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  1. Standard Heavy also has a designator, so a Full Strength Core helix has 4, and 6 nexus (2 for the Heavies, 2 each on a special). We're going to need more sky drop markers.
  2. Kbog

    Relthoza Orbat

    Cloaking with make the 'Tanks' rather tough - no exploding die from enemy fire. And we do seem to have quite high CQB scores for Tanks/Battle suits (which could cover the nasty corroding weaponry And with the Drone Nexus/Designator being quite common though the larger units, Sky Drops and Artillery are going to be a valid option regardless of force.
  3. Tend to go the other way - magnetic/steel paper on the base and a sheet of magnetic material in a 'really useful box' (usually the A4 box. Works really well with models with set bases, not so good with FSA models.
  4. Think the infantry are drones (the small multi based things). The 6 smallish walkers 'might' be the recon. then 2 standard Mediums and a tower designator, and the Heavy. Think most of the fighting will be drone lead (have 2 TAC cards - one that repairs vehicles, another that replaces destroyed drones). Drones also get boosts when in command range of towers (which reduces with damage). Just things I've picked up/think are right. Swarm time, my pretties.
  5. Shown up in South Wales (UK), have my copy and am reading rules currently - though did spend last night looking at the pretty pictures and models - amazing stuff (and the heavy's wouldn't look out of place in a 15mm gaming force).
  6. If that's the core Helix box, you can double that for full strength Helix - LOTS of little bugs, Mr Rico.
  7. Will start with 2 core boxes (Max out that core helix), and then build from there. Artillery/Support and Assault Helix likely to be near the top of the add-on food chain. Not sure about allies, unless they bring something other than close assault options (they're Ba'Kash, so what else). Paint and repeat.
  8. Like the look of them, and they fit with the general styling of the Fleet - assault/Carriers (with the exception of the new escort - which I use as Widows) as all Flat, Gun/Attack ships upright. Have to read up on the assault/boarding rules :-)
  9. Hi all. Having had a good look at these two models, I think that I prefer the Wolf Escort over the Drone/Widow model (I find the Widow large for a frigate - and though the wolf is not small, I think it fits with the (new) cruisers better). I was just wondering how many other of you felt the same way (Spartan will benefit as I can only add to my escorts by getting the carrier box - which I at present have no problem with. And I'll use stingers as escorts (they fit more with the Battlecruiser model as being assault ships - flat rather than tall)
  10. Command Points still the main issue for me (along with the fact that most of the core nations got HQ boosts apart from the EotBS, which needs them as most units/formations have rockets - 6350pts (11 Regiments) provided 16 command - and 8 of those regiments required spotting CP. Might be Vets, but doesn't make much difference if you can either spend CP on recovering from disorder or spotting. The FSA force I was playing against had 1 less regiment, 24 CP and equalled me in long range weaponry. Ho Hum, back to the drawing board (and why couldn't the Bombardment regiment have HQ2 - I can only find 4 elements in the EotBS lists a=that have more than 1 CP, and 2 of them are the mobile Airfield/Sky Fortress, so unless really big games, you'll only get 1 of them.
  11. Where are your frigates (Tier 3), required if I remember rightly.
  12. As far as I'm aware, it's for the game (if not, the Kursk Land Dreadnought will be lethal)
  13. Ditto, always have done it that way.
  14. Thanks for the answer, even if it was not the one I had hoped for. Off to play first game tonight, so wanted that one clear in my head. And that means, other than blocking terrain, Relthoza (or anyone using Cloaking fields) do not gain the benefit of terrain - interesting (though you could say they carry there own around with them)
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