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  1. Small company during Xmas with a Halo franchise. I would not expect anything until after the new year and if there is something earlier then I can be pleasantly surprised! I'm thankful that these guys continue to push out amazing models (except for the Russian Robot Dread sigh) so if they are a few months late on some rules then so be it. DK
  2. Hey All, The RC Bunker Complex doesn't have an IR in the latest update, is this deliberate or a misprint? All the other core nations have an IR of 14 in their stats. Thanks.
  3. Yes the light wasn't fantastic, I wanted to get them up before the weekend and usually don't get much time during the day to take photos. I'll post some closeups once I get a chance to photograph them. Thanks for the comments. I have a few fleets in varous stages of being painted and I'll post some of them up when I get a chance: Russians, Danish, and Prussians.
  4. Hi all, I have been painting some PLC land models up for our Call to Arms demo game on the weekend. Pugwash has set up a game with the invaders vs humans. He has done an amazing job of the invaders which you can see here http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/14373-pugwash-paints-invaders/. I painted the air a while ago and wanted to retain the feel for the land models but make them distinctly land so went for a camouflage look but using the same reds and yellows I used on the air models. I still have to paint a Rarog landship and one more squadron of small tanks but didn't need them for this weekend. I am a little disappointed with the Perun Mobile Airfield's bridge as it has a blank area on one side which I was not sure what to do with. I am tempted to cut it out so you can see the deck below. The actual force for the weekend will be slightly less than whats on show. It is a 1400 force so I am dropping the Gunnery Airships, the squadron of small tanks and two flame tanks to get under the points.
  5. Hi All, Just curious as to what turrets you replace on the battleship models with generators. I tend to go with the rear turret for the generator so I have all guns facing forward but was a little disappointed that the Kaiser Karl is set up to replace the middle turret even though (I think) you can replace any turret with a generator. Any reason why the rear turret might be a better choice to retain as a gun? Cheers, Liam
  6. Thanks all, the calcification generator has a 360deg arc from centre of model. I think I got sidetracked a bit because it looks a lot like a turret unlike the tesla generator etc which are less directional looking but just as targeted as the calcification generator.
  7. Hi All, I been searching the rules about the topic and p54 says that all generator firing arcs are stated in the generator section. Checking the generator section and I can find no information about arcs for any generators at all. Does this mean that when offensive generator replaces a turret (like the calcification generator) it is not restricted by the turret arcs or have I missed something somewhere? Thanks, Liam
  8. Yes I do struggle with this somewhat. Some teslas and most flamethrowers being unaffected by HP loss i.e. the ones pointing out the front and then a bunch that are redoubtable and affected by HP loss and oh by the way the ones pointing out the front might be able to hit a flying model but the other side and back ones can't? Its also a bit unsettling that weapons can be gunnery if they are a secondary and magically stop being gunnery when they become a tertiary. Just seems untidy. I don't play any factions with rockets so for me its only really the Blucher, Elbe and the PLC Dread, Landship and Flame Tank that are of concern and in my experience rockets are rubbish in RB1 so I don't mind people shooting them at me until a clarification comes through if they really want to.
  9. Easy fix would be to ammend the faction sheets to give those tertiary teslas, flamethrowers, rockets etc that might be able to fire at flyers the high angle MAR. Seems to be what it's purpose is. Flame throwers firing up has always seemed silly to me.
  10. Look, if you put the page 14 reference together with the Profile Attack Dice section bullwt point 1 on page 60 bottom of page: "Gunnery, Rocket and Torpedo Ordnance have specific attack dice (AD) value listed in the Model's Profle in each range band that they can fire into." then to me Gunnery has AD and uses Range Bands regardless of being P, S or T. Bombs and Mines are not Gunnery and, as it notes in bullet 3, these are put there for convenience to keep things together. There might be a case for Rockets not being Gunnery based on this section but rockets are pretty useless or not available in RB1 generally anyway.
  11. I reiterate my early point that cancelling TAC cards is effectively reducing one's TAC card hand size and limiting options and awards vp to the opposition. It seems to be penalty enough without imposing the additional penalty of not being able to play one's own TAC cards as well. James' comment could be right but I don't agree with it. Was James' post based on official Spartan position or his personal interpretation?
  12. How does this explain page 14 under Weapon Name:In the case of Gunnery Weapons the name will be followed by a (P),(S) or (T) denoting a Primary, Secondary or Tertiary weapons respectively. Its the only definition of Gunnery I can find.
  13. I disagree with that. How can playing a tac card and cancelling (discarding) a tac card be the same thing? Bullet 4 goes on to say a that you should leave the card face up as a visual reminder of its effects. A cancelling card has no effect. The bullet also says you can omly play one card whereas the cancelling process you can use multiple cards. I can understand if he is referring to using a card power to cancel ie the espionage card. Bullet seven also makes it clear there is a difference between played cards and cancelling/cancelled cards.
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