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  1. Guys I found the new cards and stat sheets so never mind. Thanks Tony
  2. Hi Spartan Games Is there any plans on updating the Game Cards? A few cards ( Full Speed no Command Point Cost) do not make any sense anymore and most cards the Command Point cost is so high you can never play them. Also will there be any new Regiment rules coming out for the new Models? Thanks Tony
  3. Hey All I will be running a AC game next Weekend at KublaCon game convention in San Francisco Ca. The game will start at around 6:pm on Sunday May25th and run until 10:pm. This will be a battle between Fsa & EoBs forces to decide who will control the Island of Guam. All figures will be provided and dice. Hope you can make it the game will be a Blast. Thanks Norcal Tony
  4. All Large & Massive models have the Cumbersome Mar already, even if it is not stated. Medium models are cumbersome if they have the Mar.
  5. Great Report Thanks, We played are first game on Tues this week, FSA vs EotBS. The EotBS Bunker Complex is a real Monster to crack.
  6. I do not know about L.A. but we play a lot down in San Diego. In fact I am running a Demo/Campaign at Kingdom-Con in two weeks. Kingdom-Con is a new Convention that is held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Mission Valley. The Dw games will be on Sunday afternoon at 4:pm and rununtil about 8:pm If you can you should check it out. And all SolCal gamers are welcomed to come to Kingdom-Con. Kingdom-Con is April 13th-15Th. Thanks
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