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  1. I certainly feel that the rules don't need to be rewritten at this point. They are a really nice, simple set of rules. What I would like to see would be some up dated models and some expansion to the existing races in terms of filling in missing gaps that were talked about before the game went 'dark'. I do appreciate Spartan have a lot on their plate at the moment with the other systems...it's just the Uncharted Seas is very close to my heart as my first experience with Spartan. Some new models may attached both new and old players back to the system.
  2. Nick...you know me...we've had chats on the South London Warlords forum about this. Like you I have boxes of this range both painted and unpainted and Neil knows how I feel about this game....I've been nudging him for years to bring it back. It is one of my all time fav games. the ships were fantastic models for their time and just got better as the range expanded. All Spartans games and miniatures are, in my option, top notch and I would love to see this range completed. I can also say, yes, there are club members very keen to start/get into this game. in todays market there are very few fantasy naval games around...and the problem with any game system today is if its not regularly supported...players move on. Not by any means Spartns fault here as Uncharted Seas brought us FSA, DW and Planetfall to name but a few (all excellent games), if I could think of any way of supporting Uncharted Seas, apart from buying more miniatures and pushing for folks to play again at the club, I would be all over it like a cheap suit as they say! As Nick says the games a genuine classic.
  3. I may be being a bit thick here but does each faction have a number of starting skydrop or artillery markers at the start of the game regardless of what elements make up the force?
  4. 2nd game under our belts now and really ejoying the system. Can anyone tell me...is the 'different coloured dice' mechanic under used at the moment. It's a real neat idea....I've seen it in other systems, but so far (aside from 'ordinary dice' rolls), I can only find one example of the mechanic being used in the game (dropping a dice rank for shooting at cloaked vehicle)....am I missing something?
  5. Ahhhh....didn't connect Debilitating effect with Corrosive MAR...that make more sense...thanks!
  6. Hey All, Had a first enjoyable game of Planetfall at the beginning of the week...a couple of questions,( I'm sure there will be more!). If you pick up a Debilitating effect marker.....I see you can attempt a repair in the end phase, but what effect does it have on the unit if it doesn't get repaired. For instance the 3-4 Cyber attack results gives you a debilitating effect marker....does that marker have any effect on the unit? And, with the artillery strikes can you only 'call down' one strike per marker per game? I realise the markers remain on the board as they are used,(by some races) as Sky drops), but once an artillery strike has been called to that marker the reules seem to read you can't have another one there. A really interesting game.....we are having a re-run next week.
  7. Thanks all....do the Directorate ever get sky drop/artillery markers....I can't seem to find any reference to them in any of the Directorate stat lines in the ORBAT.
  8. I'm playing with a Core Helix starter,( from the 2 player box set), plus a Recon Helix.
  9. Hi All, About to try a first game of Planetfall. I've had the starter box for along time.....only just finished painting the fantastic models. My question is......I'm playing the DIRECTORATE for the first time and, from the ORBAT/UNIT STAT in the rule book I can't seem to see if the DIRECTORATE has any SKY DROP MARKERS. None of the units seem to have the Artillery Support MAR or the Sky Drop Nexus MAR listed,( or for that matter the NEXUS DESIGNATOR), but, in the starter box I have two SKY DROP MARKERS and the ORBAT for the DIRECTORATE says that their SKY DROP markers start at 4 as do the ARTILLERY markers. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
  10. Ahhhhh...thanks...shall have to dig deeper to match the pieces up.
  11. OK...here's the thing...a bit of a resurgence in Firestorm at my club at the moment, so I've got onto painting my 'back oil' of ships/fleets. In the middle of a Ba Kash fleet at the moment,( new brought a new patrol fleet ), and have been adding 'old school' models to bring it up to a 1200pts. I got so far down the pile to discover the last two ships..and, for the life of my I can't ID them or.......work out how they go together. As you can see from the photos there's two standard bodies.....12 fins and a odd pair of 'engine mounts' that I just can't see how they will fit the bodies. Any one any ideas what these are...or do I just have some 'bits' left over from other ships....(I hope not!0 Thanks
  12. I rate The Black Ocean site as one of the best there is...and it has imfo for most of my most played games. The stat cards are excellent...really appreiate the larger formatt......helps my aging eye sight! I do like having a seperate ship card for each ship.....it sort of help my remember which ones I haven't moved yet! The only thing I would add would be a picture of the ship..but I guess that a space consideration. I often have trouble remembering which ship is which....that may be age again.
  13. Yeah...I've seen those......I to am getting to the age where reading the old white cards...in 'club lighting' was getting hard! I do miss the last edition of the cards.....there was something about having a nicely printed stat card on good card stock!
  14. Thanks Guys......being a bit lazy...should have check my usual sources! Does anyone miss the printed stat cards you used to get with the fleets?
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