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  1. Here is an open Stats Sheets for units and weapons, so that everyone can update it when new data is released: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DiJSPqI-a9glBjq2-2_IXb_3R1ndv6-s8cr4dLBTR28/edit?usp=sharing It is more useful than using PDFs, so I encourage everyone to contribute to this!
  2. Like Germans don't have it aswell, it is more likely Warcradle instead of translating it, just removed it from the boxes... The French translator told me he did not had this booklet to translate
  3. Hello, I bought the Hunt for the Prometheus game box for 2 players (French version) and I'm very confused. Firstly, on the cover of the rulebook it is written v1.01, but inside it's written v1.09. Then, there is no units stats at all. No cards, not written in any page. Why? The box and ads says there is inside everything we need to play, but how are we supposed to play without stats?? Do I have to download unit cards from the website and print them myself? Why is there no mention of this procedure in the game box? Why on some units is there written v1.02a, while on others it is written v1.02? Which is the most recent? Are v1.02/v1.02a unit cards the right ones for the v1.09 rulebook? And why is there no French translation for units cards (at least ones from the box)? Why players must speak a fluent English to play a French version of the game? If the game box is out, why everything smells strongly like an alpha/beta? No stats in the box, considering the very high price of it, is a huge huge disappointment. (edit: not to mention the lack of assembly guide in the game box aswell...)
  4. Thanks for pointing it out, it is fixed. Please CTRL + F5 to force refresh.
  5. Have you done a Ctrl+F5 to force cache refresh? The current version is 1.3, look at the bottom-left if refresh worked.
  6. Rollback to previous version, I've a mess in my files... it will require me a lot of time to fix that.
  7. What's wrong with Bulk Rename Utility compared to Renamer? All naming I use for factions in DWABO are official ones from Forces Guides.
  8. Really nice! Many thanks. You don't need to see the code, just if cards are loaded or not in DWABO, the name I use is exactly the one displayed. It's like factions, for "Indian Raj" for example I use "Raj", not "IR".
  9. Hey Varnos, thanks! I just need the filenames as close as possible to unit names in DWABO. I use this format, all lower case: factionInitials_name class.png Like that, I just have to copy/paste images on my server to update them, because DWABO calls images using current selected faction and model names. For example: On the "CF - Chinese Federation" faction, selecting the "Jian MkII (Battleship) - Nav. Large - 200 - 1/1" will call the image "cf_jian mkii battleship.png" Currently I'm using a batch program (Bulk Rename Utility) to rename all files with lower case and faction initials prefix. If an image name is different from the name in DWABO, I have to manually edit it. All of this is time consuming and currently I can't parse all models one by one like I used to do before.
  10. Fixed! Thanks for noticing them. I updated most of cards I think, some errors can remain as I have to rename each file according to my database and have no time to parse one by one.
  11. v1.2: Chinese Federation and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth updated.
  12. Will do! Thanks a lot for this, yes it really really helps. About YLLAN, does he made updated cards too? Anyways I'm not sure about if I'll have time to make an update myself, even if YLLAN came back to create his cards again.
  13. v1.1: FA, RA, EIMC, HEC updated KoB, RC, RoF, FSA big robots/fortifications added
  14. That would be easier for me, if people want to help me to update, to send me new updates like this: Units: "Name (Title) - Classification Size - Cost - Min/Max" Classification: Nav. Aer. Arm. (for Naval, Aerial, Armoured) Cost: Cost for one unit Min/Max: Minimum and maximum units in a squadron Example: "Plato (Light Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 55 - 2/3" Options: "Name | Upgrade/Option/Replacement - Classification Size - Cost" Example: "Plato | Replace Main Turrets (P) with E.Turrets (S) - Nav. Medium - 0" I've really not enough time to download all PDF and parse them to see what changed :s No problem Amiral X, I'm sad because I sold them also for money because I need it, you did nothing wrong.
  15. Yeah... but it's life and I can't do anything against it. Anyways DWABO is not dead, I keep updating it like usual.
  16. Like I didn't played for 1 year... yes. I've not enough time to play and I need money. Anyways the auction is finished, everything is gone for... only 150€...
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