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  1. I have ten Banes, and I firmly believe that others should have the opportunity to experience my joy.
  2. Any chance you could provide any detail on the changes that have been made in some of the posts on the subject?
  3. Like mine! I've never bothered with any T2 other than Banes (sometimes with some Scarabs added if I'm playing a huge game), and have played an awful lot of games with them, and I've never understood people complaining about the supposed unreliability - if you're sensible you're never going to have a problem with them.
  4. Well, this is just utter garbage. Relthoza go from being able to teleport on the battlefield, with access to maneuverability only paralleled by the Kedorians, to having faster engines than everyone else (but they're not actually better because Disorder is so absolutely crippling now)? BOOOOOO Use Meatshields' suggestion - it makes sense, doesn't retcon anything, solves the issue of unreliable jump distances for those people who are for some reason unwilling to take risks with the most inherently risky faction in the game, and isn't going to put anyone off buying (as in, purchasing with money) anything with Battle Shunt.
  5. Right, but what exactly was wrong with hazard markers to track this stuff? Throwing it all into Disorder seems unnecessary, and makes actual Disorder itself not make sense.
  6. Cheers for responding, but going to continue this line of thought a little longer. I don't mean any of this to be a direct criticism of yourself - you're new as a Spartan unless I've missed something, and it wouldn't be fair to foist wider failures on you. You've only got limited information - or are only allowed to release limited information - but at the same time, Spartan need to get on the ball and release more information to cover concerns raised by the community if there's anything that will mitigate backlash. This is just good business sense. You can't have a new edition release for one of your flagship game systems plagued by community doubts as widespread as this before it's even hit pre-order status, because that's going to kill sales. You also can't be seen to be brushing off community concerns (unfortunately, this ship might have already sailed, but no harm in starting damage limitation procedures), because that will just turn people off the company in general. I get that things have been through a testing process - though, as I've stated elsewhere, I do not have much confidence in that process due to the questionable history of some of those involved in running it - but at the same time, you have to listen to your forums. Spartan's commercial reach is so short at the moment that you have to impress people on the forums or FSA 3.0 is just not going to sell, because no stores are interested in stocking Spartan product, and precious few individuals, even here, are going to be willing to get their local gaming group involved with a dead/dying game, because Spartan proves time and time again that it can't be trusted on basically any level - you guys can't even get Kickstarters shipped in the same QUARTER as you promised you would, and there were people waiting on last year's Black Friday sales orders being shipped until February, at least. Also yes, lip service is an idiom that's shared across the Atlantic - given that it's in the dictionary I rather suspect that it predates the United States as an entity - and I assure you it's a term that has become basically synonymous with the term "Official Spartan Games Announcement". As for "Trust, but Verify" - based on the recent track record, there's more than a few people expecting 3.0 to be a complete trainwreck, precisely because Spartan are so thoroughly unreliable (and also at least partially due to some highly suspect rule-writing - looking at you, Taskfarce).
  7. Are these the same CO points that you only get a limited pool of at the start of the game? Because I can see Disorder getting houseruled out of basically every competitive environment around if so. As far as I can tell it's a pretty much universally hated mechanic in Planetfall, so I'm at a loss as to why Spartan have decided to port it to Armada. That's ignoring the fact that it makes no sense whatsoever on a space combat scale - the trained crew of a starship are going to resort to killing each other over some relatively minor damage? What?
  8. So it's basically a slightly delayed version of the cluster**** that was the Planetfall Disorder mechanic then? That's disappointing.
  9. All due respect, but as soon as you say that, you're shutting down discussion and not listening to your customers, which is a HUGE problem for a lot of people with the way Spartan conduct themselves. I would strongly recommend reconsidering this stance. The people on this forum aren't just casual fans. They're as hardcore a playerbase as you'll ever find, and when those people are pushing back against a change you intend to make, you either need to provide more information to placate that group, or you need to seriously reconsider that change, because we're not pushing back for shits and giggles - we're pushing back because we're legitimately concerned that the change is going to harm the game.
  10. Given the number of references to it in the recent series of (very helpful) posts by @Spartan Mike I am somewhat surprised that none of them deal with exactly how Disorder is going to work. Any chance you could enlighten us, Mike?
  11. Going back to percentages is going to do nobody any favours, though the adjustment to the different battle sizes helps. Biggest problem with going back to percentages is that people will now be able to spam certain choices to min/max more, and that's only going to hurt the game. At least with the "X choice of unit Y are available at points level Z" method you've got some inherent method to stop people running 60% of their list as (for example) Terquai Torpedo Cruisers.
  12. Most of the points in the OP are either changes in name only, or fixes the FFG were working on before we got disbanded. Good to see our work is being used, even if we aren't being credited.
  13. this kinda seems like it's just adding bookkeeping for the sake of bookkeeping. all of the things on that list are things you can already do in 2.0, but now you have to track them at it's very limited. Strikes me as another way of reducing the number of playstyles, which isn't something i'm ever going to support?
  14. Unless they release a free pdf on time, I'd expect it to be something like 3 months after release.
  15. Oh sure, Sorylians have had the short of almost every stick for a long time. But your cruisers are still better for the points than ours, by some distance
  16. Also squad sizes bigger than 3
  17. I should hope that this means Relthoza are getting a durability boost to deal with the fact that suddenly everyone else's AD pool will, for all intents and purposes, double with this change to cloak?
  18. Well, on that basis any shop is Direct Sales. In overall terms I'd call a manufacturer (for example Spartan or GW) selling direct to consumer Direct Sales, then anything else (eg an LGS or other online retailer) Indirect. Possibly just semantics, but there you go. Either way, getting a touch off topic, so to bring it back - something that would do a lot of good is Spartan reaching out to stores and getting product on shelves pro-actively, because at the moment it seems like they're just not interested in doing so off their own bat.
  19. Strictly speaking, given that Wayland Games have two physical shops/gaming centres (they ran an X-wing Store Championship kit recently. as an example), they *are* an LGS. Just one with a giant online sales backend. I wouldn't really describe them as a Direct Sales model either, since they don't manufacture their own games, just re-sell others.
  20. @murphy'slawofcombat and @Paladin21 - the situation really isn't much different in the UK. The last Spartan product I saw in an LGS was a Return of the Overseers box in the bargain bin a few weeks ago. I think the time before that was about a year ago.
  21. I have - on the UCS forums, with a bunch of promises about how they were going to release all this awesome stuff and it was gonna be great, just before Spartan scrapped it. However, times change, maybe Spartan can too. We'll see.
  22. Also, in fairness, I think my ending sentiment of "none of us want Spartan to fail" is pretty positive.
  23. @draco84oz If someone says something I'm forced to disagree with, no matter how vigorously I disagree, or how flagrantly insulting the statement, I'm going to respond in the same place as that statement was expressed. I respect your request for a more positive response, but that is not something I am physically capable of providing at this time. If you get publicly insulted (even indirectly) by someone you spent 6 months working hard for in exchange for no pay, we'll see how positive you're capable of being.
  24. Fair warning, what is about to follow is fuelled by about 3 kilos of beer, but the sentiment is no less real for the manner in which it is being expressed. I have only just noticed this statement. Are you ******* kidding me? You realise that the majority of the people voicing opinions contrary to the apparent development direction of FSA are former FFG, right? Aka, the people YOU APPROVED TO DEVELOP THE GAME. You do NOT get to sit up on a high horse and complain about the work that YOU delegated to others. It is YOUR company. YOUR responsibility. Don't you ******* DARE blame your failings on those of us who put heart and soul into trying to improve this game, often with NO central direction for months at a time. ESPECIALLY when it became apparent that you were ending the group - we all knew it was coming as soon as a few of us started talking about stuff that happened at Adepticon last year. Everyone knows that Linde rigs that tournament to **** so that his mates from Lansing can win the (ironically named) "North American Championship" year on year, so much so that the entire thing is ******* farcical. How you can trust development of the game to someone like that is beyond me. Let me make this VERY. *******. CLEAR. WE. ARE. YOUR. CUSTOMERS. Without us, YOU ARE NOTHING. You are presented with a stark choice at this stage, Neil. You can keep running Spartan the way you have been for years. With the lack of focus, communication, and a level of sheer whimsy that Spartan have basically become a laughing stock over. OR, you take a step back, hire someone that isn't afraid to tell you "No, that's a ******* stupid idea, and here's why", LISTEN TO THEM. We are not being entitled. We just know what's going to happen if you keep doing what you're doing, because you're doing what GW were doing in the early 2000's, but without the massive base of support and infrastructure that GW has. If you keep doing things the way you've always done them (and trust me, you haven't done anything new yet - I've been on this forum for 5 years. More than enough time to notice the patterns), Spartan WILL fail. And NONE OF US WANT THAT.
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