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  1. amazing. good luck with this projekt and keep us informed (with pics) ;-)
  2. hello and welcome to AC, vonHymack has given you all the relevant informations. For examples you can check out my thread with several 1500P. lists. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/9723-several-lists-for-covenant-of-antarctica-1500-points/ If you've still got questions I like to help you. Just post here or write me a PN.
  3. Hello again, maybe you find this as usefull as I do... CoA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bawn0ueh4f2uon5/Covenant%20of%20Antarctica%20Army%20Sheet.xlsx RoF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5vhwk5lme6ztyx/Republique%20de%20France%20Army%20Sheet.xlsx
  4. The big question we have on that card is: What happens, if the opponent choses not to play the card? 1. he gets his card back (in that case "risky buisness" would be quite useless, cause the opponent can play it again immediately) 2. he pays the original amount of CP and gets his card back (in that case "risky buisness" could delay the opponent for one turn, if ha hasn't enough CP to play the card again - a very situational and risky buisness imho) 3. he pays no CP and the card is lost (this would make "risky buisness" a very powerful counterattack - too strong?) --> what do you think: How is this card meant to work?
  5. You are correct, that the batallions are 3 + 3. Maybe the 7th model is for beeing painted in a different colour to symbolize the command unit. Keep in mind, that an 'unit' is a single modell.
  6. You're welcome! Besides I've added 2 Lists I made for our Missions/Scenarios. These Lists include even more ironclads and medium tanks to be more capable of achieving the missions. I reduced the number of stationary and aeronautical units, cause they can't fulfill my goals. Therefor I tend to include 1-2 of these elements at max.
  7. Thank you, your army looks awesome. I'm impressed. This will be my motivation to make better pics of my models this week as well.
  8. now there's a dropbox link to my actual cards, but I'm still working on some new missions....
  9. Verry nice, thats a force I would also like to play against... Would you mind showing us some close ups of the PLC?
  10. I've added a dropbox link to my scenario thread here: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/9766-missions-and-scenarios/
  11. No they are not included yet. Right now we have 15 Scenario Cards. The 9 I've posted (2 of them twice) and 4 additional "capture some Mission-Marker and bring it into deployment zone". The book scanarios and the 2 download scenarios will soon be included... I simply lack an idea of how to print them on small cards and how to manage different army sizes (download scenarios). Narrative scanarios sure are very cool. I simply wanted a easy going mechanism to play different games than just to kill each other.
  12. Not at all, cause I won. But it was only by luck. The game was very funny. I've played this mission twice. 1st time was against russians where I was playing CoA attackers and had to destroy a command centre. I lost this one by luck of my opponent. It also was a very close match and lots of fun. Yes I will surely replay this game since I made Mission cards to draw pre-game and this is one of those missions. We randomly select victory conditions/missions/scenarios at the beginning of the game. So it all depends on fate/luck if and when this mission will be played again...
  13. Thanx. I'm a bit dissapointed by the photos cause the colours seem too dark and not shinyl at all. The brass-red, dark iced-blue and silver are shiny metal colours in RL. I will borough myself a better cam next week to make photos of single battalions.
  14. I would suggest you take a look at armoured clash. The rules can be found in the download section. It's spartans land&air massive battle game. More easy to play than DW-Land. You can also download the army statistics and model statistics. With those you can chose 2 nations and start creating lists, concepts and make yourself a shopping-/wishlist.
  15. Hello everyone. These are my CoA. Sorry for bad pics, I hope to get a better cam someday. Hope you can enjoy.
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