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  1. There are a few of us starting a league in Liverpool in august (would say about 6 players now). Anyone else in the area is intrested in joining in: http://www.facebook....&type=1
  2. i don't see where it says cloaks work? it only talks about shields doesn't mention cloaks in the slightest, the rules for the shield are the same as it says on pg 48.
  3. I agree with Pok my regular oppent, who is a Terran player, used tp think that his torps sucked (and i agreeded). I just clumpped my fleet so close together that even with splitting the torps I could reduce the torps down to a point of damage quite easy unless he picked on the frigates at the edge of "clump" as i called it.
  4. flights are now armed with torpedos (pg 34) and page 48 say you can use shields against any broadside or torpedo weapon system, i would say they do. again according to page 16 only broadsides,turrets and gunracks are Primary weapon systems, page 49 for cloak says that you gain impeded line of sight against an attack using Primary weapons, so i would say a cloak is no use at all against ANY torpedo attack.
  5. Don't see them, there are no seperate rules for dreads in the book that i can see. Unless the PDF is still valid but then the Direc Dread has new MARs so that would make the PDF differnt to the book.
  6. Did i miss it or can the Dinz dread no longer link its own guns? pg 46 says you can't use two broadsides from the same model to link unless you have a rule to let you. can't find a rule to let me
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