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  1. Thanks Mate, We're definitely going to try these out.
  2. I use fighters as a screen again TFT bombers
  3. Without the Polish, the Russians don't stand a chance
  4. Played a game with 2000 points yesterday. You have to get HQ Untis in your List, otherwise your troops will fall apart, wenn being hit and disorder markers are cumulating. Therefore 2000 points is the definit minimum for playing with these new rules. But I think Russia will definitely lose with their poor morale, their HQ points should rise!
  5. The first Token gets taken away after two hits!
  6. These look absolutely great. Did you use Basecolor, then washes, then highlights?
  7. Then at last we can play a large scale Invasion!
  8. The only thing i can imagine is, that on Page 29 it should read Command Test, instead of Command ability test. Because ,they need to take a Command test to make a spotting attempt.
  9. They look great! Are you going to put these on Bases?
  10. dadude


    Thanks guys I will definitely give them a go!
  11. I rather think it's the 3. Because it states it in the rulebook: Infantry Tokens suffer Disorder Checks in the same way as all other kinds of Unit, except that a Unit is only counted as being destroyed when a whole Infantry Token is removed from the Game Board, not when one or more points of Company Strength are lost.
  12. Hi there The game took about 3 hours
  13. Then we'll just have to wait and see, who will ally with the Ottomans!
  14. I can understand this request but I will not support it. Because it would change the game balance. Now the only option for someone needing to get close to the enemy and not getting blasted to bits by Artillery, is to send waves of Bombers ahead. If you change this option, how else can someone with close range weapons, defend itself against long range? There will always be a difference of opinions in things like this! That's why i like this game, no Army is undefeatable!
  15. The same issue came up in our games! We therefore decided, that we use the Critical hit Table, to get something of a balance back into the game. Even in DW you use Morale tests for the big ones, when they get pounded on!
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