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  1. On my side, there is no reason outside of an aggressive, in your face boarding list to take an Independence over the Mississippi Mk. 1 (id even argue the Liberty as well).
  2. That's why it's called a MAXIMUM Movement. Yes, having 12" of movement sounds great. I incorporate movement into my ranges as well. But there's also a MINIMUM Movement. Sometimes, it's better to go that route than the full 12". That's how smalls get killed.
  3. Added the box TIER ONE DAY ONE. I look forward to what are effectively giant LCACS with battleship firepower. I'm very glad the GC has something now like the Heat Lance.
  4. To me, small ships are just there for MFV rules. My fire power is in my mediums and up. I have a few FSA lists that use rocket painters to increase effectivness of Guillfords, but I try to just run Augustas and maybe some Reveres who's only job is to be a roadblock. Haven't played with 2.5 yet.
  5. I like the Calico, so I plan on converting my spare Lexington cruisers into Calicos. It should be easy. All I need to do is remove the bridge and turret, build a flight deck, and make some minor cosmetic mods.
  6. My thoughts on the Savannah nerf. 1) it sucks. My punching bag of bomber spam has been nerfed something fierce. 2) I only have one, which exists to make an air core list viable, so my three Saratogas can easily pick up the slack. 3) Until Spartan recognizes that the Savannah has been nerfed and needs fixing to bring it in line with other powers, there are two things we have to do. That's 1) play with it as is and log how bad it sucks now. And 2) despite the nerf, acknowledge that it is not a Tourbillon, Illustrious, Imperium, etc., and find a way to make it work in our fleets. Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.
  7. I would swap for the dual guns of the Princetons myself!
  8. While 40% across the board would balance for sure, that frees up a lot of points and leaves some lists, like say 1500, with a lot of points left over. I can build a list that uses all (at 1500) 600 points allowed for small models, but honestly it's the Large/Massive class that keeps me going. Those models are way too cool not to use. So I like the caps as is.
  9. Take the cap away, or bump it to 50%. Please, let my FSA form a broadside all stopped RB2/1 gunline of Augustas.
  10. Howdy yall, I placed my first and only Corinthian order just to get the Covenant Research Vessel Objective marker. My order came in and it wasn't there. I emailed dispatch. Dispatch said they'd fix it. I got a set of Dystopian Wars objectives, but not the Corinthian model. I emailed dispatch again. Dispatch said they'd fix it. I just got my package in and it's a full set of PLANETFALL objectives. What do I have to do to get my Corinthian model? I would email dispatch, but I don't think Uncharted Seas objectives were ever made and I don't need the Firestorm objectives.
  11. That's what you do with the Lexington....turn it into an Apollo. I also had planned to convert one of my spare Independence into an Annapolis and the other into a special triple turret design.
  12. I'm curious about this too. Nine new large models, while I'm sure when they drop we will all collectively go "Oh wow.....yeah that makes sense", is still nine new models, effectively making KoB DOMINATE the large model category. Perhaps there will be a balance by giving other factions new large models to compensate. *If KoB gets a Providence/Pak/Railroad Gun Barge/Canda style monitor I'll consider it a waste though.
  13. On that small, a fore 90* arc. Not OP, and still able to bring it to bear due to inherent small maneuverability. Conversely, France lacks a small sub for a Submarine Naval Battlegroup. We have the new Large in the upgrade box, we have Epaulard, and we have the tiny subs but have to bring the St. Malo. Therefore, a Small Submarine designed to be a spotter and medium Hunter with torpedoes and CC would be cool too. As for the medium, we have Armored Cruisers, Cruisers, Light Cruisers, Battlecruisers, and Support Cruisers. So with that: A Surface Skimming Battlecruiser with guns A Surface Skimming Cruiser with gunsure and rockets A Surface Skimming Carrier Cruiser
  14. If Prussia can get a damn spear gun on a destroyer, we should have heat lancette heavy destroyers as well. Take two Requin, make a central platform, attach heat lancette....profit accordingly!
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