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  1. This game is all about alternate history, based on the steampunk fantasy, set in an actual era (Victorian). If you have read the recent Italian fluff at SG, most of the created history is fantastic, but still plausible, as SG took the liberty to include actual people from history (Vittorio Emanuel II, Garibaldi, etc). My hat's off to SG for their fine work.
  2. Now THAT shaped up nicely! Good stuff!
  3. I think the Ottomans will look really nice in a white/turquoise scheme, with golden/bronze weapons and fittings. Having worked and lived in the Middle East for over 12 years, white and turquoise are dominant colours being used, and are very Islamic in feel. That's how I'm going to paint mine, when I get them. BTW, the "spires" are called minarets. That is where mosques mount their public address systems to call the faithful. For fluff purposes, that's where I'd mount my generators to project their power to the "converts" or "infidels".
  4. That is some really nice work! I admittedly was skeptical of your choice of colours at first, but as you progressed, you really made it work. I particularly like your dome/glass glazing-good scale effect! Kudos!
  5. I personally like the studio paint scheme. I plan to paint my fleet nearly that scheme, with some added subtle, very subdued dazzle pattern, much like the Regia Marina used. I also like the idea of red/white diagonal striping on the forward upper decks planking of the vessels, again like Regia Marina; the red and white colours being particularly Sardinian. The ornate bridge, bow, and stern decorations will be done in bronze patina. Keep in mind that what you are looking for is scale effect (that it looks realistic from a distance). You want your colour schemes to be subtle and attractive, not gaudy or garish.
  6. Hey Naz, you are right, the shield generators are moulded into the bridge assembly, so that is what I will be going with. As for the conversion, I tried multiple ways to make that larger shield generator to look right, and it just ended up looking too wonky. Good thing I didn't cut up or modify any pieces, because that dreadnought takes a chunk out of your wallet.
  7. Thanks for the info, but Irfanview isn't compatable with my Mac OS X on my Macbook Pro. I will figure this out.
  8. I'd love to see something like a soviet-era ground effects vessel that carries rockets (Google "Ekranoplan").
  9. Gentlemen... Thank you for all the comments. Due to the Affondatore being such a big model for a carrier with great support (but not as big as a Kostromo), my commodore will be stationed on it.
  10. Unfortunately Caine, SG doesn't set the rates or cost of shipping, the Royal Postal Service does, much in the same way USPS does.
  11. I like the way you think, Lord Nobody, it would most certainly fit the Italian's style. I'd love to field such units in my LIS fleet.
  12. Saluti, I hope SG will release the LIS ships, tiny flyers, and tiny ships in blister packs, much like their other fleets (not just bombers, as the poll would suggest).
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