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  1. Thanks anyone Only mad scientists in wheelchairs sitting in subterran bunkers during the outbreak of a nuclear war will have trouble with their right arm (Though one can claim that this classic was one of the major influences for "Iron Sky" )
  2. Okay..it has been a while. But now: News from the "Meteorblitzkrieg" (You must imagine that spoken with Udo Kiers voice in "Iron Sky". In the written form alone, the joke loses somewhat...)
  3. I do wash Resin minis, and leave them a while in soak water (due to some bad experiences with Resin models by another company, on which the primer did not really stuck when not cleaned). I once accidently forgot to clean one Spartan Games miniature, and this one seemed to be much more forgiving (no problems with the primer). But -due to the amount painting does require- I can spare that little time to wash the miniatures, and go for a "better safe than sorry" attitude.
  4. First: Thanks for the positive feedback:) Will try to finish a few more Firestrorm models over the weekend (unfortunately, I also started on my Britannia Dystopian Army ) Sorry, forgot to answer your question: I used a 50/50 Mix of "Chaos Black" and "Codex Grey". The mixture was then highlighted with "Fortress Grey".
  5. Howdy:) Already posted these guys in the old forum, but -as the fleet will be increased soon- I' rather continue in the new one (Hope to be able to post the Dreadnought and two destroyers on 4.4. )
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