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  1. Both the scale of the model and range of its stats suggest something less than a Battleship, if feels smaller than other BB's even if it's not tremendously smaller, and likewise seems to be proportionally less powerful in terms of stats. I'd love to see it redone as a "Battlecruiser" instead of a "BB". It's certainly not a crowd favorite as is, especially with the highly capable Banshee standing nearby.
  2. I'm in San Diego, there's a group of people that play from time to time at At Ease Games in Poway.
  3. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out then, though I'll feel weird without spooks as I've got a bunch of them and always take them because they look so cool so this'll be a first.
  4. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how much success anyone may have had just using two basic starter sets (2 Razorthron Battleships, 2 squadrons of 3 Sentinel Cruisers, and 3 squadrons of 4 Pilgrim Frigates) for a 1000pt fleet? My original thought was to run two BB's with 2 squadrons of 2 Hermes' and a Templar each and only 2 squadrons of frigates, but I figured it may just be cheaper/easier to get another starter and call it good
  5. Wanted to try this out, feels a bit min/maxey but not totally out of style with the RSN either. Banshee Argus Carrier - 6x Interceptor, 6x Bomber 3x Cerberus Heavy Cruiser 3x Phoenix Destroyer 4x Bulwark Frigate 4x Bulwark Frigate So we've got the big beatstick in the Banshee along with some metagame sillyness due to its MARs, a carrier to provide some torpedo/bomber defense and an 18AD bomber wing, some heavy hitting and long ranged Heavy Cruisers, a destroyer wing that provides lots of long range firepower and decent close range brawling broadsides, and a couple frigate squadrons for some close in work. Thoughts?
  6. That was sorta my concern, from the wording it applies to the fleet but from the way it's arranged it looks like it might only apply to the 60%. Fun though the gunship wall may be once or twice
  7. It does specifically lift the "only half your medium ships can be Destroyers/Gunships/Heavy Cruisers/etc" thing for Patrol fleets (in exchange for severe restrictions on large ship alotment, you aren't able to run a dreadnought at anything less than 3000pts basically), but it states it kinda weirdly and I don't have my book on me to read it exactly right now.
  8. So, while I'm unsure how to feel about this, using the Patrol fleet rules from the Marauders book, (no restrictions on X class medium can only be half your mediums, no Large ships necessary, up to 70% medium alotment, at least 40% must be core fleet but does not say the rest *must* be Zenian/Marauders/etc only that up to 60% *can* be, etc) it would appear a fleet such as this would be legal at 1000pts unless I'm missing something? Does this look a bit silly or is it just me? Nausicaa 3x Gladius 3x Gladius 3x Hammer 3x Hammer 3x Hammer
  9. I'm looking at the Patrol Fleets rules and want to make sure I'm reading that right, since there is no restriction on gunships/heavy cruisers/destroyers, one could run a fleet with six Dindrenzi gunships at 1000pts? That doesn't sound quite right.
  10. Very true, the Ganak is awful, even moreso than the Spectre, but it looks cool at least? I bought one just to build and paint, even though it's nowhere near worth 200pts
  11. About half a dozen times, not a tremendous number, but never really felt satisfied with it, like it's a heavy cruiser with battleship HP, or that it's costed as though it came with the wings it *can* carry, and is overpaying for the MARS it has. True, but that goes for anything, the Soyrlian BB may not be as solid as some others, but between 2 shields and the ability to sail up the middle and broadside two targets, it's doesn't feel as bad, though that may just be me. It might be an issue of the Spectre trying to be/do too many things at once, carrier/long range gunboat/battleship/etc, and doing none of them particularly well.Ultimately, for 175pts, one has to ask, what does it bring that befits a ship of that level, how reliant is it on plinkable escorts, and what are the alternatives? unfortunately, it brings about the least amount of firepower of any ship of that class for those points, is heavily reliant on escorts that increase its cost, and the alternatives (primarily the Banshee) will get you more bang for your buck. True, but still not particularly effective against anything but a frigate at RB2 either way really without some rather abnormal luck. Depends on the fleet and the ships you're wanting to field. Most RSN fleets will only have 2 squadrons of mediums, many sorylian fleets will have 3. And, in theory, I don't have a huge issue with fleets having different concentrations of ship sizes, only pointing out that that allows the Sorylians to maximize the potential of the points they have available on their very good mediums in a way the RSN can't once you get minimum requirements elsewhere out of the way.Either way, I'm not trying to complain about the RSN's medium allocation or the Sorylians at all, just trying to frame how I'm not seeing the need for a "bad" ship to be a balancing factor here. Which may be irrelevant if you don't need them elsewhere and/or they're best put to use where you've already put them, looking at this purely from an efficiency/balance standpoint. Yes and no. I really don't think any ship should be bad in terms of points cost value. If it is, then nobody is going to want to use it, and that detracts from the gameplay experience and the work put into the model. If you're looking for a "balance" factor, then such a factor is nullified by the presence of the Argus and Banshee, both of which provide greater value for the investment. Additionally, it's one thing for one ship to not measure up to another of it's class, that's why we have points which should be a reflection of value, and not an adjustable scale to compensate for something else being undercosted elsewhere because it'll simply be sidestepped if alternatives are available. It's fine that a Banshee won't match up to a Retribution because the Banshee doesn't cost as much. The problem is that the Spectre just doesn't feel costed right. I have trouble seeing the point of a Spectre with the Banshee and Argus present, either seem like a better use of points, and unless you're especially attached to the model there's no real reason to take a Banshee over either one.Granted, there are some other ships that are also bad, often worse, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about the Spectre while we're at it.
  12. It is an advantage if your alternatives (as you suggested, Large ships) are mediocre as you can put more points where they're most effective, and those ships are in larger squadrons where they're able to act together and concentrate fire together better. Having larger squadrons is an advantage over smaller squadrons and having less restrictions on how many points you can spend on your most optimal units is also an advantage. The RSN, much like the Dindrenzi, has fewer points available for medium ships that actually is a noticeable restriction, while having a large percentage available for dreadnoughts or battleships than they could or would really ever use, unlike for medium ships. See, I've never seen the Sorylian BB as particularly bad. It's got decent firepower in two sides at higher max each than the Spectre though admittedly better at shorter ranges, and better firepower in it's "bad" arc than the Spectre does in its own "bad" arc, and two shields replacing a single HP, and otherwise relatively identical stats, aside from the Spectre having some rear arc firepower that's largely wasted except at close ranges against stuff like frigates.I dunno, I guess I just don't see the Sorylian BB as being as bad as the spectre for what you pay, and the Spectre has a very easy and capable replacement in the Banshee dreadnought that sidesteps the whole "balance" argument due to it basically fitting into battleship costing, and am not seeing the balance factor here relative to the Sorylians, though I don't advocate them having a bad ship as a "balance" factor either. Not trying to complain that the RSN as a whole is "underpowered" or anything, but I just don't see a point to ever fielding a Spectre if I've got to sink enough points into escorts to basically just nab a Banshee anyway. strengths and weaknesses should come from playstyle and design, not making certain units bad, or they just get sidestepped (like Destroyers were and in some cases still are). The interesting factor with the RSN is the overwhelming forward long range firepower and **** broadsides, coupled with fast-launch carriers that are themselves somewhat less killy and sturdy than their Dindrenzi counterparts and a dreadnought that does fun things with cards.
  13. I'm not saying it is the end all be all, but it is a big factor, especially coupled with the fact that the Sorylians have a much larger medium ship % allowance allowing them to splurge more on those excellent vessels. The RSN can't take as much advantage of their excellent mediums as the Sorylians can. All true, I was just pointing out the that RSN mediums did indeed have noticeable weaknesses (though yeah, the Phoenix is particularly notable in being solid) and that having a bad Battleship isn't really great game design or a good balancer, especially with the Banshee available.
  14. The RSN mediums *are* really good, but only head-on also can't be taken in squadrons of 4 nor can their smalls be taken in squads of 5 I dunno, I don't think a decent BB would have made them OP, most people just take the Banshee instead, which, while undergunned next to the other dreads, is cheap enough to pass for a battleship and has some really good MARs and amazing DR and I find quite useable without Sirens essentially running around as a tough BB giving you an advantage with card options, while the Spectre is undergunned and isn't any cheaper than equivalents and doesn't offer the same DR/Card advantages.
  15. If you have to put it with sirens, then it has a design issue as it seems to be costed as it if included the siren when it doesn't, and the sirens sadly are easily blown away, it's especially saddening with the Errata change to Target Resolution as now the Escort has to be within 8" of the target enemy for the Spectre to get the +1 to hit.Honestly, as is, the Spectre feels like it should be more in the neighborhood of 145pts than 175pts. The mines, while an issue, are not amongst the worst of its problems sadly. The new Syndicate Heavy Cruiser has nearly comparable firepower while sporting a shield DR5 and 6HP and is nearly half the cost of a spectre
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