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  1. Thank you all very much. I appreciate all the input. Might consider Omnidyne ships in my fleet at this rate - I seem to be lucky with Cyber weapons so far, and I like the idea of robot torpedoes outside of the drones.
  2. Thanks for that. I have the works Raptor battlecrusiers painted up, clear coated and ready. Just trying to lay brush to the Directorate, and tracking down one more R&D for the carrier. I'm a slow painter anyway, ha ha. Any thoughts on if the Works destroyers are worth anything to the Directorate? I am curious.
  3. I'm liking where a lot of this is going. Hoping some cyber knocks out his precious large ships. A friend gave me some Works Raptor Battlecrusiers; I'm picking out a nice color scheme for them. Would you recommend them, or would an assault cruiser be better?
  4. Thank you all for your help. The Tormentors seem like the best option for me; he places too much faith in big, scary ships while ignoring his own smaller ones, so lots of cyberweapons will throw him off balance. If I use those to mess them up, and being evasive, it will just goad him into doing something stupid. Though if he gets himself a dreadnought, I'll get some Works Raptor to frustrate him more.
  5. Ah, thank you! Now I can ask better questions; my opponent has Terrans, likes to use mediums (mostly cruiser squadrons and a heavy squadron) and a pair of battleships (MK2) and a carrier...and two frigate squadrons and some corvettes. So since I have one carrier in the works, how to best use it? With a pair of tormentors in the back crippling juicier targets, or creeping forward escorted by a pair of cruisers? Thanks for your input.
  6. Hello! I've recently joined the corporation, and I have a question about the carrier that I can't find much info for. I can see the uses of attaching the R&D cruisers to it (though I think it negates cloaking), but I have yet to find any information on what uses the cruiser option is good for. Any thoughts? I am a bit lost on the options.
  7. Hm. After much planning, I have trouble getting it to match totally with all Prussian parts. But that's alright. I think the end result should look mad-science enough and have enough magnetic parts for me to change it at a later date.
  8. Still working on this thing, will let you all know how it turns out when I get more parts for it.
  9. Thanks for the detailed rundown. I think I'll use them for Britannia, and use the Australians as a bolt-on force. Besides, sooner or later we'll probably get an Aussie air fleet.
  10. Well, I'm considering a British/Australian fleet, and wanting some air cover, I am currently stuck. Who should I devote the air half of the fleet to - Royal Australia, or the main core, Britannia? There seems to be little difference in stats. Although I plan to add in the heavy bombers when they're released. Anybody have any advice on the subject?
  11. Giving it the option of carrying assault infantry? I could see that as an option. I plan to have the turrets and Speerschleuders on the outside edges, above the Tesla broadsides to keep the top clear, and have magnet mounts for the front/back areas as options. That might make a good alternative to the Tesla Bombard in front. So far, the back option seems to just be generator mountings.
  12. Well, since this is an unofficial unit, I'd say so! I haven't toyed with the Fury Generator yet. How effective is it? Disruption is great for those blasted shield generators, but I've found a nice Tesla pulse to be very satisfying personally.
  13. I'd forgotten about that. Alright then, thank you very much for the suggestions! I'll get busy ordering the parts for it.
  14. True enough! But another question - if we have an option for a UPG generator, should the generator be on the back like that? I'd almost expect it to be on the front to give it an inch or so more range, or would it be a good idea to have it facing backwards?
  15. Yeah, you're right - I meant to say "Tesla Bombard" not "Mortar". My bad! I like the concept and reasoning behind this! I'm going to get together the parts I need and see what I can whip up. Since this is a Seydlitz chassis, going to need to try and fit the Speerschleuders in the right places. So no broadsides then? I think the Sturmpanzer now has broadsides with the Tesla broadside, don't it? Or would that be overkill, given the Sturmpanzer now has 'Close Quarters Gunnery'?
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