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  1. I think the RC a pretty good in my opinion, they have powerfull up close guns that are concussive which allows you to knock an AP off when u crit plus whatever the crit effect is they dont have any shields but the do have the mimic gen which alows them to copy other generators and their iceberg gen is pretty good at blocking los and making torps ineffective by blocking the submerged band they also have rocket and torp jammers which allow to roll dice to see how many of their dice u remove from their attack even before they roll on a 4+ with exploding 6's ablative to me seems alot better than 1.1 and now it can be brought back if lost by being repaired above half hp. they are also slower than their avg counterparts but they do get sturginium boost which on a 5+ they get 2" on their move they also have a lot of AP but the ap is conscripts we also have plenty of spotters who are expert so if u wanted to go with a hvy mortar list works great for IDF
  2. You say that till an RC jammer rolls your AD to 0 then kindly reminds you that you forgot to pay the tariffs on your rainbow import
  3. Also we will be getting a light cruiser just right now they wanted to give us a battle cruiser more
  4. With repair vessels being awesome and able to repair ablative on 2.0 go with the support box also our gunships are really good so you could go with the naval box that comes with our dread don't know what changes have come to our destroyers or sub but if they are good at least you'll have a squadron of each
  5. Yea sounds about right i look forward to getting to use them
  6. Well we have a battle cruiser and that probably compares to most nations bb
  7. Well in fluff sturginium is a bluish/green ore and tiberium comes in green and blue
  8. So now we need an iron curtain gen i want to use it against enemy infantry
  9. We still need assault bears
  10. I'm actually not surprised that our corvette is reckless granted i thought the crews would be treated like the historical strahf bn's
  11. Looks like that new small is our corvette
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