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  1. I played as the PLC today, and found that the biggest change outside of the costs was the rule that Flamethrower weapons can only target things at the Surface height level (p134, v2.5 rule book). This leaves the Gryf with AA as it's sole anti-Aerial model weapon system until it gets to boarding range...which is only 4" closer. It also means our tanks can't burn flyers out of the sky, which is sensible but not very cinematic. BTW flamers still do damage and even Critical hits now, but it's always a Raging Fire result.
  2. I am quite curious about this as well. The PDF rulebook only lists Battle Groups as tracking MFV (which will fluctuate greatly based on dice rolls and events), but not composition. Since the rules mention checking supply status each campaign turn (and losing MFV if out of supply), they could be implying that each turn the group gets refreshed/resupplied with new vehicles and ammunition. This way, you simply build your force during a battle within the MFV limits and whether you have a dreadnought with the group. Any losses during the tabletop battle can be replaced (generically) with MFV afterwards. No need to track the exact build between battles, so you can change it to suit your needs or desires.
  3. @ Erloas: The Aristotle (in v2.0) has a Target Painter Generator that works on every weapon the CoA has, including torpedoes. All you have to do is get close enough to use it. @ Bazlord: Don't forget that if a submerged unit without the Reinforced Bulkheads MAR suffers a critical hit, they are forced to the Surface level immediately. And with everyone rolling strings of sixes to hit...
  4. Hello Spartan Games, I'm posting this thread here hoping for some official answers when somebody has the time to do so. p. 218, Initial Battle Group Deployment and p. 219, The Game Turn: When placing/activating their Battle Groups, so players do so one Group at a time (alternating activations) or all of their sides' Groups at once (IGO-UGO)? The wording is unclear about what an "individual go" entails. p. 230, Spending Resource Points: The wording for both Battle Group Replenishment and Logistics Points state "any battle group that exists". Does this mean that if I create a new battle group in this phase, it cannot be given Logistics Points at creation? It must use supply lines until the same phase in the next Campaign Week? On the same page, Dreadnought Construction mentions adding a Dreadnought to a battle group but does not specify "existing"; can I build a new battle group containing a Dreadnought if I have the resources/Sturginium to do so? p. 226, Scorched Earth Table: The table has an entry stating that "if the Tile marker's Fortifications drop to zero, remove the marker". On p. 231 under Scorched Earth Recovery, it describes how to restore a scorched earth Tile to its former state. Should the Tile Marker actually be removed or should a token/counter be placed on it to denote "scorched earth" status? With no existing campaign maps to check, I don't know if map tiles have their upgrades printed on them (showing what was there) or if Undeveloped tiles can be upgraded into other types (rebuilding what was there). On a related note, if a Bombardment attack reduces the Fortification on a tile to zero, is it removed/repaired in the same fashion as a Scorched Earth attack? p. 218: Supply Routes: For tracing lines of supply, can a player conquer empty ocean tiles as Undeveloped tiles? If not, do the hexes touched by a supply route count as that player's Area of Influence? This is to clarify where a Naval battle group can go during things like Retreats and whether opponents can capture such tiles on a supply route (commerce raiding). On p. 220 under Supply Entry Points, it also mentions tracing supply lines through hexes a player controls, which would be relevant if such a supply point was on the ocean. Thank you for any help you can give!
  5. The one incident that always sticks out in my mind was during a game of EoBS (me) against a Free Australian force (Mercenary Fan). There was a lone surviving Protector-class frigate near where my Hachiman-class DN ended up, so after shooting at other targets, I thought...why not take out that guy (and an activation)? So, 10 Elite AP promptly launch against the frigate, who rolls his 1 AA...and after a string of sixes, mows down seven of them on the way in. Shocking, but Blazing Suns troops are used to stiff odds, so on they press. Roll dice for the CQB phase. 2 Regular AD vs. 3 Elite AD. I get no successes, he gets four or five...enough to wipe me out and retain control. So, I now have a DN (with 0 AP) sitting 4" away from a frigate (with 2 AP) that hasn't activated yet. No prizes for guessing what happened next. I don't know what the hell those sailors were drinking, but after the battle my new admiral ordered a few cases on the black market.
  6. We shall see if I can drum up any interest once the pledges ship (and I have an obvious starting point to show people). One good thing the rules explicitly mention is to set limits on how many turns the campaign should run, to encourage them to finish and not peter out into oblivion. They also state that for official Flashpoint campaigns there will be listed forces and resources on the map to start with, so the campaigns may not be very fair to one side, yet thematically accurate. There is quite a bit of language about the "narrative" behind a campaign and that following the situation/results matters more than "winning or losing". I suspect this ties into another point mentioned - that printed Flashpoint campaigns would have "briefing documents" for each player to outline their goals and win conditions for the campaign...which are not shown to the opposing player. Thus, you should be able to use bluffs, feints and diversions when deploying your forces and capturing things to keep your opponent guessing about what you're trying to do. One thing I plan to ask about is that the rules-as-read imply you have the campaign map lying on a table with markers (resin or print-out) showing tile ownership, battle group movements, etc. There is also an abstracted battle resolution system for handing fights your group doesn't want to play out. It feels as if the whole thing can be/is meant to be run as a huge board game with the occasional foray into a table-top battle...or you can spend 1-2 hours doing the campaign stuff and another 2-4 hours playing out the one major battle everyone wants to see in action. I'll post in the Rules sub-forum about rules questions, and in the Battle Reports sub-forum if I get a campaign going.
  7. As the most (and possibly only) enthusiastic player/referee of campaigns in my local meta, I wanted to discuss the new Flashpoint rules from the v2.5 rule book and hear what people thought about them. Firstly, would anyone else enjoy a campaign game as described in the rules? I've always liked the different aspects of campaigns and accounting for things such as logistics, fatigue, transport and so on. Do people think these rules will be used very much or be left as a curiosity? Before anyone asks, yes, I plan to run at least one campaign with these rules (most likely when my Kickstarter package arrives with the Ice Maiden book in it). Mind you, this assumes I can drum up some interest for it. On first impressions, the rules look good. The campaigns are map-based (with Spartan implying they will have some sort of PDF download maps for various campaign products) and have abstracted force-building; since Battle Groups only track their MFV size (not their composition) and can be resupplied each campaign turn, you can justify changing the exact force list you deploy with that Battle Group each time you play. This should keep things fresh on the tabletop. Each core type (Naval, Armored and Aerial) gets advantages in certain situations, which should encourage variety in fleet builds. And there are rules for espionage and dirty tricks, which should excite most of the players I know. Overall, I like what I see and look forward to testing these rules out (either in a homebrew or with the Ice Maiden campaign). What do other people think?
  8. My 2 cents: SRS should perform Linked Fire instead of Combined Fire when joining with Models. A 6-wing token of Interceptors grants +6PD instead of +12PD. Fighters, Bombers and Assault Shuttles don't join with models when attacking, so no change to their AD/AP levels. Peace is restored to the forums for approximately 17 seconds. Also, most Escorts with no offensive weapons should probably gain the PD Barrage MAR to give them a reason to be taken. Defensive is one thing, toothless is another.
  9. Once I pledge to the Kickstarter, I'm voting for the Republic of Egypt. It's not the original tag line from Operation:Sirocco that I wanted of "burrowing armor and amphibious tanks", but it could be close enough. I can always dream of a Large Naval model that's made from equal parts of battleship, hovercraft and armored caterpillar...
  10. Russian aerial units, you say...a topic close to my own heart! My first idea would be an Aerial medium carrier - a baby Sky Fortress. Since the fluff forbids Sky Fortresses/Mobile Airfields to the RC but doesn't offer anything to fill that hole in the OrBat, I would propose a medium flying unit with the Carrier (4) MAR and a squadron size of 1-2. The Russians get their SAS without "wasting" a large hull on the effort. Secondly, I like both the flying drill and flying gunship ideas, although the Onega turret looks exactly like the single-barrel turret already found on the Saransk - so just add more of them! A generator-based Medium flyer could be interesting... I look forward to hearing more from you, sir!
  11. I must say, I'm quite taken with the idea of a DreadSquid, especially with Squadron Support (Zarigani) or Carrier options. It couldn't be more frustrating to face than the LoIS or KoD carriers...
  12. From the Digital Admiral's Edition, p97: "These abilities remain until the Model with the Mimic Generator suffers a Generators Offline Critical Result or it copies a new Generator. The Targeted Model does NOT lose the use of a Copied Generator." So, once copied, the Mimic Generator CAN maintain those abilities until destroyed, knocked offline or it mimics something else. Not really broken given how close you need to get to copy anything. For the original point, my first thought was that a Mimic Generator *could* copy the abilities of another Mimic Generator (treating it as if it was, say, a Shield or Tesla Generator) but I'm assuming the intention of Spartan Games is that the Mimic Generator gains the *abilities* of the copied generator, yet remains a Mimic Generator. So, from further up on p97: "The Model may not attempt to Mimic a Generator they already possess." So this would mean you can't copy the abilities of another Mimic Generator that copied something useful, since the target is still technically a "Mimic" Generator rather than a "Whatever it copied" Generator.
  13. I haven't used them yet. I've toyed with the idea of an Illustrious flying alongside an Eagle for such support shenanigans (and the Guardian generator) but the points cost would likely be prohibitive. I really should test that on the table top some day. The only other time I'd consider it is if I knew I was facing Danes, Ottomans or another mine-heavy faction and wanted to ruin their fun before my units got anywhere near the mines.
  14. My 2 cents... DigiAdmiral p52 diagram: the Fore 90 degree arc starts from the center of the model's base and goes outwards. Since the Windsor comes on a base, the same would apply.
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