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  1. yeah I orfered the campaign book direct from Spartan. Last item I ordered took like 3 weeks to arrive.
  2. I ordered mine yesterday as well however for some reason it takes weeks to get anything from overseas to where I live. Can't wait to sink my eyes into this badboy however.......
  3. agreed. I still use alot of the things he wrote. Especially his cmpaign rules.
  4. Here is how I see it. The world isn't even close to perfect and your never going to please everyone. Does this mean I accept subpar items never but I realize that I don't get things my way. I started playing this game not because I believed in Spartan but because I believed in the universe they created. Because of this I'm not going to nitpick at everything. I do believe that V2 had problems. But so has Every version of Every game I have Ever played. I have found that its best to grit your teeth and ride out the storm untill the next version cause I love the Background. Rules are secondary cause you could have the most awesome and detailed and easy ruleset ever but with shoddy fluff no one wiuld play the game. Now I think that we should always let a company know what we think and feel about the priducts we decide to spend our hard earned money and our precious free time on but always keep in mind that no one ever has pleased everyone. I will keep playing this game through thick and thin cause I LOVE the universe not the rules of the game.
  5. I would field them. I love the idea super characterful. Hey Veritech are you still putting new custom works on the BlackOcean?
  6. I for one would really like to see those posted here RoA.
  7. I'm excited to see new ships period. All of the races have awesome ships and I just love shiny new vessels no matter what race they are.
  8. yes tour correct. If you play an alliance fleet you can take ships from any major or minor faction. If you use a support fleet you can only use ships from minor factions.
  9. I'm with Caine on this one. They're pretty nice but far from the coolest in FSA.
  10. pick up a Retribution. They are gorgeous models and rock hard to boot. The only change really from v1 is DD are actually really good now that they have manuverable so I would pick up a couple of those. And the most important........get 3 Gladius Gunships ASAP!! Every dindrenzi fleet NEEDS at least 1full squadron of them. Heavy cruisers are awesome as well. Last ditch the claymores and pick up falchions.
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