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    My Italian fleet for Dystopian Wars
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    My Russian fleet pics. Finally finished.
  3. Hello all, I've been out of the picture for a while but am getting in a small 600 point game with my Prussians this evening against the polish Lithuanian commonwealth. I've never taken on the PLC before, any particular things I should look out for? No idea what I'll be facing, all I know is the game will be limited to no massives as its part of a little campaign we're running. Thanks all.
  4. Just a little fiction piece I came up with. Set before the Storm zone war. Comments welcome * * * * * Justice The ship was dying, though you wouldn’t know it. Not from the viewing angle. Captian Parks watched the main bridge display screen, the magnifiers having brought the stricken vessel’s blight into contrast. She was a Brigand Class, a common pirate craft. A jagged, shark like vessel; a deadly adversary. Not now though; it was dying, it’s life blood bleeding into the void. It was just that from the perspective Parks was watching from, it did not seem so. The flank of the ship was untouched by battle damage, the black and red hull glinting ever so slightly in the weak light of the sun silhouetteing it; the artificial viewer filtering out the burning globes glare. But even as he watched, the crafts death, and the reasons for it, became more apparent. It was spinning, slowly, artificial gravity and engine systems dead. Plasma fire was flickering beneath the ship, boiling and flowing into the blackness. As the ship slowly rolled over, more battle damage became evident. The once deadly space crafts belly had been torn open from bow to stern, the repeated impacts of mass-drivers and mini-nuke torpedoes having been more than sufficient to doom both ship and crew. It was not alone. It’s escorts, few as they were, had been caught by the same exchange of initial fire. They had been too close to the cruiser when the Terran flotilla had leapt upon them, too busy transferring cargo to the cruiser; booty from their most recent raid. Now, their remains orbited the dead pirate vessel. Some were still recognizable as ships, battle scarred by the terrible vengeance brought upon them. Others, were naught but scrap metal, blackened and blasted debris against the starry backdrop. The fleet would leave the dead ships alone. They had nothing aboard worth salvaging; that and Captian Parks had always preferred to leave ‘bodies’; the better to warn their enemies that to raid Terran sovereign borders was to invite disaster. He wondered would this be the last time? The number of pirate raids had dropped year on year. Terran central government put it down to a ‘robust anti-piracying patrol’s’ and ‘investment in the latest fleet technology’. The truth was a little different. Parks had seen little evidence of ‘new technology’ on the frontier, at least not from where he was standing; the bridge of an aging Razorthorn battleship. Some of his compatriots, many of them older captains’, argued that the Razorthorn hadn’t been fully replaced purely because why replace something so reliable? It did the job. Maybe. As for the anti-piracy patrols, as much as Parks would like to admit that it was down to careful tracking, intelligence and good fleet government, the truth was they’d been lucky to happen upon and ambush the pirates. Their quarry had been too cocky, stupid even. They’d started the transfer of their ill-gotten gains too close to their initial target; a farming planetoid only a few systems away. They’d not bothered to cover their tracks. Even the low-tech sensors on the Razorthorn were able to track them with ease. The fleet had jumped in, ambushing the pirates almost instantly. Most of the escorts hadn’t even had time to cut their moorings before they’d been blasted to bits. They’d been lucky, but at the very least Storm Fleet command would be pleased with another kill tally to pass on to the council. He could see it now; a needlessly lengthy report extolling the effectiveness of the fleet patrols, and requesting further funds to keep those same patrols active and ‘ensure continued security of our furthest colonies’. At least fleet command was trying. It would come to nothing though; circumstances were against them. This ambush had been a lucky one and hardly a common event. Piracy had been falling, therefore the need for large fleets around the Storm zone less meaningful. The government statisticians would come on board, suggesting further cut-backs and moth-balling of fleet reserves. More and more front-line crews were becoming reservists, returned to civilian life on minimum pensions, or leaving altogether. Parks wondered if that were to be his, and his crews fate in the years to come. They were not needed any more. Or where they? For a moment, Parks looked past the dead pirate ship and off, into the inky blackness. Far across the vast expanse of space, many systems away, was the Dindrenzi Federation’s Demilitarized zone. It had, according to fleet intel, been quiet for decades now. Parks knew something of the truth; it wasn’t that it was quiet, it was just that Naval intelligence couldn’t get near them. Scout ships disappeared, probes blinked out of sensor range and sightings of Dindrenzi vessels were random and rare. There were few who even knew what a Dindrenzi ship looked like, let along what weapons they used or how they were equipped. They were an unknown entity; one sitting right on the Terran front lawn and no one had any idea of their intentions. Parks sighed. The Dindrenzi were a people to be avoided. He hoped, somewhat against hope, that they felt the same about his people. “Mr Cutter.” Parks said, looking to his helmsman. “Take us out.” “Aye sir.” “Maysfield.” He said next, indicating his communications officer. “Signal the fleet. We head for home.” “Aye sir, signaling fleet.” His orders given, Parks deactivated the display screen. The vastness of space returned, the blasted pirate ship just another pin-print of light hardly visible. With a rumble his ship started to maneuver round, ready to boost back to the edges of the system. Mission accomplished, at least for that day. * * * * * Senior Captian Racks watched the Terran’s leave. The liquid-holographic image before him brought the small fleet of terran ships into sharp focus. The advanced sensor’s and detection equipment aboard his Spook class cruiser easily painted the far away ships for his observation; the 3D holographic image in front of him was startling in it’s detail. The various ships of the flotilla strolled past, the images suspended in mid air; so advanced was the technology that displayed them that even the colours of each craft were visible; replicated in high definition. His ship was grav-anchored to a slowly spinning asteroid out on the fringe of the system. The optimized cloaking fields hide the ship within one of the rocks huge craters. It had been perilous to maneuver into, but had provided the prefect observation point once secured. “Pretty big flotilla for an Anti-piracy raid.” He mused. “It’s overkill.” Agreed Pioneer commander Locus. The serious looking woman, nodded to the lead battleship, the red lenses of her cybernetic eyes glinting. “They must have a deficiency in cruiser ships if their sending a Razorthorn.” “All logged I take it?” he asked the XO. “Yes sir, we’ll send the logs via secure transmission once we’re out of the system.” “Good. Did we identify the Razorthorn?” “Yes sir.” Confirmed Locus, glancing briefly at her data-plate. “The NTSC Stormwave, captained by Michael Parks. 9th in his class at Lunar Academy. 10 year veteran with 6 years on the Razorthorn. Earmarked for promotion within the next 5 years, after demobilization.” Racks had to smirk. So much of the information his XO had just rhythmed off hadn’t been discovered by covert means; the Terrans had published most of it on commercial information channels. It had been easy to hack into those same channels and extract the information. So very foolish “Mark him for the black list Commander.” Ordered Racks. “Have any contacts we have keep an eye on him.” Racks looked out beyond the holographic screen to the blackness of real space as it slowly turned. “When this starts.” Racks concluded. “Men like Parks will be worthy foes, or already dead.” * * * * *
  5. You may have won the battle...but the war, is far from over B-).
  6. The last of our marathon week of Firestorm battles. This one was down at Slayers in Queens University, with the excellent JP F. His Terrans went up against my RSN. An excellent game and good end to the week, Enjoy! * * * * * RSN Narrative: “Terrans?” Captian Hawkins nodded. “A Hub System fleet, so our intelligence say’s.” Fleet Marshal Beta Greystone frowned up at the intelligence relay display. Multiple Terran heavy ships, well escorted, were moving into Aquan space to assist their allies around the Proteus System. His own taskforce, the 505, had been heavily mauled in it’s most recent engagement with the Aquan’s. He could send no ships. He had no choice but to call on reinforcements. “Take your destroyer squadron to Waypoint 227. I will summon the 501 to meet you there.” “Orders?” Greystone stared at the list of Terran ships, emotionless. “Kill them.” He said simply. For the Terran’s there would be no complex battle; only a brawl. Mission: Border Class Fleets: Terrans V Rense System Navy Points: 1500 Fleets Rense System Navy RSN Taskforce 501 Banshee dreadnought (Admiral’s vessel) = 290 + shield (15) + 4 wings (5) + Precision strike kinetics (5) + high energy (5) + 1 siren (25) + 4 interceptors (20) = 365 Argus Carrier = 120 + shield (10) + Quick Launch (5) + 4 x interceptors (20) + 4 x bombers (20) + spook torpedos (5) = 180 Spectre = 190 + 2 Assault Points = 5 + special forces = 5 + 2 Movement = 10 + precision strike kinetics = 5 = 215 3 x Cerebus Heavy cruisers = 3 x 90 + Spook torpedos (15) + Precision strike kinetics (15) = 300 2 x Bulwark Frigates = 50 2 x bulwark Frigates = 50 3 x Bulwark Frigates = 75 3 x Phoenix destroyers = 240 + Spook torpedos = 15 = 255 1490 points Terran fleet ++ Terran Fleet (Standard Fleet) (1500pts) ++ Indomitable - Battleship (235pts) ····Indomitable - Tyrant (235pts) [+1" Mv (5pts), +3 WC, Bigger Batteries (5pts), Shield Projector (Self) (10pts)] ·······Interceptor Token (15pts) [3x Interceptor (15pts)] ···· Jenova - Dreadnought (345pts) ····Jenova - Titan (345pts) [+1 Sh (15pts), +1" Mv (5pts), Beam Primaries (15pts), Nuclear Torpedoes (5pts)] ········ ········Escorts (15pts) [Guardian/Squire Escorts (15pts)] ············ Lingchi - Carrier (205pts) ····Lingchi - Ares (205pts) [+1 Sh (10pts), +1" Mv (5pts), +3 WC (5pts)] ········Rules: Deck Crews, Sector Shielding ········Bomber Token (30pts) [6x Bomber (30pts)] ········Bomber Token (30pts) [6x Bomber (30pts)] ··· Cruiser Squadron (210pts) ····Teuton Squadron (210pts) ········3x Teuton (210pts) [3x +1 HP (30pts), 3x Nuclear Torpedoes (15pts), 3x Weapon Shielding (15pts)] = Names = Reaper, Hammerfall, Infinite Potential Heavy Cruiser Squadron (Tier 2) (285pts) ····Templar Squadron (285pts) ········3x Templar (285pts) [3x +1 Sh (30pts), 3x Beam Primaries (15pts)] ············ = Names = Wrathchild, Seventh Son, Powerslave Frigate Squadron (100pts) ····Missionary Squadron (100pts) [4x Missionary (100pts)] = The Hydras Teeth Frigate Squadron (60pts) ····Pilgrim Squadron (60pts) [2x Pilgrim (60pts)] = Cloak Squadron Frigate Squadron (60pts) ····Pilgrim Squadron (60pts) [2x Pilgrim (60pts)] = Dagger Squadron Points: 1500 Turn 1 Terran’s take initiative and quickly make the RSN pay for a close deployment plan. 2 RSN frigates are immediately destroyed by nukes! The RSN response comes from the Spectre battleship, as it shuts down the point defenses on a Terran Cruiser. The Terran dreadnought rolls in and inflicts damage on both the Banshee and Spectre, as well as destroying another 2 frigates! The Terran’s take an early lead! The RSN Heavy cruisers hit back however. Firing at long range, they score a huge amount of damage and destroy the terran cruiser “infinite potential”. Turn 2 The Terran’s score well with there reserve rolls, shunting in a squadron of heavy cruisers right behind the RSN battle line! With the initiative the Terrans immediately inflict damage on the RSN heavy cruisers via their newly shunted in reinforcements. In turn, opens fire on the newly revealed destroyer squadron. Before it can even fire, the middle destroyer is completely destroyed in a triple critical attack! But an RSN Spectre surges forward, keen to attack the Tyrant with boarding troops. Alas, despite special forces the boarding assault fails! The terran dread inflicts damage on the RSN Banshee Whilst the RSN Heavy cruisers inflict 2 critical hits on another Terran cruiser The pilgrims torpedos find the range on the single Siren, destroying it The Terran carrier also inflicts heavy damage on the Banshee, taking it down below 50% damage. Turn 3 RSN grab the initiative but the RSN Dreadnought, with it’s heavy damage, does nothing against the Tide of Terran ships The Tyrant moves forward but hits the Spectre’s recently laid mine, doing damage to both! The Argus carrier launchers it’s bombers against the Terran carrier. However, it is not enough, and neither bombers nor torpedos do any damage. The Terran dreadnought, untouched by battle, opens fire. It inflicts heavy damage on the Cerebus cruiser squadron, takes out the life support on the RSN carrier and then in a follow up attack, destroyers one of the cerebus cruisers. The RSN destroyers fail to bring vengeance for there fallen comrades! The spectre is finally destroyed by the Terran carriers bombers. Another Cerebus heavy cruiser is also destroyed. With the RSN fleet heavily damaged with no light ships, the game is called. A clear Terran victory -1 to 13 * * * * * RSN Epilogue Captian Hawkins arm was in a sling. His left eye was bandaged and dried blood still stained parts of his uniform. Greystone wanted to order the man to rest but he knew such a determined adherent to the Church would not. He wanted to delivery his report, professionally, even though Greystone knew it would be bad news. “They had us from the start.” Hawkins said, standing at attention as best he could despite his injuries. “We were ambushed as we moved into engagement range.” “Did you record the details of the enemy fleet?” Hawkins nodded, frustration and rage clear on his face. “Then it is not a defeat. Knowledge is power.” “Power seeks revenge.” Entoned Hawkins, replying with one of the Church of Dramos Angels many sayings. Most ended with swearing vengeance, particularly on the Terrans. “And revenge, requires patience.” Said Greystone; that wasn’t a Church phase; that was him. Greystone stood, crossing to his state rooms window. He looked out into the inky blackness of space. “Patience.” He said again. “The new Terran battle craft and tactics must be studied, adapted too. We must learn their weaknesses.” He looked to Hawkings, nodding to the younger officer. “you will heal, you will repair your ship, you will strengthen your crew with your faith. Then, you will seek out the Terrans again.” Greystone turned toward his subordinate. He fixed the other man with a stern look. “And then, we will all have the vengeance we seek. They will fall, and we will rise.” He nodded to the Captian “Remember Dramos.”
  7. Another battle report, this time from the game on the 13th March 2015. This time my RSN go up against Cheesyrobman's Sorylians. This battle had a lot of twists and turns! Enjoy. * * * * * RSN Fleet list: Task force 501: Fleet Marshal Brimstone commanding Admirals vessel = Banshee class dreadnought “Dramos rage” 290 + Shield (15) + Wings (5) + 4 x interceptor wings (20) + 1 Siren (25) + Precision strike kinetics (5) + High energy beams (5) Argus Carrier 120 “Nighteye” + shield (10) + 8 x bomber wings (2 units of 4) = 40 + Spook torpedos (5) + Quick Launch (5) 3 x Cerebus Heavy Cruisers (3 x 90) “Stormfront, Tornado and Grindstone” Precision strike kinetics (15) Spook torpedos (15) 3 x phoenix class destroyers (3 x 80) (“Pain dealer, Jack Knife and Blade Dance”) With spook torpedos (15) 2 x frigates (50) 2 x frigates (50) 1200 * * * * * Sorylian Fleet (Standard Fleet) (1200pts) ·Tier 1 (520pts) o Battle Cruiser (300pts) § Hasta Squadron (300pts) § 2x Hasta (270pts) 2x +1 Shield (20pts), 2x Weapon Shielding MAR (20pts) Bigger Batteries, Experienced Engineers, Kinetic Weapons, Weapon Shielding § Interceptor Token (30pts) 6x Interceptor (30pts) o Battleship (220pts) § Falx (220pts) +1 Shield (15pts), +1" Mv (5pts), Starboard/Port Scatter Weapons gain Split Fire MAR (5pts), Upgrade Fore (Fixed) to Scatter Weapon (5pts), Weapon Shielding MAR (15pts) Experienced Engineers, Reinforced (Starboard/Port), Scatter Weapons, Split Fire, Weapon Shielding Tier 2 (330pts) o Cruiser Squadron (330pts) § Falcata Squadron (330pts) § 3x Falcata (225pts) 3x +1 Shield (30pts), 3x Experienced Engineers (15pts) Experienced Engineers § Kopis (105pts) Reinforced (Starboard/Port) MAR (5pts), Weapon Shielding MAR (10pts) Experienced Engineers, Reinforced (Starboard/Port), Weapon Shielding Tier 3 (350pts) o Corvette Squadron (100pts) § Plumbata Squadron (100pts) 5x Plumbata (100pts) Difficult Target, Scout o Frigate Squadron (125pts) § Scythe Squadron (125pts) § 5x Scythe (125pts) 5x Pack Hunters MAR (25pts) Difficult Target, Pack Hunters o Frigate Squadron (125pts) § Scythe Squadron (125pts) § 5x Scythe (125pts) 5x Pack Hunters MAR (25pts) Difficult Target, Pack Hunters Deployment The Sorylians deployed with only a few ships, the Battleship and corvettes deploying on the left and the battle cruisers on the right. The RSN response was a heavy middle with Argus on their left flank and a refused flank. However, the clever Sorylian deployed the battleship using ‘scout’ so it could support the battle cruisers! Turn 1 The RSN play ‘Regroup’ to bring their 2 small squads of Frigates together. In a twist, it’s the Sorlyains who get the initiative! In a cunning series of moves, it is the RSN who suffer there first casualty. As a lucky long range shoot takes out the Banshee’s escorting Siren! The RSN reply however is swift, as long range strikes from the RSN Cerebrus class cruisers inflict decompression damage on the Sorylian battleship. Other shooting is ineffective, except for a suddenly surge forward by the RSN frigates, who catch the Sorylian corvettes at maximum range and manage to destroy one! Turn 2 Again, the Sorylians take the initiative! No reserves arrive but the RSN reveal their Destroyers! The two fleets quickly close the distance and the true fighting begins. The Sorylian corvettes sweep round and flank the RSN Heavy cruisers! They attack both the RSN Bulwarks and Cerberus cruisers, inflicting damage on one of the heavy cruisers. But now the RSN Banshee is in optimum range, and selects the Sorylian battleship as it’s target. It’s kinetics roll up and…A Critical hit is scored. It’s a Reactor Overload!!! The Banshee obliterates the Sorylians battleship and the resulting blast inflicts over 16 hits on the surrounding ships! Both Sorylian battle cruisers take additional splash damage and their SRS wings are scattered. It is a black day for the Sorylian battle fleet. But the battle continues! Reputation is found somewhat when one of the RSN Destroyers “Blade Dance” suffers at the hands fo the damaged battle cruisers. The inflict a hull breach on the stationary RSN ship. The RSN Heavy cruisers sweep in and target the Sorylian battle cruisers. Again, the damage is huge! 15 hits registered and the PD network on an Sorylian ship is disrupted. “We turned off their Point defense. With bullets…” Turn 3 The RSN take the initiative, but only as the Sorylians at last get there reserves to arrive. A squadron of cruisers shunt’s in behind the RSN battle line, whilst frigates arrive to secure the Sorylian Waypoint from attack. The RSN waste no time, as the Banshee activates. It’s target is one of the crippled Sorylian battle cruisers. The Banshee finish’s off the proud ship with a brace of kinetic rounds. In turn, RSN heavy cruisers inflict yet more damage on the other battle cruiser. The Sorylian reply comes from the corvette’s who inflict more damage on the rear of the Heavy Cruiser squadron The final death for the crippled, remaining sorylian battle cruiser comes from the RSN Argus carrier, who finishes off the battle craft with beam weaponry and torpedos. But it’s not all the RSN’s way. The Sorylian cruiser squadron takes aim at the rear of the Argus carrier. Their torpedoes inflict 23 hits! This huge damage causes both a reactor leak and a random fold space jump. A jump that teleports the Argus backwards, right beside the vengeful Sorylian ships! The RSN reply is small but deadly, as the Phoenix destroyers destroy a corvette that had strayed too close. Turn 4 The RSN again take the initiative The Banshee brings it’s guns and torpedos round, firing wildly. It manages to destroy a Frigate and damage a Heavy Cruiser. The Sorylian reply is brutal and effective. Not only does the Sorylian cruiser squadron destroy a destroyer and cause a Hull breach on another destroyer, but they board the Argus carrier! The fight is quick and brutal as huge lizards invade the stricken ship! The RSN Carrier is captured!!! The RSN reply with Heavy cruiser fire is not enough, and whilst they damage another corvette they can do no more. Result: Despite early game advantage, the RSN lose! 8 to 15 due to the inspired Sorylian capture of the Argus carrier and holding of their objective without interference. Sorylian Epilogue The tour of the outpost had been quicker than expected. Lieutenant Natalie Harper had been guided around the Sorylian installation by her counterpart, a wiry lizard by the name of Skett, at a good rate and she hoped she would remember it all. Her role as attaché to the frontier station wasn't exactly a glamorous one; in fact, it hadn't taken her long to realise that it was essentially a punishment. Still, she told herself, at least it wasn't the Aquans. Spending 12 hours a day in underwater breathing gear on a space station would be worse. “We will finish off with a visit to the command bridge,” Skett was saying in heavily accented, hissing English. Sorylians struggled with the range of sounds in human languages but most of them used translation headsets to communicate with their allies so it didn't matter. As a diplomatic officer, however, Skett actually spoke at least two of the Terrans' languages. Harper and Skett made their way along a corridor of heavily built bulkheads and came to a blast door, guarded by two of the lizards' huge heavy infantry. Not the brightest creatures in the universe, but that didn't matter; all you generally needed to do was point them at the enemy, then sit back and watch the fun. They lowered their wide-barreled weapons, pointing them more at the human stranger, but Skett chattered a few words to them in their native tongue and they snapped to attention, standing aside to let them pass. Harper barely measured up to the creatures' bellies. They were enormous, and essentially built of slabs of scaly muscle and spikes, with nanolathed armour stuck on top. The door opened almost silently, and as Skett led Harper onto the bridge, a wave of heat washed over them. Skett obviously enjoyed it, but the human in the room was beginning to sweat already. The temperature on the bridge was kept high deliberately, so that the reptilian crew would respond faster. It didn't help the smell though. “Follow me,” Skett said, and Harper hurried behind him. He was even walking noticeably faster in the sweltering atmosphere. He led her most of the way around the hexagonal room, to an obvious command post, at which stood an older and slightly more decorated lizard. She recognised him as Captain Pekma, who had welcomed her to the station when she arrived. He nodded in her direction, and she did the same. There was a low hubbub of Sorylian speech and the occasional bleep from a console, but not much else to listen to. “You should turn on your headset,” said Skett. Harper had already done this and could now make out the speech to and from the bridge crew. “...Whiteclaw squadron, you are cleared to launch. Adopt standard patrol.” “Have the diagnostics from that generator come back yet?” “Next scheduled fold entry is in 42 minutes.” “I'm getting a drink. Do you want one?” “Ensign, send me that scan data.” Harper let her gaze swing around the quietly busy command deck, somewhat impressed. They might be big smelly brutes, but they do know what they're doing, she thought. Even as she took in the scene, one of the consoles started to blare an alarm. Automatically, the temperature in the room was boosted by a couple of degrees. “Captain! Unscheduled fold entry in sector two!” Captain Pekma was barking orders before the watch officer had finished his sentence. “Reinforce shielding in that sector! Launch the alert fighters and send Whiteclaw to that position! All hands, this is command, tactical alert, tactical alert. Battle ready, battle ready.” Even in the heat, Harper felt a chill rush up her spine. Skett was visibly nervous too. There had been no hint of attacks in this area. On the holographic viewer in the centre of the bridge, the distortion of the fold space arrival was visible, resolving even as she and the Sorylians watched into the shape of a Rense System Navy Argus-class carrier. “Enemy carrier detected!” the watch officer cried. Pekma was silent, having already given his orders. The station had come to battle readiness in a matter of seconds. “They're turning towards us... wait... Captain, I'm not detecting any weapon power... Sir, they're hailing us.” The last statement was made with a profoundly baffled tone. Pekma must have been taken by surprise too, as he paused for a few seconds, which was most unlike him. “Put it on,” the lizard said. The view on the holograph changed, and the interior of the carrier's bridge was visible, although it had been badly damaged. Scorch and blast marks marred the otherwise minimalistic and tidy décor, and there were distinct bloodstains in places. Several lights were blown out, and on one side of the room there was a glowing hole where there may once have been a door. In the centre of the picture was a Sorylian heavy infantry commander, still in boarding armour which was pockmarked with bullet holes and beam burns, bleeding from a fresh wound to the side of the jaw, but also liberally daubed with blood which was obviously not his own. Harper couldn't help but notice that a lot of the blood was around his jaws. She felt her stomach lurch, and forced herself to keep looking. The giant lizard focused on Pekma, addressing him directly. “Captain,” he said. “We've brought you a present.”
  8. Hello all, This is a battle report from last week regards Proteus system campaign. This time the RSN set an ambush for the Aquan's in order to enact some revenge. Will the Aquan's survive and fight there way past the RSN blockade? Read on and hope you all enjoy Vedalslayer * * * * * Aquan Narrative: It had been 2 days since the mysterious power failures had started occurring aboard the Nemesis Dreadnaught. At first the engineering crew believed they could handle the issue on board but after the first flash freeze incident they quickly realized the issue was out of their control. Since then life support had dropped to several more sections and multiple outer segments had been purged to repair hull breaches that hadn’t occurred. Communications and scanners were also affected by the unknown illness infecting the living ship, phantom readings would keep the bridge crew on perpetual alert, while communications would distort into harsh static. They had quickly mapped in a course for the nearest Gene Docks and dispatched a corvette squadron to alert them off their imminent arrival. Their Tarakian comrades had decided to push on into the Proteus sector while the Aquan fleet detoured to the closest Aquan facility for repairs. With their comm net down they never heard the distress signal from their dispatched corvette squad, while their sensors failed to register the energy blooms signaling their destruction. The Aquan fleet were not aware of the enemy predators lying in wait for them until it was much too late. RSN Narrative: The blasted remains of Aquan ships spun in the darkness. Captian Hawkins watched them. A Corvette squadron was one thing to intercept and destroy. An enemy fleet; that was something quite different. He wondered if the infection that the Directorate had supposedly placed upon the Aquan command ship was truly effective, or whether they had just been lucky. The proof would be in the coming battle. “We’ve got a spike.” Reported his Sensor’s officer. Hawkins was quick to move to the mans side. “Where?” “There.” Reported the officer, pointing to the main bridge viewer screen as the sensor plot flashed up from his terminal. Several red dots blinked into existence over the green tinged digital map. Quickly the Phoenix’s onboard detection systems processed the sensor bounces. The unmistakable forms of Aquan battlecraft were mapped out in holographic form before Captian Hawkin’s eyes, morphing into 3D images. “All crew, battle stations.” Hawkins ordered, moving swiftly to his own captians station. Around him the bridge suddenly a flurry of activity, officers and men moving to their pre-planned battle positions. “Comms!” he barked, watching from his own view screen now as more data flooded in, and more Aquan ships blinked into existence by the edge of the asteroid field. “Sir!” “Inform Fleet Marshal Greystone.” Hawkins ordered. “The infected fleet is inbound.” Seconds later the Communications officer had a reply from the Fleet Marshal. “Execute Plan Delta 1. Disable or destroy all enemy ships. Remember Dramos” Captians Hawkins strapped himself into his command cradle as the Aquan ship’s moved toward the asteroid field, unaware of the RSN fleet. “Weapons power up on my mark.” Hawkins ordered. It was time… * * * * * Ambush 1200 points, RSN ambushers (attackers), Aquans Ambushed (defenders) Aquan Retribtion Fleet Epsilon Points = 1185 Tier 1 Medusa Dreadnought "Nemesis", +1 shield, +2 PD, Precision beams, Corrosive torpedoes, + 3 wings -355 6 Interceptors, 3 Bombers Dagon Battle Carrier "Tiamat", +1 shield, +2 PD, Precsion beams, Corrosive torpedoes, + 3 wings -290 6 Interceptors, 3 Bombers Tier 2 4 Tsunami Heavy Cruisers "The Furies" energy transfer 2 -340 Tier 3 6 Snapper Corvettes "Celto's Maidens" Pack Hunters -120 4 Barracuda’s " The Lampreys " -80 RSN Fleet Points: 1200 NOTE: actually managed to lost my armylist for this battle, so the below is from memory. Should be legal but details may have varied a little. Tier 1 Banshee class Dreadnought ‘Tiger’s Eye’ (290) + shield (15) + wings (5) + 4 wings (20) + 2 sirens (50) + Precision strike (5) + high energy (5) Argus (120) ‘Dramos Lightening’ + shield (10) + 4 interceptors (20) + 4 bombers (20) + spook torpedoes (5) + Deck crews (free) + 2 x spook cruiser escorts (Shield and Buckler) (140) Tier 2 3 x Spooks (Hammer, Dagger and Halberd) (210) 2 x phoenix destroyers (‘Diamonds eye’ and ‘Blades edge’) 140 Tier 3 3 x Frigates = 75 (Delta 223-3) 2 x frigates = 50 (Echo 244-2) Deployment Aquans deployed their entire fleet on the right side to limit the incoming fire arcs, hoping to convoy through the RSN defenses. RSN Dread, carrier and 1 frigate squad deploy opposite them, the rest of the fleet deployed in hiding. Turn 1 Aquans 0 RSN 0 RSN spook Cruisers reveal themselves directly in the Aquan fleet path! In turn, Phoenix Destroyers appear on the left side of the board, and the 2nd frigate squadron flashs into existence on the far left side. Aquans play Drives to max Tac card on Medusa and pass command test to apply it on the Dagon as well, hoping the heavy ships can barge a path. The Aquan’s advance RSN Destroyers line up their beams. Together, ‘Diamonds eye’ and ‘Blades edge’ deal 1 damage to the Dagon “Tiamat”, though their torpedoes are shot down. The Dreadnought “Nemesis” advances and launches 6 interceptors, whilst openning fire at the Spook cruisers but misses all shots. RSN Dreadnought “Tiger’s eye” powers up engines and opens fire on the Dagon with its kinetics doing another hull point of damage. So far, thankfully for the Aquans, damage is light. Tsunami Cruisers activate next, moving up behind the Dagon and Medusa. The Aquan’s keep there fleet solidly together and most RSN fire is ineffective. End turn Aquans buy back Drives to Max for the coming moves. Turn 2 Aquans -1 RSN 0 Aquans play Drives to max on Dagon and fail command test, whilst the RSN play ‘Intel Gathered’. RSN Banshee opens fire on the “Tiamat”. Whilst the beams and torpedoes miss, the kinetics do another point of damage to the battle carrier. “Nemesis” advances again and opens fire on the Destroyers to deadly effect. It’s beam weapons cause a critical hit on the “Diamonds eye”, shutting down shields, whilst the torpedoes do another point of damage and applies corrosion to the already damaged Phoenix. Whilst the RSN return fire does no damage, the Aquan reply is more effective; the Dagan advances and manages to crit the middle spook cruiser “Dagger”. Tsunamis advance and energy link their weapons to the fore and crit the middle spook cruiser “Dagger”, destroying him. Their torpedoes deal 1 damage spook cruiser “Halberd”. The fleets are closing now, and the Aquan’s are really dishing out damage. Can the RSN recover? End Turn RSN Destroyer loses last hull point to corrosion and is destroyed, the “Diamond’s eye” left as a burning wreck. Turn 3 Aquans 1 RSN 0 Aquans play Precision Strike Beams. RSN Banshee finds the range and opens fire on the Dagan “tiamat”. It’s critical hit with the assistance of the Siren's target resolution. The mightly ship catches fire and is now on half HP. The Aquan reply is the Medusa Dread. It opens fire (while forgetting to declare a targeted strike ) on the RSN dreadnought, inflicting 1 damage point on the “Tiger’s Eye”, whilst it also kills the damaged spook “Halbred” , reducing the squad to half health. The remaining RSN destroyer “Blades Edge” beams put a damage point on the Medusa. Tsunamis advance, their beams do 1 damage to the RSN dread and their torpedoes kill the remaining spook cruiser “Hammer”. The RSN Argus “Dramos Lightening” advances to within bomber range and launches bombers against the Aquan Medusa. 6 interceptors intercept the 4 bombers killing 1, but the remaining 3 get through and manage to crit the aquan dread reducing it to half Hp and causing a fire on board! The Argus's lasers also inflict another damage point to the badly mauled Dagan. The “Tiamat” sensing its immient death advances and launches bombers against one of the spook cruisers escorting the Argus. The bomber wings are able to critical damage the spook cruiser “Shield” and the Dagans beams finish it off, destroying the noble ship. The RSN Frigates on the left side decide its time to strike and aggresively maneuver in to open fire on the barracudas, killing 1. The 6 snappers advance and open fire on the remaining Spook cruiser escorting the Argus and manage to critical damage the “Buckler”. The Barracudas ignore the Frigates engaging them and advance to open fire on the Sirens escorting the RSN Dread, killing 1. End turn Aquans repair fire on the Medusa and Dagan. Turn 4 Aquans 7 RSN 2 On its last legs the Dagan commander decides to gamble and advances the battle carrier into an asteroid field, luckily passing the maneuver test on a 6! Its 3 bombers are able to kill the remaining spook cruiser “Buckler” escorting the Argus. The Dagon also opens fire on the RSN destroyer “Blades Edge”, beams miss and torpedoes are shot down. The RSN Dread fails to hit anything with it’s powerful weapons, the one turn it needed to! The Aquan Dreadnought “Nemesis” dispatches her bombers after the last Siren escort, killing it. It then targets the remaining destroyer “Blades Edge” with its beams and torpedoes and deals 2 damage to it. The Argus elects to not launch bombers due to a nearby interceptor wing and instead opens fire on the “Tiamat” in the Asteroid field but fails to do damage. The Aquan Barracuda's “The Lamprey’s” advance and open fire on the 2 frigate squads and the lone remaining destroyer, they fail to hurt the frigates but are able to kill the last RSN destroyer. “Blades Edge” is no more. More Aquan and RSN fire fails to damage their opponents. Only the 2nd RSN frigate manages to inflict damage on the Barracudas, destroying one and reducing them to half strenght. End turn Game called due to time Final Score Aquans 9, RSN 1 If things had have continued I believe I would have lost the Dagaon and Barracudas but the Medusa, Snappers and Tsunamis would have reached the enemy deployment zone for the additional points at the end of turn 5 and 6. Aquan Epilogue Battered and bleeding vital fluids into the cold void the Nemesis limped into the Gene dockyards while the Furies and Celto's Maidens approached their resepctive repair docks. Tal Riel and her other senior staff had already been transfered via shuttle to the established quarantine facilities until the gene bank engineers were able to assess and repair the damage done both externally and internally to the fleet. The gauntlet her enemies had laid for her had been brutal and their fleet had been unable to inflict any significant damage to their enemies command ships, worse yet she had been forced to abandon the Tiamat and her crew after they had plunged head long into the asteroid field in an effort to buy the rest of the fleet the time needed to reach the jump point. There had been no sign or communication from the Tiamat after that time and she had been offically listed as lost however Tal Riel vowed she would return to the ambush site once her fleet was restored and renewed and discover what fate had befallen the Tiamat's crew. * * * * * RSN Epilogue “you don’t deserve it Chief Executive Franco, but I have a gift for you.” Franco had been surprised by Fleet Marshal Greystone’s invitation to his new command dreadnought. He was even more surprised when he arrived and the RSN commander had him brought to the bridge. Greystone it seemed, was something of a showman when he needed to be. There, beyond the massive dreadnoughts main viewer screen, was the unmistakable form of an Aquan battle carrier. “Senior command are transferring this captured enemy asset to your keeping.” Greystone explained. “I’m told your company will be providing extensive additional services for this…gift.” Franco smiled, not masking his satisfaction. “they certainly will Fleet Marshal.” “Your infection appears to be working. The enemy dreadnought was hardly a threat during our engagement. It, and this carrier, took the majority of the damage.” Greystone continued, watching Franco’s expression as he regarded the Aquan craft outside, looking over it’s blasted hull. “Did the dreadnought survive?” asked Franco, not taking his eyes off his corporations newest asset. “Yes. Heavily damaged but functional. Latest intelligence suggests it and it’s attendant fleet have made speed to an Aquan repair facility.” Franco turned to Greystone, his smile broadening. “Excellent Fleet Marshal. In such a way, the infection will spread.” Franco crossed the bridge to take a closer look through the view screen. It was rare one could regard such massive ships with the naked eye. “A lot of good men and women died bringing you this.” Greystone’s voice carried deliberately over the bridge. Truly a showman thought Franco. That surely was for the troops. “Indeed Fleet Marshal.” Franco turned, regarding both fleet marshal and crew. “and a great deal more will die before this is over. But your gift.” He motioned to the Aquan craft outside, in the void. “What we will learn from this vessel will shorten the war, that I guarantee.” Whether this would placate the RSN commander or not Franco didn’t care. Hopefully it at least would placate some of his crew. Lie’s were useful things in war, afterall.
  9. This is the battle I played against Aquan's on the 4th March 2015. Had to remove some photos from the original battle report but you get the idea. Vedalslayer = RSN Alex (can't remember his name on the boards) = Aquan Enjoy! * * * * * * RSN Narrative: Introduction Incoming message… Recipient: Fleet Marshal Beta Greystone Tasking: RSN Taskforce Alfa 505 Security level: Priority 1 Sender: Combined Fleet Intelligence – Subsection Gamma 2-4 Message begins… Request for assistance received by Directorate CEO Franco. Request pertains to Proteus incident (See attached intelligence dossier 111256/87) Assistance to be rendered by single RSN taskforce Taskforce Alfa 505 selected Tasking follows: Rendezvous with Directorate battleship ‘Arex 7’ and attendant battle cruiser escorts. Location: Waypoint 633. See attached intelligence report on capability. Ships will be under 505 command. Proceed to Waypoint 7-45 for fold space jump. Make jump to Proteus system (coordinates attached for optimum jump location) and initiate standard reconnaissance in force. Upon detection of any hostile elements, engage and eliminate immediately. Record composition for transfer to Centrel Fleet intelligence. Maintain patrol procedures and await arrival of additional battlegroup assets. Please indicate acceptance of tasking. Remember Dramos Attachments: IntelDos 111256/87 IntelRep –DR – ‘Anarchist Class battleship and Deterrent Class Cruiser: known capabilities.’ FDJ – OP Coordinates Aqua Narrative: introduction Retribution Shoal Epsilon, commanded by Admiral Tal Riel Tal Riel is a middle aged tritoni commander often hailed as a strategic savant by her peers within the Sebrutan Military Command. However her military acumen was not the deciding factor in her promotion to Shoal Commander, rather it was her single minded ruthlessness when dealing with enemy forces. She was initially destined for ship command within her home colonies deep space Typhoon Shoal however while out on maneuvers, her home colony was raided by suspected Directorate forces resulting in the death of her family and loved ones. Unlike other aquans that have suffered the same psychological and emotional trauma from these raids she refused all forms of treatment and instead immediately petitioned for transfer to the Retribution Shoals, where she has since risen rapidly to command her own Medusa Dreadnaught "Nemesis". Her Retribution Shoal was on active duty pursuing a join Works Raptor/ Direcotrate acquisition fleet when they were called back to their ship yards for immediate redeployment. Something had occurred in the Proteus Sector, Aquan High Command had sent a typhoon shoal to investigate but it was wiped out. Details from the few survivors indicated that the Aquans had engaged Directorate and Works Raptor forces when an unknown 3rd party intervened and wiped out the fleet. While nervous about the loss of the initial scouting fleet the high command have uncharacteristically decided to immediately send in their most deadly shoal to discover the truth of what happened and destroy any future threats to the Aquan people ( there are rumours that this unprecedented response is secretly being called for by the Aquan Emperor himself ). * * * * * As the Shoal approached the final jump way point to the Proteus Sector their sensors detected a lone Tarakian battlship standing vigil over the way point. The comm signal lite up aboard the Nemesis bridge, "This is High Warden Vokian of the Ganarl battleship The Eternal Watch, stand down your forces and deceast your advance into towards the jump point" a cold voice echoed. Tal Riel's scales subtly shifted from light blue to a deep purple before the red hue of anger at this decree. "Attention Ganarl battleship, this is Admiral Tal Riel, commander of Retribution Shoal Epsilon, please explain your prescense in this sector and why you wish to bar our path" "Admiral Tal Riel, we are the vanguard for the Tarakian 31st Shield fleet, they are currently enroute to this sector for immediate threat assesment and containment, please stand down your forces and await their arrival". Impatient to get to grips with the enemy Tal Riel replied. "High Warden Vokian I have heard your request and am advising you to stand aside, our forces will proceed into Proteus sector and continue our investigation, and woe betide anything that stands in our path" Vokian's cold voice returns over the comm signal "A foolish choice Admiral Tal Riel but one that is made, in this case we will accompany you into the sector" Tal Riel's eyes flickered revealing her surprise at Vokian's rapid change of view "Your ship is welcome to accompany us but why the sudden change of view" With a chilling voice Vokain replied "Only by providing a unified defence will any of us stand a chance against what lies ahead". The Forces: Aquan Prime Retribution Shoal Epsilon Admiral - Tal Riel Tier 1 Medusa Dreadnought " Nemesis " - 385 +1 Shield, +2 PD, +3 wing capacity, Precision Strike on Beams, Corrosive Torpedoes, 9 wings, Kappa escort Dagon Battle Carrier " Tiamat "- 310 +1 shield, +2 PD, -1 turn limit, quick launch, Precison Strike on Beams, Corrosive Torpedoes, 9 wings, Kappa escort Oannes Heavy Carrier " Scylla's Wrath " - 225 +2 shields, Corrosive torpedoes, 8 wings, Kappa escort Tier 2 4 Tsunami Cruisers " The Furies " - 340 Energy transfer 2 2 Shiva Gunships, 1 Sullis Heavy Cruiser " The Graeae " - 240 + 1 Shield on gunships. Tier 3 6 Snapper Corvettes "Celto's Maidens"- 120 Pack Hunter 2 Barracudas " The Lampreys " - 40 2 Barracudas " The Lampreys "- 40 1700 POints Kurak Special Guest Appearance High Warden Koviak aboard the Tarakian Battleship "The Eternal Watch" - 250 Ganak Battleship, self repair, + 2 wing capacity, 6 wings The Forces: Rense System Navy RSN Taskforce ‘the 505’, Lead by the Spectre class battleship ‘Dragon’ Captianed by Fleet Marshal Beta James Greystone. Escorted by the heavy cruiser ‘Golem’ (+2 movement, +2 assault point, + Spec Ops, + Precision strike +interceptors, + Heavy cruiser escort + Precision strike +Spec Ops +4 interceptors) = 340 The RSN Carrier ‘Stormfall’ escorted by the spook cruisers ‘Warblade’ and ‘Fireaxe’ (+4 wings, +1 Shield, +2 cruisers, +12 bombers) = 340 Spook cruisers ‘Scimitar’, ‘Glaive’ and ‘Falchion’ (3 x cruisers) = 210 Destroyers ‘Dark Eye’ and ‘Strike Raven’ (2 x destroyers, + precision strike +spook torpedoes) = 180 Frigate Group Alfa 247-4 (blue) (4 x Frigates) = 100 Frigate Squadron Beta 358-4 (green) (4 x Frigates) = 100 Frigate Squadron Capa 469-4 (red) (4 x Frigates) = 100 Frigate Squadron Delta 570-2 (bronze) (2 x Frigates) = 50 2 x Directorate battle cruisers ‘Projex 1’ and ‘Projex 2’ (2 x battle cruisers, +bio hazard torpedoes, +bio hazard beam weapons) = 260 The Directorate Battleship Anarchist Class Battleship “Arex 7” Captianed by Chief Executive Franco Escorted by the Siren escorts from Squadron Gamma 115-2 (Directorate battleship, +biohazard torpedoes, +biohazard beams, +2 sirens, +3 wings, +1 move) = 280 Points = 1700 * * * * * Mission: Border Clash Points: 1700 Deployment: The RSN keep 2 x frigate squadrons in reserve, along with hidden set up destroyers. With both fleets, frigates are deployed on the flanks, with a strong central battleline for each fleet deployed using the heavier fleet elements. Turn 1: “Let our hosts go first. Wouldn’t want to acquire too many dents on the new ship now would we?” Chief Executive Franco, aboard the Anarchist class battleship ‘Arex 7’ TAC Phase: The RSN play the Tac card ‘drives to maximum’ on the Spectre battleship. The Aquan’s play regroup on the 2 Barracuda groups, creating a single unified squadron. Activation phase: Having won the initiative, the RSN activate. The Spectre battleship leaps forward, ignoring deployed mines and taking no damage. It targets the Aquan Dreadnought “Nemesis”, hoping for early damage. But alas, despite Kinetics, beams and torpedoes, no damage is inflicted! The Aquan fleet replies. The Nemesis Dreadnought activates, launching it’s interceptors and bombers, as well as dropping mines. With it’s formidable firepower, it targets the Spook cruiser ‘Fireaxe’. With heavy fire it inflicts decompression damage from the forward beam weapons.. In turn, the Heavy cruiser ‘Golem’ takes heavy damage, losing 2 crew and 2 hull points. The massive ship’s torpedos however are deflected and the heavy cruiser survives it’s battering. Looking to redress the battle, the Directorate Battle cruisers surge forward, targeting the Aquan dreadnought once more. They manage to position themselves in such a way as to look like two giant missiles attached to the Spectre! However, despite 12 solid hits, epic saves from the dreadnought deflect the damage! The follow on torpedos likewise fail to damage. What is wrong with the Zenian league weapons? The Aquan Shiva gunships open fire with there beam weapons, combining fire on the already damaged ‘Golem’. Unable to sustain such massive firepower, the RSN heavy cruiser is destroyed! The Aquan’s mark their first Battlelog point. Follow on torpedos do no damage to the RSN Spook cruiser ‘Fireaxe’ The RSN now activate their Spook cruiser squadron. Swiftly the elusive cruisers move to assist their beleagued fleet. Despite maximum speed they find themselves out of range for their beam weapons. Not so with their torpedoes however, which are launched against the Shiva gunships. Despite good shields and PD fire, a gunship takes a hull breach! At least the RSN weapons are doing something! Aquan Dagon Battle carrier ‘Tiamat’ activates, launching bombers and mines. Positioning itself well, it’s powerful beam weapons do terrible damage to the directorate battle cruiser ‘Projex 1’. It also uses the Sullis cruisers special ability to redirect its port beam weapons against ‘Projex 1’ again, causing another decompression! Choosing his time well, Chief Executive Franco orders his directorate battleship to join the battle. Quickly it’s beam weapons overload the shields of a Tsunami class cruiser, though it’s cyberwarfare does not effect the Aquan Shiva gunships. Oannes Heavy Carrier " Scylla's Wrath” moves forward but unlike it’s Dagon counterpart, it’s attacks fail to do any damage. In turn, the RSN Frigate Squadron Delta 570-2 manoeurves but finds no enemy ships in range. Aquan Tsunami Cruisers "The Furies" activate, moving up to target the Directorate battleship. There beam weapons cause a hull breach on the mightly ship! The RSN Argus carrier and her escorts activating, the carrier launching bombers, and it’s torpedoes causing damage on the Sullis cruiser. The squadron of barracuda frigates swoop in, targeting the already heavily damaged Directorate ship ‘Projex 1’. With impressive firepower and double crits, they destroy the directorate battle cruiser! More trouble comes the RSN way, when a Frigate triggers a mine, and is immediately destroyed! Finally the Tarakian Battleship "The Eternal Watch" activates it’s engines and aims it’s weapons at ‘Projex 2’, the remaining directorate battle cruiser. Once again, heavy damage is inflicted. Turn 1 battlelog: Aquan = 3 RSN = 0 Turn 2 “Chief executive Franco, when I want your tactical advice rest assured, I’ll ask for it. In the meantime, whilst we wait for hell to freeze over, please do as you are ordered.” Message fragment from Fleet Marshal Beta Greystone to Chief Executive Franco, Directorate. Tac phase The RSN play ‘intel gathered’, but it fails to give them the advantage in the subsequent initiative phase. Aquan’s grab the initiative! In turn, the RSN reserves fail to arrive. At least the 2 Phoenix destroyers ‘Dark Eye’ and ‘Strike Raven’ reveal themselves, ready for battle. Activation phase The Tsunami cruisers move up, once again targetting the directorate battleship! They cause yet more damage and put the ship’s security into disarray. Revenge is swift however, as the Phoenix destroyers open fire on the Sullis cruiser, destroying it utterly! The Snapper class corvettes "Celto's Maidens" skim by a planetoid, launching torpedoes at some RSN Frigates. Alas, they do no damage. With it’s cruiser escort gone, the RSN battleship soldiers on. This it’s target are the Shiva Gunships. It’s beams and kinetics manage to destroy one gunship and heavily damage another, which immediately disorders the Aquan ships! The response comes from the Barracudas, who target the Spook cruiser ‘Fireaxe’ and the Phoenix destroyers. They manage to damage both. The RSN Spook squadron of ‘Scimitar’, ‘Glaive’ and ‘Falchion’ find the range with all their weapons. They destroy a Barracuda, damage a Tsunami cruiser , and destroy the final Shiva gunship with a triple crit! The Aquan reply is to once more activate the dreadnought ‘Nemesis’. It immediately send it’s interceptors and bombers in to attack the Spectre battleship ‘Dragon’. The interceptors are driven off by RSN interceptors, but the bombers in turn destroy the RSN interceptors! The bombers continue, attacking the RSN ship but it’s PD fire drives them off. The dreadnoughts followup beam weapons knock out the RSN battleships PD network, and corrodes the ship with it’s torpedoes. The Argus carrier and its Spooks escorts engage the Tsunami’s, destroying another. They also destroy the Aqua dreadnoughts small escort ship! The "Celto's Maidens" Snappers sling shoot round the planet, coming in behind the RSN frigates! They destroy one and disorder the remaining frigate! The directorate battleship engages the troublesome Tsunami’s, heavily damaging one. It’s cyber weapons also finally find the range, disabling the PD network on the ‘Nemesis’ Dreadnought. The Aquan Dagon activates and it send’s it’s bombers to attack the RSN battleship! Despite some excellent shield saves, they critically damage the RSN battleship with a reactor leak and leaving it with only 3 hull points. Beam weapons cause further massive damage. The RSN are taking a beating! Frigate Squadron Delta 570-2 swoops round, doing damage to the already damaged Tsunami’s and damaging a snapper corvette as well. High Warden Koviak brings his Battleship "The Eternal Watch" round. Activating it’s forward grav weapons, it fires on the RSN ‘Dragon’, but fails to do damage. However, it’s salvo of torpedos impact on the battleship and with a ripple of explosions appear to destroy the ship! In response the already damaged directorate battle cruiser ‘Projex 2’ destroys a Barracuda frigate. The Aquan carrier “" Scylla's Wrath” engages the hated directorate battleship, causing more fresh scars to the enemy craft. Turn 2 score: Aquan = 14 (9) RSN = 0 Final turns 3 and 4! “Mission accomplished. All ships jump out. Mourn the dead later. Remember Dramos” Fleet Marshal Beta Greystone, aboard the RSN Argus Carrier ‘Stormfall’ after successful evacuation. TAC Phase The Aquan’s play their ‘sniper’ TAC card whilst the RSN play no cards. The RSN gain the initiative at last! And finally, the RSN Frigate reinforcements arrive. But are they too late? Activation phase The RSN carrier ‘Stormfall’ activates, it’s bombers attacking the remaining Tsunami cruisers! But Aquan interceptor attempt to stop the 2 bomber units. Sadly only one bomber wing is destroyed and the cruiser PD fire does not stop them. The 2 cruisers are heavily damaged, one even suffering a fold space rupture! The follow up attacks are deadly, as the undamaged RSN escort cruiser ‘Warblade’ destroys one of the Tsunami’s. Additional fire destroys a Snapper Corvette and another Aquan escort ship. The damaged Tsunami’s fight back, dropping mines amongst the furball of battle, as well as destroying a RSN frigate and critically damaging the spook cruiser ‘Glaive’. The newly arrived RSN Frigates of Squadron Capa 469-4 (red) quickly go to work, destroying an Aqua Barracuda Frigate Dagon Battle Carrier " Tiamat " seeks to do damage, sending its bombers rush the Spook cruiser ‘Gliave’ and the ‘Projex 2’ battle cruiser. However, one bomber unit is quickly intercepted and driven off! The directorate battle cruiser is not so luckly, attacked by 6 bomber wings. His hull takes immense damage and his shields are overloaded! The Spook cruisers activate, targeting and destroying an Aquan Barracuda of the ‘Lamprey’s’ and heavily damaging a Tsunami’s. The tarakian battleship replies, sending in it’s bombers. Despite destroying 2 wings with PD fire, the bombers attack. Together with the battleships own weaponry, the bombers and fire damage then destroy the Directorate battle cruiser ‘Projex 2’, and the nearby spook class cruiser ‘Glaive’. Frigate Squadron Beta 358-4 destroy another escort and a single snapper. The dreadnoughts bombers destroy the Spook cruiser ‘Scimitar’, which had already been heavily damaged. Engaging with beams and torpedoes at the remaining spook cruiser ‘Falchion’, they destroy the ship in a single go! The squadron is eliminated! With that final shoot, the game was called due to time. But the victor was obvious. JG = -1 Alex = 21 Landslide victory for the Aquans! Aquan Epilogue: It had been 1 hour since the RSN and directorate ships had emergency folded out leaving their dead and dying behind, however no celebrations were conducted on the bridge of the Nemesis, instead each member was either intently studying their sensor readings for survivors and any signs of a counter strike or planning for the jump into the new sector. The comms officer aboard the Nemesis turned to Tal Riel and advised "Admiral, Captain Ye Luho of the Barracuda Lamprey Gama reports they have detected life pods from the RSN battleship and Directorate Battlecruisers". With a shark toothed grin he continued "He reports they are caught in the nearest planets gravity well and will reach terminal state within 15 cycles, he wishs to know if he should begin rescue operations". With a scowl Tal Riel barked "Obtain their sensor data and feed it back into our systems, prepare a fleet wide signal and link in the sensor data in real time". "Sensor data achieved and correlated, confirmed life pods detected at locations and acquired by Nemesis resolution systems, fleet comm signal ready at your order" the comms office replied. Taking a moment to calm her manner Tal Riel flicked the fleet signal open "To all ships within Retribution Shoal Epsilon , this is admiral Tal Riel, I know for some of you this is the first time you have served with our shoal so let this be a lesson as to how we do things here". "Within this communication you will see the real time sensor relay of what remains of the enemy fleet", deflty she keyed in the order for the Nemesis's beam weapons to lock onto the RSN lifepods, "and this is how we deal with our enemies here", at the press of a button incandesant beams of pink light stabbed out across the void engulfing the life pods and rendering them to ash. Satisfied, she closed the signal and turned to her logistics staff to begin planning the fleet jump into the Proteus system, "Ma'am?" queried one of the newer bridge officers," What about the Directorate lifepods?" The officer immediately regretted his query as the admirals stare burned through him as she replied " Why, we let them burn of course". RSN Epilogue: Fleet Marshal Beta Greystone took another sip from his wine glass. A fine Terran vintage; reserved for special occasions; good or bad. This ranked as bad, if one looked at the casualty ratings and ship losses alone. It was only if you looked beyond the immediate situation and considered his original orders, that supposedly his latest operation had been a success. Greystone didn’t believe that; his fleet had been beaten. Obviously, he was missing something. At that moment, the door to his ready room chimed. “Come” The door slide open, revealing Chief Executive Franco, Directorate CEO. Greystone eyed the other man wearily; prehapes his ally could shed light on things. “Come to justify yourself?” he asked with a certain venom. Franco bowed his balding head slightly. “The Directorate sincerely regrets the human and material losses suffered due to this operation.” He held up a black data pad, emblazed with a Directorate corporate icon. “I have assurances from the conglomerate who funded this enterprise, that all losses will be replaced, like for like. Human and machine.” Greystones cold stare did not leave the other man. “And what about you, Franco?” spat Greystone. “How do you view this ‘successful’ operation?” Franco paused. “We lost more than we expected. The Aquan response was more…aggressive than expected.” Franco cleared his throat. “I am sorry.” Greystone suspected that was as close as Franco was going to get to actually speaking like a normal human being. Reluctantly he accepted the apology with a simple nod, and indicated the chair in front of him. “Drink with me.” Greystone said, in a tone that suggested it was more an order than a request. “I’m assuming you didn’t just come here to pay your respects.” “No Fleet Marshal.” Franco conceded, allowing the Marshal to pour him a drink. “You want the full picture I assume?” Greystone finished pouring the other mans drink before leaning back in his chair, nodding again. Franco began his sales pitch “Simply put, this mission had several objectives, all of which were furfilled in full. A reconnaissance of the outer Proteus system, engaging the enemy and assessing their strength, as well as inflicting what losses we could.” Greystone remained silent. “The objective you were not aware of, I am now free to enlighten you to. During the engagement my ship attacked the Aquan Dreadnought with one of our latest cyber warfare weapons. I will not bore you with the details of the weapon, except to confirm it disabled their point defense systems for a time. That is how the Aquan command will see it as well; a simple electronic warfare attack, easily corrected by a swift reboot of their systems.” Franco could not help but smile. “It was a ruse. The cyber attack was more than a simple disabling of the enemies weapons. It was the implanting of a virus; an intelligent Bio-tech virus, designed with assistance of our friends in Omnidyne.” Greystone frowned, leaning forward. He set his half-full wine glass on his desk. “A virus?” he asked. “Yes.” Franco set his wine glass down in turn, leaning forward to meet the Marshal’s gaze. “A self-replicating virus, able to secret itself into the Aquan command systems. Even as we speak, that virus will have integrated itself inside the communication systems of every ship connected with the original host. Every transport that docks with the ship, every fighter, bomber, shuttle; even individual communication devices and computing systems; all will be infected.” “What does it do?” asked Greystone Franco picked up his glass, holding it up in front of him. He eyed the fine white wine within, before looking to Greystone again. “Patience Fleet Marshal Beta.” Franco said, his smile of satisfaction never leaving his face. “All good things, to those who wait.”
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone, going to take on board the comments and update. good point ref the Shermans Shifty33, I was referring to just the standard variant as apposed to the excellent Firefly's and E8's. Looking at the Heimdal again certainly it has some serious firepower, it's just I don't see it handling effective close range anti-tank fire coming from the likes of the Eris or simular. In my games so far, the Heimdal's have gotten hurt a lot despite shielding but in turn, when I've used them against infantry and light vehicles they've come out on top. I was thinking ref the Baldr's maybe pairing them with shield tanks if I do put them high up. It's just trying to balance getting those critical first-hits with their weapons, versus protecting them from counter fire. They are definitely vulnerable but don't want to wast them.
  11. Posted this up on the Planetfall UK Community facebook page, but forgot to post up here! This is my Hawker Air Helix fully painted up. First up the Sheriff Gunship I based the colour scheme on a MI-24 Hind, hoping that comes across in the look . The guardsmen meantime... I went with a Russian look again, this time the sky camo used on SU-27's. Not so happy with the inking but otherwise thought the effect worked alright. Comments and suggestions on improvement welcome .
  12. Hello all, Below is some work I've been doing on the Heimdal and Baldr units for the Terrans in Planetfall. It's some tactics and unit discussions. Wondering about peoples take on these units and how they perform? Comments welcome, hoping to use to create a Tactica some time in the future. Thanks * * * * * Heimdal medium tank The standard medium battle tank of the Terran ground forces. For some reason when I read the stats on the Heimdal, my brain said ‘Sherman’. Then changed things slightly and said ‘Sherman with shields.’ The reason for this is because what I see is not a tank equipped to tank on other tanks, just as the World War 2 American Sherman was not equipped to take on German tanks such as the Panther and Tiger. Instead, the Heimdal, like the Sherman, appears to be more of an ‘infantry support’ tank, with tank killing left to the Baldr tank hunter (or the tank destroyers of WW2 American tactics). Random history lesson aside, here’s my reasoning. The Heimdal’s gun is a barrage weapon, not a pinpoint or kinetic. Thus, even at close range with her high number of dice, her tank killing ability is below that of other medium tanks. The Dindrenzi Eris medium tank , for example, may have less dice at close range but has kinetic to help deal with the Heimdal’s 3 shields. But if one avoids tank v tank duels and instead, uses the Heimdal to lead attacks on objectives taken by light vehicles or infantry. Then, she shows her worth, as barrage makes her deadly against emplaced enemies. She can clear out buildings or forests, allowing infantry to occupy them then assist said infantry in fighting off enemy counter attacks. With 3 shields, she has a chance to hold her own against any adversary. An infantry support tank per-excellence. Baldr – Tank hunter The Baldr is designed to kill tanks, as the unit designation would suggest. To do this, it has the enormously long ranged Heritage laser cannon, with pinpoint and a lot of damage potential. Whilst it’s armour isn’t as great as the Heimdal, it still has shields. The Baldr wants to be up high somewhere in good cover and good coverage. Sniping at enemy tank platoons from beyond their effective range and doing excellent damage each time. Get the squad set up well and they will cause your opponent untold chaos and concern with Focused fire. Target tanks only, don’t waste shoots on light vehicles, infantry or aircraft. Tanks, including heavy tanks, are your preferred prey. Sadly, the Baldr’s weakness is it’s slow speed and limited coverage. That’s why up high, and well back from the main battlefield, is your prime location. You’ll waste precious shoots if you have to reposition.
  13. Got full Core now for both Dindrenzi and Terran, trying to paint them all up so I've a bit of variety. I've a big RSN fleet and an as yet unpainted Terran fleet so it made sense.
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