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  1. So, has anyone gotten them yet? What is the verdict? Big Dwarf
  2. Just wondering is anyone has gotten this model yet, and what the stats are for it? Big Dwarf
  3. On page 44, in the new rulebook, is a picture of the Goliath; that is why I am hoping it will be released soon. Big Dwarf
  4. I found another minor problem in the new rulebook. Page 74, in the description of the Martyr Attack for the Imperial Martyr Frigate. "On a 4-6 it may contribute to the explosion, on a 1-2 it does not." What about the 3? Luckily, I have the second edition soft cover, so I know what the 3 does; but for new players who just bought the hard cover rulebook, they may be confused as to which outcome the the missing number contributes too. Big Dwarf
  5. Big Dwarf


    Anyone know when Spartan is going to release the Goliath for purchase? It is a little expensive point-wise, but I still want it. Big Dwarf
  6. Hi everyone, I just recieved the new Uncharted Seas rulebook. I love it. But, as a Shroud Mage player, I noticed that the Illuminator Frigate's MAR descriptions were missing from the new rulebook MAR list. Luckily, you can go to the Downloads section of the Spartan homepage and print out the Illuminator's special rules (MARs) descriptions. (Like I did.) OK, just thought I would point that out. Big Dwarf
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