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  1. I remember cruising threads on...another site, and coming across a picture of the Imperium Sky Fortress. As soon as I saw it, I had to know more. It all went downhill for my pocketbook from there - I just couldn't stop buying the gorgeous models. Then came Firestorm Armada, and Planetfall, and Uncharted Seas models, and here we are today. Destitute, smothered in resin but very much content.
  2. I now feel compelled to paint my incoming pile of Prussians in a heavy metal fashion - black paint, chrome fixtures and angry glowing tesla coils. And painted-on flames, because why not.
  3. The only thing that springs to mind is focus fire, along with bringing your own squadron of heavies. My issue is Corrosive vs. Pinpoint - I'll take an opportunity for an extra point of damage any day over -1DR, especially when that point of damage is the difference between mildly inconveniencing a medium squadron with 1 pt of damage, or killing a vehicle and removing its dice from the board altogether. I dunno, it just seems like Corrosive, as a MAR, was designed before they realized just how quick the game can go, and how rapidly a unit can disappear from the board entirely. Of course, this is all probably down to my lack of experience - 5 games does not a general make. Still, I just feel like I'm missing something crucial with the Directorate.
  4. Of the list, I'd like to see what the Directorate Assault Helix is like. That can't be anything but fun. Also, a small part of me still holds out hope for Pathogen ground forces. No idea how it'd work, but a man can dream.
  5. Your blending work on the Leviathan's cockpit is most excellent, along with the rest of the force, of course. Makes me want to buy my own faction!
  6. Figure I should ask for Tactics advice here instead of bloating the board with more topics. My usual opponent is Aquans, and I have lost the last 4 games in a row. Last game was a 2v1, 4000pts each side, and I was teamed with Relthozan's against the fishies. I made some terrible deployment choices on our clustered city-scape of a board, but my biggest issue seems to be dealing with pinpoint and Hit and Run - I just cannot keep up with the Aquans, and when I try I get out-ranged and pecked to death. I've had great success with my Works Raptor aircraft, but his smalls have almost universally been the cause of my Heavies dying - my Castigator in particular just cannot seem to stay alive past Turn 2 or 3. A lot of that comes down to lucky (and unlucky) dice rolls, but those Aquan smalls pump out A TON of dice for their cost. Also, how do I get some good use out of my Trojans? Cloaking is all well and good, but Pinpoint has killed them every game (and usually from outside of their range, thanks to the very long-ranged Aquan mediums). I like to move them up alongside my Retaliator's and try for that Activation token on stuff before I activate the mediums, but that in turn puts them too close to the fish, which...well, yeah. I'm starting to wonder if a few shield dice wouldn't be a better alternative to Cloaked. Oh, and how the heck do I throw out enough dice to kill a squadron of his heavies? The combination of a pile of shield dice and Sectored Armor means that, more often than not, I just cannot scratch the things. Tl;dr: how do I beat Aquans, especially that blasted pair of Heavy skimmers that he runs in a Squadron.
  7. I'd like to see them continue pushing the whole terror aspect of the Directorate even further - if they're already a bunch of unpleasant people, why not go full nutso and push it into mad scientist territory? After all, all these mega-corporations have to have their own R&D Labs. Stuff like tunneling units that disperse chemical weapons, Radiation dispensers, virus bombing - stuff that all the civilized races would balk at, but the Directorate would consider "cost-efficient." I'll be honest, I just wanna inject a little bit of the GLA into my Directorate.
  8. So got the little Works Raptor dudes done, mostly. Took the pic and noticed some mistakes (funny how that works), so I'll go and touch that up, but happy otherwise.
  9. I was actually considering a bright orange or yellow for the paneling. Gold, though...I have never been able to make gold colors work well. Always comes out flat and kinda bleh. Might try it on the buggies, as they've been my test models. I figure if they look awkward, I can blame it on the buggy jockey being all special snowflake and such, painting up his ride in garish colors.
  10. Hah, seems we both had the same thought. The bone color is a nice contrast, though, I like it. Might do something similar. Of course, I can't do the EXACT same thing now, out of some stubborn sense of pride, no matter how good it looks.
  11. I wonder if simply having aircraft not being targetable with CQB after having moved Flat Out is a viable option. Could be a nice tradeoff to the accuracy hit you take, what with the rushed shots from Flat Out. Yeah, there's a Hard Target bonus as well, but with the quantity of interceptor weapons out there it's only saved me once, especially since it doesn't apply in CQB.
  12. Hey folks. Toying around with my Directorate, and I came up with a fairly neat color, but I'm not sure where to go from here. Any ideas? Never been too terribly proficient (or patient) at highlighting, but any suggestions are welcome. A link to a larger pic, if for some reason you need to see vast quantities of red in a higher resolution. http://s13.postimg.org/uavdqtuo7/1428514129188.jpg I'd contemplated edge highlighting, or picking out the panels, but I dunno.
  13. All right, that's what I figured. Good to know. Those missiles were very useful, too - being able to lob ten dice at stuff nearby was a good deterrent, especially couple with the massive cover save those five bases got from being in a building. Very hard to dislodge. Scored a Works Raptor recon helix, and looking for future upgrade. I like the idea of the Castigator, but I'm a bit mixed on the Avengers. Is their only real bonus the increased range? It'll give me something to compete with the Aquans at long range, but they cost more than the Retaliators for fewer dice, so I dunno. Oh, one more question that I believe I already know the answer to - do weapon MARs affect CQB engagements?
  14. Thanks for the answers. We were under the impression that if a unit moved into the 4" range, then it was locked in and that was that. That's basically what happened to my buggies - they got a tasty flank shot on his heavy skimmer, dumped two damage on it, so he vacated his infantry and launched them at my buggies. Buggies only have one CQB per, so I lost two right away from his excellent rolling. Then the confusion from "can we move away" etc came into play, and when I went to pull them back (to create some tasty fish sticks with their flamethrowers) they died from a (newly realized) completely out of sequence CQB segment from his infantry. It was kind of a cluster, but this would have basically cemented my victory even further, as if I would have had access to that buggy squadron, his mediums would have been dead much sooner. Also, stingray sites are stupidly tough. Took way too much firepower to take them out. Also, I upgraded my Patriots with gun teams - can they move and fire? Logic dictated no, but I didn't see a rule saying they couldn't. They were parked on a building the whole game anyways, so the point was moot, but I want to be sure.
  15. We're both still learning the game - the reason it took so long was we were having to thumb through the rulebooks constantly, heh. We messed up a lot, but that brings up some questions if you folks wouldn't mind answering them. 1: When a unit moves within 4 inches, it starts a CQB engagement, unless they move past (in which case they still take a hit from the unit they moved past). If they elect to stay, do you jump straight to the CQB, complete it, and then finish the move? Or does it end your movement phase? I'm assuming the latter, but we weren't sure. 2: I'm assuming the upgraded bases, in reference to Aquan infantry, are the only ones that benefit from the increased DR? For example, if he buys the officer, only the officer benefits from that, not the whole squad? 3: When do units arrive from skydrop? Is it during the pre-turn, movement, or what? We couldn't figure it the when, only the how. 4: When units disembark, can they activate later in the turn? I know that Assault vehicles let them activate immediately, but does a regular vehicle preclude them from activating later int he turn? Or is the disembark treated as the start of their activation? 5: If a pair of units are in CQB, and don't finish each other off, can one of them move away on their next activation without provoking another attack? Thanks for any help, it's greatly appreciated.
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