Mike (CDR_G) I well-remember that game a few years ago where I got my brand new Chinese fleet onto the table-top to face your equally new Italians - and for you to state "We're not going to use dreadnoughts today." - because your Italians didn't have one!!! Yes, happy memories. And remind me - how many raging fire tokens did your carrier have on it before it slid beneath the waves?!? Good to see you're getting the games in "over the pond". Dave
  4. Morning gentlemen (and ladies) BAD NEWS, I'm afraid. I am going to have to slip the date of the event backwards. Very long story (suffice to say I was a VERY unhappy bod last Thursday night), but, to try and "take the positives from the negatives" we will have had the new rule book for just a tad longer by the time we DO run the event. Now, talking to the Montague club people (who own the hall where we'll be having the event) last Thursday, the ONLY other available dayes this year are: 30 Sep 7 Oct 4 Nov 18 Nov 9 Dec I appreciate that the 18th Nov date is also the Warfare event in Reading (which many of us attend) so the choice is limited. My reason for putting the available dates down here is to get some sort of feedback from you good folks; if there were to be a couple or 3 of you who were interested, but could NOT make a specific date, I'd take that into account. Obviously, I wont be able to keep everyone happy, but I would like to have the event this year. Something to do with prizes...... Anyway folks, I'm really sorry about this. I couldn't look at the forums last Friday, far less put finger to keyboard. And if any of you have booked time off work, or called in a big "pink chit" with your other half, then I'm doubly sorry - see me on the day and I'll buy you a beer. Seriously, I'm just a tad upset about this, but, to use that dreadful phrase - we are where we are. But again, to try and focus on the positives - we'll all have a bit more time to get games under our belt to the new rules. Cheers for now. Dave Ireland
  5. Sorry guys, Friday was a "bad" day, and a couple of the guys weren't down at the club on Thursday (typical!). So I've sent them all an e-mail over the weekend asking for views and will get something "solid" out when I get their replies. Or - more likely - I'll just make it all up myself when I get overwhelmed by their responses: sorry, me being sarcastic here, quite a few of the guys at the club are really BAD at answering e-mails, which really winds me up. Which is probably why they do it! Apologies again guys for the non-forthcoming of info - but I AM looking forward to the event! Cheers for now. Dave
  6. Gentlemen, Just a quick "holding post" - I am down at the club tonight and intend to have a good old chat with the boys. I am VERY conscious that I haven't put more info up on this thread - but I, like so many others, am still awaiting my new rule book. And we definately want to play to 2.5 rules. And yes - aware that we've just over 2 months to the event - where does the time go? Definately looking forward to it - well, just want to get playing "new" games! So more tomorrow guys. Cheers for now. Dave PS - and 1250 points "might" be good - who's an old tease then! D
  7. And a very good evening to you one and all. Now that the "new" version 2.5 stats are out for the 7 major nations, I thought it about time that I broke my silence on here. Everything is still very much on for the second Saturday in September, and we should all have plenty of time to get used to the "new" rules. Well - that's the hope. I have nothing substantive to add to the info that is at the start of this thread - I've just had the briefest of glances at 2 of the fleets' stats - but I was keen to let you all know that we here in Huntingdon haven't forgotten about the event - very far from it. In fact, the guys are really looking forward to it, especially as I wont be playing. I really don't know what they mean! I have a really busy couple of days coming up (gaming that is!) so it will probably be Friday before I do anything further on this. But please, put your thoughts down here. I'm really keen to have a cracking days gaming, and now that the new orbats are out, we should certainly manage that. 'Til next time guys. Dave
  8. CDR_G Mike ma' boy, it would be great to see you back over this side of the pond again. Just a great pity that there'd be no chance of us "knocking heads" as it's my turn to run things; but, then again, depending on how long you actually manage to get over here........ Anyway Mike, I'll keep my fingers crossed. We can but hope. I'm just looking forward to getting version 2.5 so we can start some "proper planning". Cheers for now matey.
  9. Gentlemen, thank you for the early reply posts. Obviously, I'm going to wait for the new version before deciding "hard and fast" points - like point values and the like. Part of my reason for wanting to do this was that I attended a small event in Stockton in late June last year (immediately after the referendum) and what an enjoyable day it was; meeting and playing against completely new opponents. And the first time I'd ever played a "Brit versus Brit" game. While there are 3 of us with KoB fleets in Huntingdon, we'd just never seen fit to have a civil war game - but it was still a cracking game. So lots more to follow - I do realise that September is still more than 4 months away, but at least getting the date out to all you good people lets you do some planning. Nothing worse than hearing about something you'd like to attend, only to find it's just a few days away and you (or your other half!) already have plans. Til later guys.
  10. Good morning gentlemen - and ladies. I am starting of this thread to advise you all of a D Wars tournament that is going to be held in Huntingdon on saturday 9th September. I have spoken with Lizzie at Spartan HQ, and the company have given their blessing and are being very supportive. So a few details: it will be CORE NAVAL. No allies allowed. No dreadbot, and max of one dreadnought. Size of fleets I'm still debating. At our recent RAF Wargaming Association event, we played 1300 point fleets - but we did have 2 days. Our initial event at Huntingdon will just be the single day. So somewhere between 1000 and 1300 points. Now that should stimulate some discussion! 3 rounds to be played. There will be a couple of prizes, but the prime objective of the day will be to have a few keen folks travel to Huntingdon to play against new opponents The venue will be the Huntingdon "Montague" club. There are excellent directions on the Huntingdon and District Wargames Society website (google HDWS). Far better than anything I can do - I'm an old luddite. So that's the "opening starter for 10". A few more details on us: There are 9 of us in the club who regularly play the game (some more than otheres!). I will be organiser and umpire on the day. I will not play. One of the Huntingdon lads has kindly said that he wont play if there are odd numbers. So everyone who makes the effort to travel to us, WILL play in all 3 rounds. No bys for anyone. I'm looking at an entry cost of £5 per person, to help cover the cost of the hall hire. As I told Lizzie, if there's a shortfall - I'm just spending my sons' inheritance. And believe me - that makes spending money easy. I'll be happy to take the cash on the day - but I will want to see folks fleet list prior to the event - say by the end of August. A quick comment about me. I've been wargaming for more than 40 years (too many game systems to mention here). When I retired from the RAF I held the position of Chairman of the RAF Wargaming Association - and the membership wanted to change the constitution so a civilian could hold the post. I was flattered - but said it was time for someone else to take up the reins. I've been playing D Wars right from the start. I have ALL the 7 major fleets, plus Polish (don't ask why them as the minor nation). I've introduced a few of the lads at the club to the game - and they like it. So I can't be that bad a teacher. There is much more to follow - not least of which is fleet size (I'm hoping to get some positive thoughts back from you all on the topic). But I wanted to get this initial info out to you good people. And I look forward to meeting a few of you in September. Regards. Dave Ireland
  11. Benchpresser, what a little tease you are! But much appreciation and many thanks for adding to the Russian orbat - especially if you're going to be fighting AGAINST it. Top man.
  12. Thanks Erloas, for being specific. I was aware that the spotter and dive bombers were DR3 - but I was "focused" on fighters at the time of typing my last - and thought that I'd missed something. And as I've got a 2000 point game today with my Russians against my buddy's Prussians - well, you can probably guess how my thought processess were working! But yes - still rather nice.
  13. Farcages, back on 24th March you mentioned that Russian SAS have heavy Ack Ack and DR3. DR3? Can I ask where you've picked this up from please, because I can't find it. But would like to! Much appreciated
  14. Ah, Gen. Eric, in the interests of enhancing good old Brit / Yank relations, I just had to mention that one of my buddies has a Prussian fleet - and has 4 Gewitterwolkes. And the rude fellow that he is, he has been known to field all 4 of them in a 1300 point core NAVAL game. If every there was a need to "up the cost" or "nerf the stats - it's the Git. Maybe I should add that to that other thread? Na - just looks like you're complaining!!! But best of luck in getting your hands on one - or more. They really do "add" to a fleet.
  15. Merlin, Now that's an interesting post. And I will quickly admit that I haven't given the topic much thought, but of my 4 fleets (Chinese, KoB, Russian and PLC) my PLC is exactly that - 4th choice. And I do play the game a fair bit - I was having a "count-up" the other week (I have to keep a diary of all my gaming dates) and I'd played 57 games of D Wars between our annual event last year and this year's one 2 weekends ago. So it's not like I'm basing my thoughts on just a handfull of games. Again, I suppose it all comes down to personal preferrance and what your local gaming group happens to specialise in. Maybe we need to get out there and play against more folks - now wouldn't that be good? But increasing the points cost of PLC units? I'd never take them out of the box. Same happened to my Novgorod frigates when they went from 25 to 30 points and lost an AP. Used to use them all the time, I don't think I've had a sqn of them on the table since the revision. And then again - maybe that's just me. I still use my Zhanmadao (why wouldn't I?) and, while "disappointed" by it's point hike, it was more than compensated for by the 5 point reduction in the cost of the Nu - my buddies were really upset by that one - no mention of the Zhan's big hike - but that's wargamers for you; moan about their increasing costs, your decreasing costs, and never mention their buffs, your nerfs. Or should I have said "human nature"? So as things stand just now, I DO use my PLC. But they are my 4th choice. Don't think I need to say much more really - apart from really looking forward to the new release!!!
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