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  1. 23 hours ago, Lord Nobody said:

    Is the new FSA BB that much bigger then the old FSA BB?

    My game pictures show it alongside the Annapolis Battle Cruiser (a good tactical pairing in my view).  As to how it compares to the Independence and the Liberty the pictures below should be helpful (Mississippi centre, Independence left, Liberty right).  Overall, it's about the same length but significantly more 'muscular' - higher, wider and with more armour.


    FSA Battleships 2.jpg

  2. Hi all

    Below is the scenario we played yesterday and some pictures from our game that featured FSA and the Black Wolf against the Chinese Federation and Prussian Empire.  Unfortunately we played too many points for the time available, so ended up calling time and deciding the game ended as a draw, so I won't provide a detailed battle report.  Nonetheless it was a fun time!

    Scenario: Storm Warning!

    • The game will use the Random Weather table on page 88 of the Hurricane Season Campaign Book, starting with a random weather condition.
    • Each side of two players places 3 islands anywhere in their half of the board
    • Once scenery is placed each side places 1 Aergia (Mk I) Oil Rig within 1D6+3 inches of the centre of the board and no closer than 8 inches to a table edge.
    • These oil rigs counts as Massive size models, do not activate, and are too valuable to be destroyed, so cannot be attacked or made derelict.  If prized they yield 150vps to the enemy. The can be recaptured (and the 150 points is reduced to 0) and subsequently prized again. 
    • At the beginning of the game, after deployment but before the first turn, each side secretly chooses their fleet order from the following options:

    1. Destroy all Small Models and earn 60% of enemy MFV

    2. Destroy all Medium Models and earn  60% of enemy MFV

    3. Destroy both enemy Commodores and earn 50% of enemy MFV



    Report 2.jpg

    Report 3.jpg

    Report 4.jpg

    Report 5.jpg

    Report 6.jpg

    Report 7.jpg

  3. Hi folks

    Just finished painting up my Mississippi and thought you might like to see a pic.  Here is the Mk II, bunting and all.  Now I've painted it, I quite like the idea of the bunting, but it should be noted that the Mississippi has a largely bunting-free top deck option, which is technically designated Mk I, but can be used as either, as there is no actual difference beyond the slightly elongated bridge.  I also note that the Mississippi comes with a kinetic generator drop-on, rather than a shield (unless I've got my sculpts mixed up)



  4. For me the invaders were pitched just right.  Non-canon so they could be overpowered, allowing you to play them for fun (which we did a little while ago) reflecting movies and fiction, but not in competition  Playing under 2.0 rules (without Dread-Bots) we found that the Invaders were probably about 30-50% too cheap to be comparable to other factions, although they do have the notable weaknesses vs multiple small targets and boarding once ablative is stripped, identified earlier this thread.  Because of the combined fire and lack of offensive boarding they are actually quite a good learner force.


    19 hours ago, pothoc said:

    I'm looking forward to seeing a grudge match. Where did you find the TFT stands? 

    Our next game is coming up, although it will be a four player affair, so there's always a chance the Black Wolf will end up on the same side as the FSA (we roll sides randomly in multi-player games).  The stands (glued beneath the Spartan trays) are simple 3 piece resin jobs which I purchased from Aetherworks (dot com dot au).  Unfortunately they don't seem to be available any more.  I sent an email inquiry a month ago and received no response.

  6. I love 'em. Assuming the Animas has AP 3 it will work great with turtles and corvettes in the FSA boarding rush.  The Providence looks like it will be a great partner to the Sky Reaper Mississippi, allowing me to field an aggressive and defensive battleship, and the Calico sounds interesting. 

    All in all I think they really help round out the FSA fleet. Personally I don't mind the bunting, it does seem remiscent of The Great White Fleet and I like the idea that as the FSA has developed it has started to promote its brand through naval might. I would like to see them painted in real life though.

  7. 9 hours ago, Merlin said:

    I was just about to write about all of these. My only addendum to this would be to allow the Dun to attach both models to a large. The only reason you would want to attach the Dun to a model is to protect that model from incoming fire. If you attach only one model to a large model and give the large model the option to have a Rampart would be pointless, because the large model doesn't gain any benefit. So where would the point be in ever attaching just one? 

    My understanding is that a pair of Rampart Generator "provides a wall of energy that blocks the targeting systems of weapons".  So if you had a Jian battleship with a rampart generator, and 8" away, an attached Dun, then between those two models you could have any other surface models who would benefit from the effect. 

  8. Today we played a brief and brutal engagement as the mighty FSA came up against a fleet of fearsome Black Wolf mercenaries, in a 1,250 point engagement using fleet orders.

    As you can see the FSA force was built around a Liberty Heavy Battleship, San Francisco Assault Carrier and Boston Submarine.  Boarding punch was provided by 3 Less Scoutships, while the B72 Heavy Bomber and Annapolis Battle Cruiser added some valuable supporting fire.  Finally there are always reliable and swift moving Corvettes and Augusta frigates.

    Battle Report1.jpg

    The Black Wolf fielded twin Deathbringer submarines, a Retribution Sky fortress and Nemesis Battlescruiser.  They packed 3 wraith airships and two squadrons of Fury frigates, one attached to a Manticore and those black hearted rogues had even hijacked a Titan troop transport and packed it with pirate scum.  Not content with this ragged assortment of hired guns, they had also hired the Valkyrie’s Fury heavy bomber.

    Battle Report2.jpg

    The game began in civilised fashion, as both sides closed through a narrow strait.  The early exchanges were between the small ships, claiming three FSA corvettes and one Fury frigate.  A lucky rocket strike set the Retribution Sky Fortress ablaze, while the Boston suffered a generator shut down. 

    Battle Report4.jpg

    The Black Wolf made careful use of their Dilation Field Generator, leaving the big guns of the FSA capital ships few targets not obscured, submerged or protected by this swirling haze.

    Battle Report3.jpg

    The first major clash came on the flank as the nemesis battlecruiser seriously damaged the approaching lee scoutships, all to aware of their aggressive boarding potential. Badly damaged the Lees were forced to abandon their primary mission (the Retribution) and instead captured the Nemesis while destroying the remaining Fury frigates.

     Battle Report5.jpg

    As the fleets closed with each other, the exchange of fire became brutal.  The San Francisco carrier was struck and badly damaged by high payload torpedoes, the B72 was downed by devastating fire from Manticore and Fury while the Retribution suffered several more hits, before performing some urgent repairs. In the skies above the Black Wolf aircraft took the upper hand, downing FSA bombers before they could strike, then launching their own damaging torpedo attacks.

    Battle Report7.jpg

    The brave FSA turtle submarines, against great odds, boarded and captured a Deathbringer submarine.  Inspired by this display the Liberty Heavy battleship struck down several Fury frigates and attempted to board the sole survivor, only to have their entire complement of marines wiped out by a combination of devastating ack ack and ferocious hand to hand fighting.  Plucky Augusta frigates managed to destroy the Manticore, triggering a magazine explosion that damaged the nearby Deathbriger submarine. 

    In the skies above, the Esmerelda caused great damage bombing the Boston submarine and causing further damage to the San Francisco carrier.

    The now defenceless Liberty heavy battleship was rapidly captured by the Black Wolf from the Titian troop transport, forcing the hasty evacuation of the commodore to the nearby Annapolis battlecruiser.  This escape was short lived however, as the remaining deathbringer surfaced, and settled the matter, destroying the battlecruiser with a devastating volley.

    Battle Report8.jpg

    At this juncture we agreed that the Black Wolf had won the day.  They had scored 1,075 victory points, and destroyed all but one medium (a Lee airship) so were on the cusp of achieving their fleet order.  The FSA had scored 785 victory points, and I thought I had fulfilled my fleet order, by destroying all the small models, until my opponent pointed out that I hadn't accounted for the Wraith airships (in my defence they are larger than my medium airships, and based on medium flying bases, so I thought they were medium, rather than small models!).

    It was a fun game. The Black Wolf played to their strengths denying the FSA guns a solid target until they were close enough to unleash their devastating and high payload ordinance, and weathering the FSA boarding rush before unleashing their counter-punch.

  9. 21 hours ago, Spartan Mike said:

    I will absolutely be sharing more renders for all the new models included in this awesome new Scenario box! Just need to be sure to have them completely finalized before I do so! Watch this space!

    I seem to recall it being discussed that no models within the set would be "exclusive", though I cannot yet be certain as to the time table for indavisual release.


    Great to see you here Mike, looking forward to seeing the render of the Fortified Prison Model!

  10. On ‎1‎/‎10‎/‎2016 at 6:34 PM, BuckDharma said:


    My perspective is that it all depends. Marks one and three both see use in my lists. Mark three is amazing when undamaged....but after 4-5 hits is about the same firepower as the mark one. (And notably more vulnerable due to CC/AA vales, plus add in isolated systems only on 6+.)

    China needs an escort option.....badly!

    For what it's worth I think it would be interesting to give the Dun Floating Bastion the MAR: Attachment (CF: Large Naval 1) along with an option for all three marks of the Jian to purchase a Rampart Generator for some additional points.  This would principally allow a cool model to get more table time, but also see greater use of the Rampart 'Great Wall' option, make the MKI boarding/defensive threat a bit stronger, make the MK II rocket attack better and give all three marks a boost to their close range flame attacks.

    I'd also suggest the Dragon be made a low-level flyer to get it some more table time in naval games, as it would be a great flying medium hunter in this role.

  11. Thanks for the kind words

    On ‎8‎/‎01‎/‎2017 at 2:36 PM, Wolfchild said:

    Are those painted tiles making up your 'board'?

    Yep, they've served me for something like five years now (in games like this one) and may be on the cusp of retiring soon, in favour of some mouse-pad style printed mats.


    1 hour ago, slimeball said:

    nice battle rep. am currently wondering whether to get a Danish fleet, was also looking at Chinese but got put off by the wooden design. how did the Danes perform?

    I don't think my Kingdom of Denmark opponent had a great game.  The gunships got owned in this game, and because it was low points, that was a pretty big loss.  That said, the Magni airships earned 2-3 times their points and were fantastic.  Afterwards I suggested to my opponent that when going up against an enemy shooting fleet, rather than trying to brawl with the likes of a heavy battleship and battlecruiser, he might want to think about using cover and firing indirectly until they are close enough to take advantage of their expert gunnery (tasking a Fafnir airship to get 4 experts spotters, plus the regular airship spotter for example).  He still had fun though, blew up lots of my ships with his mines, and managed to have his pocket battleship survive the game.

  12. For the most of 2016 our group focussed on playing Dystopian Legions, but with 2017 rolling around (and in the wake of the recent kickstarter) we decided to get back into some Dystopian Wars.  We had scheduled a 4-player game, with each player bringing an 850 point force, to be allied to one other, creating a 2 vs 2 player battle.  Unfortunately one player couldn't make it on the day, so one of us had to play two fleets against two players - in this game my two 850 point FSA fleets take on the combined might of the Chinese Federation and the Kingdom of Denmark.


    The Kingdom of Denmark fielded a number of airships, including two light Fafnir sky fortresses and Magni airships, a Raggnarok pocket battleship, Skagerrak gunships and Korsor corvettes.  They face an FSA force led by an escorted Liberty Heavy battleship, an Annapolis Battle Cruiser, Boston Submarine, B72 bomber, corvettes and frigates. 

    The Chinese took a Jian (Mk I) battleship (with tug escort), 3 Dao cruisers, Nu Frigates and air support in the form of interceptors and Luxing air bombards (the latter are deployed as flanking forces).  The FSA force opposing them is built for aggressive boarding (less than optimal against the Chinese) including an Independence battleship with Kinetic generator and 3 escorts, 3 Georgetowns with kinetic generators, corvettes, another B72 and a Valley airship.

    There is one fleet order per side.  The FSA drew the victory condition 70% MFV while the Chinese and Denmark drew Capture the Commodore (meaning they had to board or destroy both the Valley airship and Liberty heavy battleship)


    The Kingdom of Denmark take an aggressive opening, advancing their gunships at full speed to lay mines and score and early hit on the Annapolis gunship.  The Magni airships also advance while the corvettes use the cover of an island to conceal their advance.  The Skagerrak gunships pay for their aggression, with one ship sunk and another crippled by the combined fire of the Liberty and Annapolis, while one of the Magni airships is downed by the B72.

    On the other flank it's the FSA who are aggressive, with the Independence battleship, Georgetown cruisers and corvettes rapidly advancing on the Jian battleship.  They suffer several hits from enemy capital ships, but steam on toward their target.


    At the start of the next turn, the FSA launch their assault.  Brave corvettes swarm the mighty Jian and boarding crews decimate the Chinese conscripts, but fail to secure the enormous ship.  The Jian scores a direct hit on the Independence, preventing it from launching a boarding assault that turn, causing the FSA battle-plan to fall into total disarray.  The Georgetown's swing into action, boarding  the Chinese flagship, but the bitter determination of the Chinese crew repels the boarding assault.  Now that the FSA capital ships are depleted of crew the Dao cruisers attack, seizing and prizing two of their number and bathing the third in fire.

    In the skies overhead the Chinese interceptors are picked off one by one by American rockets, and the Valley airship launches a blistering attack against the Chinese frigates, destroying several,

    Meanwhile the Danes launch a fierce attack with their Magni airships, dropping mines into the path of a squadron of corvettes (destroying 3), then boarding and prizing the Annapolis battlecruiser, which causes a squadron of FSA frigates to crash into the now drifting capital ship.  In return the FSA turtle submarines board and prize a Skagerrak gunship while the Boston sinks the final ship in the squadron. 


    At the start of the third turn, the Independence battleship which has finally repaired its damage, and supported by escorts and sharpshooters, boards and prizes the Chinese Jian battleship.  This victory is short-lived as fire from the Dao cruisers swiftly sends it to the deep. The Luxing air bombards now join the battle and immediately down the B72 bomber, ending the rain of rockets on the Chinese frigates and interceptors.


    The final turn passes swiftly.  The Boston submarine is finally sunk by a Fafnir airship, the Raggnarok pocket battleship, heavily damaged, turns and flees.  The final remaining Nu frigate collides with a Dao cruiser and through remarkable ill fortune manages to score a double critical on the ship (while suffering no damage in return).  The FSA swiftly pick off the crippled Chinese cruiser.  The Luxing air bombards pursue the Valley airship but are not able to down the mighty dirigible.


    At the end of four turns the game concluded. Neither side had managed to achieve the victory conditions for their fleet order.  The FSA had scored 1,102.5 victory points (1,190 were needed for a 70% MFV victory) while the Chinese and Kingdom of Denmark scored 1,007.5 victory points, more than the 50% required for their fleet order, but neither FSA commodore had been killed or captured.

    Even though the game ended as a draw, it was a lot of fun and a good way to refresh our enthusiasm for DW.

  13. I agree with much of the sentiment expressed here (and have completed my survey).

    I don't think the majority of people have a problem with Spartan launching a new game per se, especially one set in an existing universe.  But people do have an issue with the sudden drop of support (as quantified by active posts on the forums, regular new releases and support material) that has occurred when Spartan focuses on a new game.  Had this kickstarter been announced when Spartan was in the middle of a published and achieved release schedule for its existing lines (say a new product every two months for each line and a new piece of support material on the alternate month), and it was clear that this schedule would continue for the immediate future, I suspect people would have been much more positive in their support, because their fears would have been allayed.

    If maintaining a schedule like that, while creating a new game, is beyond the scope of a company of the size of Spartan, then I think you're hearing people say don't do anything new until you've grown the company to a larger size so that you can do this.    

    Look, for example, at the new bloodbowl as an exercise in how to reassure an active fan base who had moved away from the company, win new customers and generate hype and excitement for a game prior to release.  There is a dedicated website, several videos, support materials downloads, previews, dedicated social media and an unboxing video.  All put together well before the game is released.  By demonstrating their commitment to the new game, while maintaining their current lines, before a single unit is sold, GW has a good chance at winning back a large number of past customers and creating many more, in a market rich with competitors.  I suspect this approach has been learned the hard way, on the basis of several 'splash' releases that didn't fulfil their potential (for example Dreadfleet).

    Personally I'd be very interested in Dystopian Empires, but not if it comes at the expense of ongoing releases for current product lines and on the latter I think people are saying that actions speak louder than words.

  14. Hi folks, I know it's not a Dystopian Wars report, but as its set in the same universe, I thought you might like to have a look at the recent Dystopian Legions exhibition match report I posted (warning there are a lot of pictures!):


  15. DW is not a slow game. Its about average in terms of table top wargames. So this just confuses me....way more than than that travesty of a rulebook we currently have. Honestly, v1.1s rulebook was written so much better and clearer, and that's saying a lot.

    I certainly don't want to pack my models away quicker than they go on the table top :P

    At the risk of being unpopular, I respectfully disagree. To my mind DW is a slow game, and always has been (although it is now much faster than it used to be due to linking rules and simplifying the tiny flyers rules). Of course perceptions of slow and fast all depend on who you play against and what kind of games you are comparing to.

    For my money the game has always been slow because an activation frequently pauses while you opponent calculates a dice pool, then rolls and explodes dice, then uses these results to modify your attack (for example a flying model attacks a model in RB 1 with guns and another with rockets, leading your opponent to calculate two AA pools for defensive and aggressive counter attack , then if that model also boards, it's another calculation for anti-boarding AA which must be split against multiple parties if there are multiple aggressive boarding models, and this allocation then must be made again when allocating defensive boarding AP before exploding the dice again and calculating results both for the individual boarding parties and the overall boarding action, to then resolve via a table and possibly a sub table in the case of sabotage or yet more AA if the defender scored more hits). If a squadron of flyers attacks several shielded enemy squadrons at RB 1 with a variety weapons, and boards others, you can be talking abut dozens and dozens of steps by both players to resolve one activation without even factoring disagreements about weapon arcs, the need to check MARs, Generator effects, and play TAC cards.

    So IMHO this high level of interactivity for many activations, multiple weapon systems on many models, and sub-rule systems (boarding, SAS, TAC deck etc.) really mean that the game has the potential to go very slowly indeed. Consider the differing weapon arcs, movement templates, mixed desployment and rules for integrating armoured and naval theatres and you have a fairly complex game when compared to many other wargames released in the last few years by major studios.

    Not to say that's bad, just that it can be slow unless you and your opponent are really experienced, or make an effort to speed things along.

    Me, I can't wait to read the Fleet Action rules. Of course, more streamlined rules may just mean I play really HUGE games that take just as long ;)

  16. Meanwhile the Raj used their Time Flow Generator to rapidly close with the enemy.  The Chanura and Elbe (both flagships of their respective fleets) surged forward scoring several hits at close range on the Sadrazam battleship and Manticore skimmer.  Such bravery came at a high cost as return fire damaged both ships.


    On the flank a squadron of Veran corvettes boarded an oil platform and recovered a valuable resource.  The Phoenician airships found themselves outgunned by a Nemesis battlecruiser and Avci destroyers, as two of the mercenary airships were brought down. 


    Sensing the battle now hung in the balance the damaged Sadrazam battleship approached the research station and sent boarding parties aboard, knowing there was a 50% chance it was booby trapped.  However, fortunes favoured the Ottomans and they recovered the Priceless artefact!



    The corrosive munitions that had weakened the hull of the Sturmbringer, finally took their toll, sending the sub beneath the waves one final time.


    At the end of Turn 2 neither side had secured the necessary 50%; the Ottoman and Black Wolf had accrued 780 victory points (including 250 from event cards) and the Prussian and Raj had scored 655 (including 100 from event cards).  As the Priceless Artefact had been recovered, one way or another the game would be decided in the next turn!


    Turn 3

    The Prussians now unleash a ferocious assault, destroying the fighters that protect the mighty Kanuni Dreadnought, before the Pflicht airships send wave after wave of marines aboard.  The fighting was brutal, and although the Prussian losses were high (only 1 AP survived) they slew the royal guard and seized the mighty Ottoman flagship.  Many in the Ottoman fleet were so dismayed by this loss they momentarily lost the will to fight.


    Ottoman losses were further compounded by the loss of the Sadrazam battleship to the combined fire of the Raj and Prussian heavy battleships. 


    This loss was soon avenged.  The Elbe, already damaged by close range fire, was destroyed in a brutal exchange of gunnery while the lumbering Black Wolf Retribution sky fortress destroyed the Chanura heavy battleship in a bombing run of devastating intensity.  Both Commodores perished leaving several squadrons across both fleets in disorder.


    The final exchange of the battle occurred as the Nemesis and Avci destroyers mopped up the remaining Veran corvettes, while the Devak cruisers and remaining Phoenician airship picked off two Fettah cruisers.


    Final victory points were 1,550 for the Ottoman and Black Wolf (including 250 from event cards) and 1,500 for the Prussian and Indian Raj (including 100 from event cards).  A victory for the Ottoman and Black Wolf, but by the thinnest of margins.

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