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  1. I renember the Titan thread on the DW section. The puns there got terrible. This really is barely the tip of the spaceberg, and widow't much ado could probably be worse. I'm sure Spartan will send in the assassins any moment now.
  2. To escape Godwin's law I suggest we go back to the greatest, though not necessarily the nicest German Statesman (the nicest to my mind is Gustav Streseman), Bismarck. He played nation against nation, slowly bit off territories to build modern Germany in a territorial sense. Prussia, in the Dystopian universe, is stronger than historical pre world war I Germany in that it has a larger land mass, better tech, giant armoured cities and without the distraction of African adventures. However it also faces a stronger than historical enemy in a Russian military that is more than just conscripts. The main advantage of this Prussia over the historical WWI Germany is global allies, such as China and Japan, spreading Imperial forces yet further.
  3. You're lucky. My obnoxious twerp seems popular with other gamers (male ones) despite a history of being very creepy towards women. My attempt to get him to stop saw me pushed out of a local university wargaming group and my complaint after he harassed three women in month lead to me being investigated for bias and white knighting! Then to push me out further he has started playing DW and wants to be the local Vanguard! It is easier to avoid the annoying creeps who are unpopular, but some people you have to avoid and losing gaming time or put up and get very angry.
  4. I hear complaints from players round my way about all the tweaks, which while nicer than other ore monolithic companies, can be confusing to keep in order. The existence of one full, up to date rulebook, absorbing the details from the previous books and bringing things into line would be very welcome. I don't expect it to be perfect but sounds fun. I really hope by scenarios or by rules tweaks the cruisers find their place and I can finish painting my tribals.
  5. I'd played a couple of games around 850-1000pts using Merchant fleet allies and found them overall a fine fleet. Japanese level resilience, lots of lucky re-rolls and a decent boarding threat. Here are the WIP photos, still need to take some of the finished fleet and apollo carriers and the Forbes blimp advertising 'Lipton's Tea'.
  6. With the Sub tokens from the new Nikonov fleet I think that sounds like a good idea. But how would you differentiate it from the Tasmania and the ickle subs from the valiants.
  7. To be fair to the EoBS you have the rocket cruiser which fufils the role, with massive long range firepower.
  8. You'd either have to lose the shield or one turret, maybe both. Air hunter would be presumptuous but nice. The problem would be balancing that on land, where that kind of fire power at band 4 would be difficult to respond to.
  9. I must admit a cheaper carrier would be nice, maybe as the background suggests mounted on a titan class ship. However with the apollo its probably not needed. A massive sub though would be daftly fun. Unlikely to ram, maybe with a 'Congreve Skywriter'.
  10. Dear Spartan Team, I would love to put forward the team of Norwich gamers represented by the Norwich Dystopian Wars Players facebook group. With a hard core of 6 regular players who would be the ones trusted with playtesting. We range from early twenties to forties, play at least once a week, often twice and with games ranging from 800-3000pts. We have all seven core fleets with the exception of the FSA and all the minor nations naval forces. 1 – We play at three different locations, the York Tavern, the UEA gamessoc and now Iceni games. With a facebook group we can also organise regular games. 2 – Regular gaming with a variety of fleets means we keep up to date with rules, and an often vigorous discussion. 3 – Obviously I am speaking on their behalf and everyone involved would have to sign before we began. 4 – We should be able to describe any problems. Our currents discussions of our models have pulled at strengths and weaknesses, from several perspectives. 5 - I do hope myself and Maddog, regular posters on the forum, have been upbeat and polite. I do apologize if my passion for the KoB has been overwhelming! 6 – If you want to know if I have patience you should see my Forbes blimp and the struggle to write Tea on the side... or the roundels on my TFT... 8 – I am personally doing a PhD in early modern history and so used to writing large amount of prose. I know another member is currently completing a master's degree and so have experience of writing clearly and concisely.
  11. I can't wait for the Aerial hints. I've loved the Rotorcraft models and fluff as being light but fast and maneuverable. Be lovely to see how they could reflect that and make them more of a threat.
  12. My money is on a hi-tech Knights templar airfleet. It would both give an elite strike force that the KoB needed and the airforce with strike power and shielding that would be very handy.
  13. I found an EIC vs. KoB strangely good, with decent weapons, enough re-rolls that both sides get a chance to do damage.
  14. Everyone knows that the engineers tend to be Scots Fallen!
  15. Rule Britannia! God bless her majesty for bestowing these gifts on to us and allowing us to crush her foes!
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