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  1. I think they anticipate Local Air Support providing more of a pool for rebuilding. And aggressive LAS play should ensure that.
  2. Models with a Terror Tactics greater than 1 are especially powerful, I think. Especially with the myriad of ways of stripping AP from a target.
  3. The current boarding rules actually might benefit models with Terror tactics (especially multiple modifiers). So, perhaps the Heavy Destroyers won't be as badly affected after all.
  4. It seems you really like complicated rules! I think the Uwatsu is fine as it is, no adjustments necessary. And, getting every gun in a squadron on target is a thing of beauty!
  5. I think just giving the Ika Crushing Impact might do the trick, given that it stands a good chance of beating twice DR...
  6. Sustained fire on the Uwatsu? Does it really need it? I wouldn't complain, but the Ottoman players might come and ask for their MAR back
  7. Range Band 4 happens more often diagonally than directly, and from the right position an enemy ship can advance straight across the board, and nearly always be in RB4.
  8. @level9red, that would be great! I'll sort it out by PM!
  9. So it does! Shame it doesn't come with the energy turrets too, to double the fun!
  10. This looks really interesting, two factions that piqued my interest from the day they were released... but, one question from the contents listed: There are 2 Aussie sub tenders, do they come with the Croc assault subs? Looking to @Spartan Mike for an answer?
  11. Okay, this might be just a fringe benefit, and mileages may always vary, but I think half AD, with sustained fire, for small ships half in the P/S channel could be interesting. And they fit my conception of the Blazing Suns as opportunists.
  12. Knowing @likeAsir, it was probably ****. Or even ****ing ****womble.
  13. For a squadron of carriers (such as the Chinese), you pool all the SAW together, and deploy valid wings from that pool, within 4" of any of the carrier models. So, two Apollos could put their 8 SAW into 4+4, or 5+3, or even 3+3+1+1. You are allowed 1 recon wing per carrier model.
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