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  1. I have a tough question for you, Neil. Feel free to say that you can't answer it at this time if you want but I was wondering if our fleet guide books will be made obsolete by this new edition.
  2. I'm thinking after the success of Halo: Fleet Battles they decided to give Firestorm Armada a quick playing fleet game as well.
  3. I can't wait to see the results from this next year.
  4. Happy New Year! May the Kurak Alliance burn!!!! May the Zenian League prevail!!!
  5. Ok, that's fair. Sorry for jumping your case earlier.
  6. I really do like that idea. Being able to push ships into perfect position with the broadsides that they have would be powerful.
  7. To me the lizards have good tier 2 and tier 3 ships. The larges need a little work.
  8. Well, we'll have to agree to disagree. I don't think it's counterproductive to push out ideas. I realize there are complaints but sometimes complaints are needed. Would the Sorylian battleship have gotten an upgrade if people weren't complaining? Remember that one guy that you always got into it with? The one with the Kris Kristofferson avatar. I can't remember his name. He complained about the Sorylain battleship and a lot of the old guard on here thought he was full of ****. "It's your tactics that are wrong" he was told. Turned out he was right.
  9. No, not really. The difference between you and me is that I'm not asking for a thread to be closed because I'm hearing things I don't want to hear. I want to hear the free flow of ideas. Even those I don't agree with. Not shut them down. I'm sorry to sound angry but Alextroy's rubbed me the wrong way. It might be an old thread for you but it's new to me.
  10. "Somebody has an opinion different than me and I can't take it!" WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Grow up, people.
  11. Wow. Just unabashed arrogance. Other people think differently. If you don't like hearing other opinions don't visit this thread. It's that simple.
  12. That's not a bad idea. They could have an R&D ship that would have a gravitational device that couldn't cause damage or even drag, just repel.
  13. A solution I think that would help the Sorylians is that the dreadnought and battleship should have kinetic weapons. The Hasta has them so why wouldn't the big dogs in the fleet not have them? I don't think it would unbalance the game.
  14. That helps them quite a bit. Basically doubling their PD defense for a squadron of 4. I still wouldn't want to get stationed on one though.
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