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  1. By "old Magenta Skimmer" do you mean the previous one that was two halves? Basically use the bottom half of the skimmer and a run way on top?
  2. Anyone tried their hand at modeling a surface skimmer carrier for RoF? Been trying to figure out the best starting way to build it out, so far I'm thinking half a Vauban.
  3. Thank you! Looking at those lists the one with 6 Hussar is neat but feels a little dull and the dual Kaisers does feel a bit top heavy. As for the Rhine, perhaps it will be best to consider that one later and largely stick to the naval battle group for now. -1x Kaiser Karl -1x Elbe -2x Konigsberg -3x Uhlan -8x Arminius -4x Stolz -Edit: I can always try out the Rhine + Hussars in place of the Elbe + Uhlans later as they will still fit within the points.
  4. My children have started to show interested in DW so I've been looking through the rules and seeing what models they like. This is what we're looking at for a pure naval (not counting SAW). We'll likely pick up some aerial units later, but sticking with "boats" for now. -1x Kaiser Karl -1x Rhine -1x Konigsberg -3x Hussar -3x Hussar -5x Saxony -5x Saxony Leaves us about 20 points to do an upgrade or two. The other option they wanted was -2x Kaiser Karl -1x Rhine -1x Konigsberg -3x Hussar -4x Arminius -4x Arminius But the initial question, does this seem workable compared to most other fleets at 1200? If other players start picking up the game we don't want to be behind the curve.
  5. double post, please ignore. Not sure how to delete.
  6. That was my though, odd that the PLC is both under pointed and missing an activation compared to the other boxes. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I've been around for a while but haven't played much, if any 2.0 due to time and lack of players. However, on the plus side I was speaking to some people interested in the game the other day and they asked a question I wasn't 100% sure about. Are the group boxes, Naval for example, designed for pick up and play games or just a means of getting a starting force?
  8. Thanks, wasn't sure as they're listed separately under "Tiny" but no mention of "included with" like the SAW fighters are with the carriers which lead me to believe they might be a separate 60pt purchase on top of any already included with the Saint Malo. Basically extra/more mini-subs.
  9. If I missed any please let me know, but this is just looking at "new" battle group boxes since the new rules. Using the "Naval Battle Group" listing within the PDF for each to calculate points with no upgrades or addons tacked on. -KoB: 6 Activations and 940 points -PE: 6 Activations and 955 points -FSA: 6 Activations and 920 points -EotBS: 6 Activations and 915 points -CoA: 6 Activations and 960 points -RoF: 6 Activations and 895 points? (Wasn't sure if the 6 tiny subs are included or have to be purchased separately for +60pt) -RC: 6 Activations and 865 points -IR: 6 Activations and 945 points -CF: 6 Activations and 1030 points (My opinion the Chui should only be two, not three, in the general pick up and play perspective. That would put it at 955 points) -PLC: 5 Activations and 795 points Even fully upgraded with addons the PLC can only manage 820 points where as at least the Russians and France fleets can get near their opponents point cost with upgrades. However, at the very least they still have the same number of activations where as the PLC are behind one. If you added another squad of Bagiennik Heavy Escorts you now have the same number of activations and a point value of 915 which is very respectable when compared to the other fleets. Not to mention follow the same box feel as the others with a pair of small vessel squads. Ultimately I understand it would have raised the price of the PLC box, but unless I've been just dumb, these have been marketed as a purchase and play against each other. If this is the case, the PLC box is behind the curve in both points and activations.
  10. I'm finally giving the PLC Naval fleet a serious look. Besides the issues with the stats, my understanding was these newer "battle group" boxes were designed for pick up and play games against each other. I would have to assume I am incorrect in that thinking? As it is, the PLC Naval box at least 100pt less than the other recent starting boxes. Almost like they should have included another 4x Heavy Frigates.
  11. The rest of the factions were rumored to come out the week of the 16th, so any time this week. As for the game changes, the changes have been for the good. The general consensus is the game actually plays faster in 2.0 than it did previously. There is always a learning curve with the new rules, but I think the change is a good one.
  12. My wish for new stuff is simple, more naval ships. I'd like to see all nations, that are not land locked, have at least the following.Battleship or Heavy Battleship Battle cruiser Carrier of some kind Cruiser Frigate Corvette
  13. My understanding was the original release was the PDFs of the core nations, then the rules for the remaining fleets would be out today. I wouldn't expect anything new, but we should see the 2.0 rules for the rest of the existing ships today...
  14. I've been considering something similar but with all Naval vessels. -Kiyohime [155] -Kiyohime [155] -Kaiju + Shield + Elite [240] -3x Honshu Mk2 [210] -4x Uwatsu [120] -4x Uwatsu [120] Total 1000
  15. So...any teasers before the rules are posted?
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