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  1. Looking for Imperial Human Miniatures (New Ones/Resculpts)

    Yep, same here. There are plenty of first edition ones, I wonder if the second edition sold really poorly or something?!? Love the sculpts, just a bit hard to find!
  2. Since the Uncharted Seas section of the forum doesn't get much traction, and if like me, you own models from more than one game...maybe you can help. I'm looking to find some in new condition Uncharted Seas Imperial Humans (second edition/new sculpts). I just picked up some Kingfishers, but anything else you have I'd be interested in! Hopefully someone wanders by who has some and would consider selling them. Thanks, Ryan.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to track down some of the redone/second edition/re-sculpted models for the Imperial Humans in unpainted/new condition. Anyone have any ships you'd like to sell? Looking for any ships you may have. Thanks, Ryan.
  4. Did Sale End?

    I went in and looked at my filtered email (sometimes the Spartan newsletter gets filtered into another category). I guess it was one week only, and I must have caught the tail end of the week and not known it. I guess seeing the discount code of Feb 30%, I'd made an assumption that it was good through February (and you know what they say about that). Hopefully some of my fellow gamers got to take advantage of the sale!
  5. Did Sale End?

    I had 206 pounds worth of stuff in my shopping cart, as of yesterday it said Feb had 30% off Dystopian Wars. I wanted to check a few things out before I placed my final order. I went in today and it doesn't look like the 30% discount is applicable anymore? Did I miss something? Bad for me for waiting I guess! I'm guessing I'll just have to wait for the next sale (I definitely have enough unpainted stuff to keep me busy until then).
  6. I bought into Dystopian Wars early on, and a lot of the models had pretty bad print lines from being 3D printed. I've noticed on some of the newer models this isn't as bad as it was on some of my early stuff (Prussian Sky Fortress had a lot of print lines for example). I'm interested in expanding my models, specifically looking at picking up an Eagle Class War Rotor, but I know that was also an early model and looks to have a lot of print lines on it from the photos I've seen. Has Spartan every reprinted models and redone the molds to reduce the print lines and clean them up? Has anyone gotten an Eagle Class War Rotor lately, how were the print lines? I'd like to get another Prussian Sky Fortress, but cleaning another model of print lines isn't something I want to be doing. Looking for someone who has made recent purchases to try to tell if there's been any improvement on some of the old models. Thanks.

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