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  1. My opinion: Having been on the receiving end of racist behaviour I would not want to play a faction which believed in it (yes, I realise it is fictional). I would also question a company which thought writing that sort of fluff 'for fun' is fine. Yes, it can be argued that it mimics beliefs of the time (and that still exist today). But it is not adding anything meaningful to the game. It is important to incorporate these issues in games which attempt to tackle them. But DW is a game about huge pieces of machinery fighting each other, the geo-political fluff around the factions is second to that.
  2. I'm intrigued by this. 15mm is probably my favourite scale, if it uses the Halo system then it will definitely be easy to convince myself to get it. Depends on the price, obviously. Still got plenty more DW to buy!
  3. The type of model needed for 3D printing is vastly different to one suitable to be loaded into a 3D engine. I highly doubt they have the resources needed, I suspect it would cost tens of thousands to get a single Spartan system ready for a 3D engine. This doesn't even take it account the fact that there would likely be multiple complaints regarding 'laziness' if they were not textured.
  4. However, you can never get better than 4+ when using indirect fire. Even if you had a Hunter MAR, it would never get better than 4+ (it would just require less spotted token to achieve 4+)
  5. Page 54 in the digital book Question 1 Does this mean that a Tenkei can measure from the model (instead of its smaller base) to shoot SAWs at 8"? Question 2 Do the SAWs need to be within 4" of BASE to attack with AA or do they need to be within 4" of MODEL to attack?
  6. A recent post about the dreadbot bases has made me curious about other bases. The FSA Boston Submarine has a large water base around the ship itself. When firing I have been measuring to the turret on its nose. However, when being fired at, does the water count as the base? If the water is part of the base, does that mean that fixed channel weapons use the whole base as well? Similar question regarding the EotBS Wani Fortification. Where do I measure rockets from and where do incoming shots measure to? Edit: What about when boarding attempts are made?
  7. I definitely favour Small/Large over Medium. But I suspect that is largely because I have very few medium ships (3 Nakatsu, 3 Honshu, 1 Yurei). But I do really like the Uwatsu and Yurgi as well as the Sokotsu. I can see why the Tanuki is popular, but it feels too normal. The rest of the Japanese fleet seems to excel at long range or short range, which I quite like.
  8. I have tried Taskforce and am looking forward to these rules. They are definitely not a replacement to the DW2.0 rules (and it isn't being marketed as such), but might allow for quick games when a standard game wouldn't be possible.
  9. Mr.K

    Magnets sizes

    I feel that the most important point has been missed. I want to point my turrets at the target and whisper pew-pew! But yeah, I can see numerous cases where I would want to choose carrier in some squadrons and not carrier in others.
  10. In UK, took 7 working days to arrive for me.
  11. I found looking at the pictures on the box and in the rulebook helped. On the first page of the rulebook there is a picture of a Relthoza cruiser which shows how the pyramid piece is attached. The box shows how the wings on relthoza are attached
  12. I am about to buy 2mm x 1mm, is that too weak for Relthoza?
  13. Mr.K

    Table size

    Ah I see, we'll probably go for 4'x4' as we have space themed mats at that size. I presume when you publish the tournament rules they will be more strict in terms of table size and terrain placement?
  14. Mr.K

    Table size

    I might have missed this in the rulebook. What size of table should I be using when only using forces from a single starter set? What if I expand? I was going to go with 4'x4' initially. The scenarios imply 6'x4', but I wasn't sure if that was for larger fleets
  15. I would like a bit of clarification on red and blue attacks, as I'm mixing it up with DW. Rules as I interpret state that red and blue attacks are both exploding. But they define what system is used to defend, which is also exploding. In Dystopian Wars Red means exploding and Blue means Heavy. I understand that this colour-coding is not carried over to Taskforce. Is this correct?
  16. Looks like Carnage table and stat cards link to the desktop background for me
  17. Thanks, Ryushi are worth keeping in mind for later but I was specifically looking into getting the Taskforce boxes and Ryushi aren't available.
  18. Thank you for your replies. Pretty set on Relthoza then Maybe I should have clarified that I am not planning on intricate swarms. I just want to go 'swooooooosh pew pew pew'. But it's nice to hear that Relthoza can use SRS as a 'main weapon'
  19. I'm contemplating getting Firestorm Taskforce and am currently eyeing up the Sorylian and Relthoza navies (handily in the same box). However, I think I could be quite interested in an SRS heavy navy. What faction utilises them the most? Do any of them rely heavily on SRS?
  20. Mr.K

    Painting Yellow

    I recently what to do yellow highlights on some Dystopian ships (which I had based black). I painted over the black with a tan (can't remember what shade, but quite light). Then needed 2-3 coats of quite a watery yellow (this was a GW pot from literally 20 years ago!). That worked well and the yellow popped. I then proceeded to ruin it with a badly done wash...
  21. Yeah, I think Carrier Value 6 tends to have 50 SV 20 points would have been enough of a difference! I ended with 60 VP lead. An extra 20 would bring it to 10% of fleet value (800 point game)
  22. Ooooooh, thanks! We were playing 3AA + 3/2AA + 3/2AA
  23. My understanding is that because you cannot use guns at RB1 against fliers (unless High Angle MAR) you can instead use AA. However, does this follow the same rules for linking fire as other guns? e.g. 3 ships (no HP loss) of 3 AA. Do they generate 7 AD or 9 AD?
  24. The Zamiec Sky Fortress doesn't have a Strategic Value MAR, which (to my limited knowledge) all other carriers have. Is this a typo? I really hope it is because that is enough to push my game last night from a Draw to a Close Victory!
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