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  1. Last I played the Arronax and Fresnels were still new and getting flamed for nerfs. Energy weapons were actually good (some said too good) because of the Energy Amplification Generator. I actually bought some Kaiju (Arronax) and Fresnels, but our group had pretty much stopped playing before they arrived in the mail. Though I had fun painting and magnetizing them. I hear that there have been many many changes. Energy weapons (no linked/combined fire, no shields if you fire, etc...) the TDO (no multi-function, changes to functions), the Arronax (no longer a naval/diving model!!!) and a hefty points increase for many models as well. And the EAG doesn't exist anymore and is replaced with a shield generator that does't work if you attack? We strictly play naval battles, though I do have some air support. Is there a post/thread that summarizes the changes? I'm trying to figure out how to run my old squadrons and it seems like I'll have to rework new strategies and try new combinations. Am I reading this right? Even a BB or DN with Energy Turrets cannot link fire with itself so mediums or larger will be much harder to crack...and if they try to fire at smalls, they're taking the to hit penalties? What am I missing please Guess I'll have to set aside a few days to fully read the v2 manual. I'm guessing my hardcover that I bought way back (pre-ordered) is already out of date no? Oh on that topic...is there a current "quick start guide?" that covers the main changes?
  2. Most of my units are of course the older ones (old naval starter box and so forth.) I'm still learning 2.0 and have decided to take a step back, start with simpler squadrons, and avoid the "newer is shiny" pitfalls. Most of units are naval. So naval core. So given that what would be your 750 list? A 1000 point list? And why would you use them? None of the newer units such as the Fresnel, Arronax, or anything from the UFO box. I'm already hearing good things about the Ptolemy...which other ones would you field now?
  3. I'm still trying to figure out all the rules changes. I got burned with the Frensel and Arronax dings so not so keen on buying more models until the rules get more stabilized especially since I'm on a budget.
  4. I am not familiar with all of the 2.0 changes maybe there things I am missing. These are as I said first impressions so I'm hoping there's a lot of benefits and bonuses I have not seen yet. So my previous play with CoA (1.1): Boarding...(high cost plus low boarding defenses) Average to poor CC and AA. High point cost per unit. The TDO made folks roll their eyes but I never found it to be a massive game changer. PA required point-blank fire, but was fun when you lined things up. The Fresnel finally made Energy Turrets fun. The Euclid was DFA with BB class firepower, BB defenses, and 2 squadrons to play with and all those yummy MARs. Adding redoubtable and dice to Energy Turrets was way overdue. Actually started using them regularly. Now with 2.0 Units cost even more...and are still boarding bait. Squadron sizes of the more powerful units (Plutarch) slashed. Speciality 'mad scientist' units eliminated (no more Fresnel generator, unit still costs the same, lower firepower). The TDO is now something that you'll almost never see in a all-naval fleet since it is no longer amphibious. The overall utility of many speciality units have been dropped to the point I've added several CoA units to my Hachiman paperweight pile. The Euclid, the one shining example of technological superiority, has been nerfed into a mediocre drone controller. Before I liked the versatility...now it serves primarily as a drone-spammer and little else. I'm sorry but mediocre firepower and meh defenses (no more 3 dice shields) for 300 points makes for a mediocre carrier. I'd rather field a pair of Epicurus for the same drone power, even if they cost more...as the other functions I'm hard pressed to find a use for yet. Options for many other units (generators, MARs) reduced/eliminated with no reduction and sometimes instead increases in cost. Like the Arronax. Stripped of the PA, it's main firepower. Boarding, it's main strength, slashed. Made even easier to destroy (CR dropped). Slower, like speed cut in HALF. So now it's a slow-sub with a single gun for PB use. Um...why bother? Unique ordnance such as energy turrets and particle accelerators were nerfed even more...again. I do not consider taking a 16 AD Particle accelerator and turning it into a 11 AD PA to be an improvement. (14 AD, -1 to hit) and then making you drop shields when you fire. Giving it dice at longer ranges and adding a -1 to hit just means you get to miss more often. Unless there's some hidden benefit to fighting without shields? I cannot find where ET still get their crit adjustment, is that gone too? Some of the small craft got a few bumps (torps, cc, aa) but by and large I'm hard to find improvements... Did all of the other factions get their power slashed as well? Are the gunnery numbers and unit costs for CoA the same as other factions in 2.0? How did you compensate your playstyle to account for the apparent reduction in power? What are your first impressions?
  5. Hey welcome to the game! And as a player who routinely fights the FSA... "Me hates the Enterprisessss! Me hates them forever! Smashes my preciousses...steals my preciousess!" In other words...get one...you'll love it.
  6. Maybe surface version of the Echo generator would be my guess. Similar mechanics so they don't have to invent a whole new one.
  7. Me wants..."Anti-Proton Ray"...destroys everything in it's path. Including terrain. Or maybe say it reduces terrain by 1 level in it's path each time it is fired. Hurry up MAY! Me wants the knows the awesomeness!
  8. I like to cut them as close as possible...do you have a wee bit more accurate measurements? If it is not too much of a bother to do so I mean?
  9. Particle Accelerators? Thematically I love them...in all my battles though...fired maybe once. By the time things are in RB1 most of then PA ships are usually surrounded or out maneuvered or about to be boarded. And never fielded the Zeno because that was pre-buff. And all these newer units with PA's did not exist. Now it seems like a workable theme But yes this craft looks great. I am guessing large...cause it is a carrier...or medium at the smallest with all those systems. With a PA, energy turret, some kind of generator option in addition to shields, guessing 1x5 drones with combat launch, and broadsides and that unknown system that looks like a bat signal/bombard (sheaf fire?). Would like more smalls for CoA but it still is a very sweet looking model.
  10. Ah okies...thanks! Curious to see how this monster performs in play...
  11. Oh okay. Yeah, never did the teleport function + DN combo. I don't care for the odds. 400 point investment, needing back to back activations, 50% chance of losing the ship for a turn or the game? Why not just hand over the points to your opponent was my thought. On the other hand 50% AD reduction on a zone or backfield squadron you wish to protect? Much better. Or even that first turn speed boost. Most of my games are sub 1000 so I usually field BB as my largest vessels. For the price of a DN I find a pair of Epicuri to be more versatile and tactically sound. Plus 6 activations to 1.
  12. Hey I noticed in another thread the CoA assault carrier. It says it is part of 2.0, does that mean 2014 4th Q release? It looks like a sleek model...and it has a Particle Accelerator...judging by the photo. Dunno anything about it, was just wondering.
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