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  1. I am very much of the opinion that markers are "not there". They are a point on the battlefield and not a physical objectives in the battle zone. As such you can stop on top of them but are unable to move them for any reason. Forcing a unit to walk around them would be like forcing it to walk around a disorder marker left by another model.
  2. Oh I forgot about this thread. Only posted in my own. Ok here are a couple of shots of my howdahsaurus.
  3. I have some of that for when I play gang warfare type games
  4. Correct. You have 3 ways to kill SAS. 1. Fire on them with a non SAS model during that models activation ONLY using AA at upto 8" 2. Dogfight them with your own SAS during your SAS activation with a 4" range Or 3. Defend against an attack from an opponents SAS with the squadron of models or SAS attacked by them. Sara.
  5. Only played one game with the Howdahsaurus so far. It was 7000pts with Sorylians main + Aquan & Terquai allies vs Dindrazi main + Relthoza & Works Raptor allies. Both main forces had leviathans on first outings. They decided to duel! The Nor'Bar'Ro shook of a volley from the Dindrazi Leviathan and caused a wound in return fire. This shook the obviously green pilot of the Din leviathan which then slowed down his reactions allowing him to be finished of by a second volley and a drive by by a unit of Lizard bikers. In short partly through lucky dice, partly through activation sequence the Sorylian one did quite well while the Dindrazi one missed a single morale test on 5 dice!!!
  6. It is not the number of drones that is the absolute problem, they also get the following. 1. easy recycling: while others can recycle the CoA do it without fantastic positioning. Add to this the fact they can even if you kill all 5 and bonus. 2. Swarm tactics: ok CF get this too but it really is a fantastic Mar basically giving you a 6 strong wing with 5 wounds. 3. Repositioning: this links in with the respawn. Need some SAW on the other side of the board? Attack run a small and respawn from a carrier over there. Combine these together and they are VERY hard to counter.
  7. I have yet to have a HMS Arc Royal. My sky fortress is a common RAF Archangel though. Only my RAF forces (illustrious & 2 Doncaster) and my ruler DO NOT have names taken from the real RN....... and that was because I had to have an ironclad called Thunderchild
  8. I thought pinpoint was a black d6 one success and no rollover.
  9. Due to the fact I am the passenger when travelling to our gaming space, my Sorylian leviathan is carried carefully by hand. The rest of the force is in an old GW case.
  10. Players: Althorin + ally Vs Pa11idin + ally Points: 7000 Factions: Sorylian, Aquan, Terquai Vs Dindrazi, Relthoza, Works raptor. Starting ZHT: 70 Final Score: 0 / 25 Kurak victory Turn Count: 2 Large game with 4 players to show 2 new people how to play. Was also the first outing for the Leviathans. First turn ended 60/38 with the Dindrazi in the lead. Sorylians earned 39 points in kills and took the 3 central objectives and their tertiary for the win.
  11. If it was only ER that would screw Sorylians LR guns.
  12. althorin


    However you do need to use the bases for play for any model supplied with one.
  13. Ok he is finally done so I am pleased to introduce you to Dramos the Howdahsaurus!!
  14. Tbh I hate the avenger sculpt, and so always only used the Illustrious in 1.1. I have Scince added an Avenger to my line up but rarely take both in a single game. I don't usually feel the need for more SAWs.
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