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  1. 1) Who are you? My name is Diego, i'm a gamer from Italy, close to Florence 2) Which forces do you play in Planetfall? I play Aquan, Sorylian and Dindrenzi 3) Do you play any other Spartan Games? If so, which Forces do you have? I play Dystopian Wars, I have a Kob and a Chinese Fleet 4) Do you have experience of other Spartan Beta Teams? Yes, I helped a friend during the DW 2.0 Testing (I signed an NDA) 5) Do you have any outside skills that might be useful? Our group is used to run small tournament and we alway play our friendly games with tourmanet settings 6) Do you represent a larger group? If so who do you represent and how many players do you have? We are a group of players, 8 at the moment 7) Are you willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? Yes
  2. Thanks a lot, good to know
  3. True True True But i'm just asking if it's mandatori tu use the leviathan cqb value when engaged in b2b contact, I think it's relevant when playing a tournament
  4. You can just step slightly back from the sedna to make the sirsir the closest target and then hit the squad with 8ad instead of 6
  5. An example: I drop a squad of nyx close to an odin and i'm silly enought to put my breacher team in b2b with it, now it can choose: A) use it's leviathan cqb hitting for 5AD my breacher team trying to kill it and it alone, no matter how many success it score or use it's normal cqb hitting for 12AD my whole squad starting from the breacher team (the closest), with the chance ti kill the whole squad if it manage to score enought success So... why the hell someone may choose A. The same situation if the odin engage my nyx. I can't imagine any situation to take advantage of a leviathan cqb lower than the normal one, so I was thinking that when something enter in b2b whit a model with a leviathan cqb it was forced to use it. An official answer would be great
  6. But if it can choose, what's the point in giving Odin cqb 12/5? It's never going to use it's leviathan cqb
  7. A simple question, if i engage a leviathan in cqb whit a unit and I place a model on base contact , the leviathan is forced to use is leviathan cqb value or it can choose to use the normal one?
  8. I found some errors in the Aquan Khitari Infantry upgrades point cost, they all cost 40 points. By the way, great works very usefull, thanks a lot
  9. Oh my god! You lose a game?!?!?! That's insane!!!! Nerf Sorylian ASAP!!!! Post like this one is why I say that it's pointless to talk about Dinrenzi in this Section
  10. Or peaple get bored to say obvious things that none wants to here, or do you realy think this post is moved here becouse we are talking about Dindrenzi? By the way I've nothing more to say, thanks to all who have used time to read my posts indipendently if they agree with me or not
  11. To be honest i can't call the Sorylian change " SLIGHT", our heavy squadron lose 4AD at LR, our medium lose 6AD at LR, not exactly a single lucky/unluky dice... If we field a core + heavy (the only helixes that are out for us) we pay 100 pints more, not 50, point wise is not much i know, but consider we pay more to get less SG can't pretend to find us happy about this. Next release will balance everything? I hope so, would be realy so devastating to wait the next release to nerf us?
  12. As a Sorylian player I'm of course dissatisfied by the changes, so many nerfs in a single review can only means that the playtesters team think we was realy OP, by the way, they hit all our long range firepower heavy gets -2 AD, tank destroyer +20 points, this let me think that they want to set our playstyle to a mid range fire supported by infantry (our heav tanks tansport heavy infantry and our APC, also nerfed with +15points, is still a great APC), but they also hit with the nerfstick our medium walker that was, and still is, our best mid range fighter. I want to try the changes but we get no buffs so things is going to get worst for sure. BIggest problems will come from hover veicles that can better soak our weakend LR fire and easily avoid our Bor'ka while hitting us from safe distance. Hope that when ally and liviatan comes out things will go better, but realy they shouldn't wait the next relase to hit us so hard?
  13. It's not good to see this post it's become a rage thred , my original intantion was to create a post to discuss, with the help of players of all factions, about Dindrenzi that, in my opinion, are at the moment the over the top faction. What can I say about this? Can I ask How old are you? Sadly the post has been moved to the Dindrenzi section making the discussion pointless, i respect the Dindrenzi players like the ones of the others faction, but discuss here if the Dindrenzi are or not a bit too powerful can result only in one type of answer: No, we are perfectly fine. For the moderator who moved the post here, you have the power to do whatever you feel better in this forum, i respect that, but would be nice to say something like, hello, moving to Dindrenzi section becouse "insert your motivation here", bye. By the way if the motivation is, you are talking about Dindrenzi so talk in Dindrenzi section, well please stay in the shadow
  14. Moved to the Dindrenzi section.... I think it's pointless to continue talking here, thanks to all of you that have spent time posting here
  15. I try to answer to some peaple, plz forgive my bad english @Maxtoreador The Dindrenzi advantage comes from their stats AND their tactics, Dindrenzi are as fast as Aquan and faster then anyone else so you can choose to stay at range against the ones that you outgun or choose to come close (and WHEN to come close) and deliver a big punch with high AD and kinetic, meanwhile your opponet have to keep some unit back and possibly in overwatch to try (usualy without much success, but this may be my lack of skill) to prevent nyx to do too much damage. About the stats, it's hard for a non playtester player, like most of us, to tell if a unit stats are fine for it's cost, but we can compare units with similar role so I can tell (but may be wrong) that Circe is too cheap or sirsir is overpriced. About shield vs armor there's few thing to say, those who have high armor prefer shield and those who have high shield prefer armor @gr1mdan Future release? balanced with the future in mind? This is nonsense, I play in the present and I'd like to play a balanced game, this game have a living ruleset so it can be adapted to be balanced at any stage of the game. What could I say about your victories agains Dindrenzi, congaratulations! Here Dindrenzi have a winrate of 90+%, but it may be becouse we lack the right tactics agains them @Zeph Have faith? I don't have faith in God, I can't have faith in Menkind , if you keep seeing peaple complaining about "the circe is 5 point cheaper" may be becouse it's too cheap, dramos 25pts more expensive? Well I play Sorylian if I can go on you can too. I've checked the war log, you have 75% win, 12,5% draw and 12,5% lose, be honest, all that victory are to be credited to your skill? If yes, congratulations I don't want to be rude or offend anyone, if I have, my apologies
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