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  1. Hello everyone. I'm not sure who all is following battlescribe on facebook but 2.0 was just announced and its a fully new app coming sometime in the near future. https://www.facebook.com/notes/battlescribe/battlescribe-20-is-coming/1142517079152504 Sounds like a big change to make mobile more usable, the data files easier to manage and make future updates easier. Sorry Steve I don't know if the current files will be compatible or not, the alpha is available now to try though. I will see if I can help when it goes live.
  2. Have not looked at the files but it kind of sounds like sharing a GUID would have accomplished what you are talking about while still allowing for the split categories.
  3. You could probably do it using conditions. A condition looking for the presence of the option on the parent changing the min/max on the other. Would likely be a pain to do for more than a couple records.
  4. I mean when it is all out in the wild .
  5. Oh god, new ships for all factions and an entirely new ruleset... sigh. Anyone know if the ship stats will be the same across rulesets? Also I don't have the cashflow to buy any new products/rulebooks so I might need some help with this.
  6. Well I can't re-create the problem . Get me a screenshot and tell me what platform and I might be able to help though.
  7. When taking system wars ships in a standard fleet you HAVE to take the one hardpoint as the option to remove planetfall so hardpoints are built in but not listed. Are you sure you had the correct fleet types selected? Appears to work correctly to me. That bloody energy transfer 2 issue for the aquan heavies was a pain. I just released a fix that should have included all remaining issues. If in a couple hours you are still having problems after getting the changes please let me know.
  8. Could someone do me a favor and list the currently outstanding problems in one post?
  9. The Traders are the only Marauder fleet with a Battle station currently I believe. I don't see a problem with this? For me it only lets you take a station if you are using them as mercenaries. Right now !
  10. Which fleets need this change? on their way Did you mean not at all or just under 800? I get a warning right now when under 800. Which heavy and what platform? This does not appear to be affecting my PC version. Also, if you want to try your hand feel free. There is a facebook group you can join.
  11. Sorry guys, I have not really been following armada lately. No interest in my area and I was not really taken by the aesthetics of the ground forces unfortunately. I've sort of jumped whole hog on the DFC kickstarter. I will keep my subscription to this thread though so if there are things that are missing feel free to post them here. I'll see if I can find some time to fix those 3 things.
  12. Just created a release for those.
  13. Unfortunately I don't see any way to restrict this intelligently. The rosters cannot see each other and it has no way to know what the parent is or what their ship restrictions are.
  14. Lol, glad you sorted it out . I will take a look Frederic.
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