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  1. Was playing a game at the weekend and attached a cap to my zepplin, then my mate attacked my cap with some fighters.. in rules it says you can add your AA to the parent ship, but if he just attacks the cap is it just a straight up dogfight without help from the parent ship??
  2. Had a game of DW at the weekend and had a question about carriers. My carrier had 6 carrier pionts which allowed me to launch a flight of 5 SAWs and a recon flight, the 5 saws where shot down in turn 1 but in turn 2 i got my 6 carrier pionts still do this mean i can lauch another 5saws or does the flight of saws need to have at least 1 token to be replenished??
  3. Any stats for the italian stuff thats coming out in feb ??
  4. Anybody know when the naval fleet will be released??
  5. Any body know where i can get the hardback 2,0 DW commadore edition rulebook from?
  6. Does the church of the dramos angels have a fleet, wanted to paint one up kind of in the style of medieval crusding holy orders!!
  7. Looking for other Firestorm Armada playeers in south wales, i live in Neath...
  8. I would be interested in coming my parents live in Matlock which is quite near so no need for accomodation!!
  9. Ive got some fihgters from brigade models which are 1/3000th, what scale is FSA?
  10. I want to free srs token like some people do with the DW flyers, anybody tried this??
  11. was thinking also of a Zenian Leauge allied fleet..
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