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  1. Unit is defined in the first paragraph on page 27 - it can be a single model or a squadron. The points cost of outfitting cards is per model (see page 'Outfitting Cards In Squadrons' on page 27)
  2. Most don't have that but check out the current HMS Dragon. It looks great.
  3. I thought the Tesla Gen wording was quite clear. It doesn't activate until after standard movement so it can't have an effect before standard movement is finished. For each model that wants to use the boost you then roll D3 (individually for each model in turn) and move that many inches straight ahead. If you want to use it offensively, pick a target and roll on the table instead of rolling movement.
  4. They are best at close range against mediums but they don't have the speed or survivability to get there. If they could dive it might be a different matter but I've never managed to get one close enough to the enemy to make the close combat work. If you have a friendly meta that doesn't always go for the most powerful option they might be ok, but not against an enemy who likes to stand off rather than close in.
  5. Our group finds that 3 way games can work but are far better with scenarios. Outside of scenarios there is generally one player that hangs back and mops up after the other two forces have pummelled each other. Another problem we found with 3-way games was where one player would cripple a ship and another player would then step in and finish it off, gaining all the VPs despite doing very little. This led to very defensive gameplay and longer games. To counter this we now often play VPs per point of damage inflicted (so total cost of the damaged model divided by the number of HP it started with is the VPs gained per point of damage inflicted. It sounds fiddly but a pre-prepared spreadsheet means it actually works quite quickly, you just need to have somebody keeping score). We found this makes players more gung-ho and the games more fun. One scenario we play is where we have 2 players with smaller forces against one player with a larger force. However, only the small forces can gain VPs with the third player not playing to win (they’re there for the fun of it). The smaller forces can’t attack each other so whichever of them gets most VPs from the larger player wins. As they aren’t playing competitively the third player often uses models that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day. Set up is opposite board edges with the 2 players mixing in with each other (it’s agreed not to intentionally collide or position models to cause collisions) and we sometimes have the larger force set up first. We generally limit commodores to just the damage repair re-roll ability.
  6. Thanks Hopefully the missing items will be added soon as I want to put an order in...
  7. Most of the models are now available individually in the Spartan shop but there is at least one (the Mk1, surface-skimming Magenta battleship) missing. Does anyone know if this is an oversight that will be corrected or if it's not there for a reason? (Oddly, the Magenta that is available as a single model in the shop has the picture of the Mk2 but the write up for the Mk1) EDIT: I got my Mks wrong...
  8. It would be Terror Tactics (2). It doesn't stack and you pick the best of the options available.
  9. I think if you board a 2hp vessel it is automatically sunk (no critical, no prizing, no sabotage - just gone). I haven't got the rulebook to hand but check the boarding resolution rules as I'm sure I saw it in there last week...
  10. I've never played against the Raj so am interested - how many spotters does your opponent field?
  11. I recommend KR Multicase. I've had a couple of cases from them and both are excellent.
  12. The Saint-Malo's 2 turrets are 180 degree off-set. That means they can't both link with a broadside and makes the Saint-Malo twin turret attack 15-14-12-8 plus 2 broadsides of 12-10-8-6. Or you could link a turret to a broadside twice for two lots of 17-15-12-9. Either way, you're not likely to be getting all weapons to bear as often as the Liberty...
  13. Excellent! My love for teslas just got a little stronger (and I can't wait to see the look on my opponents' faces when I break the news to them...) Thanks!
  14. So by the same logic any Speerschleuder led tesla attack also gains High Angle MAR...?
  15. Does Sub Killer not being a coherency MAR mean that Speerschleuders (or however you spell it) can link with teslas against a diving model and the full attack gains Sub Killer? (This of course assumes that the speerthingyjig is the lead weapon in the attack) Or would the teslas that have linked be at half dice as usual? Or have I got it all wrong?
  16. Awww shucks. My dreams are shattered again...
  17. That's what I was thinking but I can still dream!
  18. Thanks again! Sorry to be a pain, but do they combine or link?
  19. Cheers! What sort of dice pools are we talking? (I seem to remember someone saying they no longer work off a DR multiple...)
  20. Heat Lances!!! Heat Lances!!! Can you tell us anything about Heat Lances? Thanks
  21. Hi Delboy, Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions - I've liked pretty much everything I've heard so far. I've not seen much mention of emplacements etc. Are the rules relating to towers, airfields & bunkers much the same a 1.1? Thanks
  22. Hi again Delboy, So do the blue sixes appear often? Where else will they be seen? Thanks!
  23. I'd agree with with that. And it just looks...er...lighter. Maybe drop the retardant armour option but give it speed push for good measure.
  24. The new cruiser model has retardant armour and I can't see them giving that to a light cruiser. My money is on the Marseilles being moved to light cruiser status.
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