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  1. The fleet has been undercoated - the hulls will eventually be a worn white colour, with light brown decking and bronze funnels & metalwork.
  2. Great summary @Nicholas! Thanks My ships have been dispatched so it'll hopefully not be too long until I can get some games in.
  3. Greetings all, FSA player here taking the plunge into DW and decided I liked the look of the KoB, so starting with the naval fleet box. Any tips or guidance for a DW noob would be appreciated, especially differences between DW and FSA which I'm more familiar with. Stat wise the Britannian ships seem similar to my FSA Sorylians - hard to kill/board, brutal medium range firepower but perhaps a bit slow. A rolling wall of guns and steel, rather than a manoeuvrable strike force. Would that be a fair assessment?
  4. It's been too long, and for that I apologise. But I've not been idle! Dreadnought and carrier finished, and I've also painted up their escorts and SRS wings. And since I'm at home tonight, the lizards mounted an invasion of the kitchen table #fullfleetfriday
  5. I upgraded the station's paintjob after the advice from you fine fellows The new arrivals are currently in the spraying box getting primed.
  6. If you're in the UK then Halfords body primer is good. Looking forward to seeing your ships painted up
  7. Looks great! Any chance of a side-on shot too?
  8. Sounds like fun, I have recently got some new ships for the lizards so this will give me an incentive.
  9. The scenario doesn't allow any use of FSD - I would have preferred to steal it...
  10. Couple of pics - had a game last night against vedalslayer's new Terrans, trying out Scenario 7 from the System Wars book, and my order from the SG sale arrived I've been assembling the carrier and dreadnought boxes today - the DN is huge! vedalslayer's Apollo decided to make a run on my heavy cruisers and battlecruiser. This was a mistake as what happened next was the Kopis squadron unleashed a full broadside volley into it, causing a Security in Disarray critical, and then my new Katar squadron moved up and boarded it, captured it, and scuttled it. *trollface* It was a good close game, we ended up having to call it because of time but it was 4-3 to the Sorylians with most of the Terrans' invasion ships destroyed or soon to be. I lost most of my Tier 3s and my BC in the process. The station may get an upgraded paint job tomorrow, I'll see if I have time
  11. I was wondering about some lights - I have been painting orange lights on my Planetfall models. Perhaps one in the centre of the top part and some around the ring? I'll maybe paint them on later and see how it looks, it'd be easy enough to paint over if I don't like it.
  12. Nice colours, they look organic
  13. Station painted, now working on the platforms.
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