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  1. What about this simple method for movement:  your move value is the number of forward inches you can move.  Each 45 degree turn you make during movement  costs a number of inches of movement depending on the bulk of the vehicle.  Turns are made in place, at any point during the move, and as many times as you want as long as you have the movement for it.  This represents small maneuvering thrusters slowing the ship down and turning it, vs larger forward thrusters pushing it straight.  Very easy and fast; no templates or charts or funny stuff but would still get the job done.  Represents inertia well, which is really the ONLY thing in space movement (there is no hydrodynamics or aerodynamics like in naval or aerial movement which necessitate movement arcs and banked turns and whatnot).  



  2. Australia
    Brisbane - Wilfred Owen (Aquans and Relthoza)
    Goonellabah - Dr Dodo (Dindrenzi + RSN, Directorate, Pathogen [converted fish])
    Perth - Cas (Sorylians)
    Perth - c0rruptd (Dindrenzi + RSN, Terrans + Hawker)
    Melbourne - Atropos_Priest (Dindrenzi, Relthoza)
    Sydney - Sillywabbit99 (Dindrenzi/RSN, Terran/Hawker, soon to have Relthoza/Ba'kash)

    Liège - Sei (Aquans)
    Liège - Magarch (Directorate, Terran Alliance)

    Alberta: Calgary - ckpmax1108 (Dindrenzi..and future RSN)
    British Columbia: Chilliwack - Steve_990 (Directorate and Aquans with more to come)
    Ontario: Barrie - Menacingeye (Directorate + Works Raptor)
    Ontario: Toronto - Darkjedi203 (Sorylians and Terquai)
    Ontario: Toronto - Dosadi (Dindrenzi & Directorate & Zenian League)
    Quebec: Montreal - Paradogmatic (Aquans and Sorylians (soon))
    Quebec: Montreal - Zaqir (Directorate)

    Czech Republic
    Hlinsko - Erebi (Directorate, Relthoza, Dindrenzi)
    Plzen - Hayden (Directorate, Aquans)
    Prague - Allegro (Relthoza)
    Prague - BeoWulf (Aquans)
    Prague - Kurgan (Directorate)

    Prague – Phocion (Dindrenzi)

    Lille - vonHymack (Sorylians, Aquans, Terquai, Relthoza, Terrans, Dindrenzi, Directorate)
    Lille - Masp (Directorate)
    Lille - Olivier (Dindrenzi)
    Lille - Princeps (Terrans)
    Lille - Xyzall (Dindrenzi)
    Lille - Fulgore (Relthoza)
    Lyon - Hannibal (Dindrenzi, Terrans)
    Orléans - Seb (Directorate and Works Raptor)

    Burghausen, Bavaria - hahnc77 (Aquans and Directorate); Rest of Gaming Group (Dindrenzi, Directorate, Sorylians and Relthoza)
    Teising, Bavaria - FabiusM (Dindrenzi, Terran)

    ZKRobi (Directorate and Works Raptor)
    CserZ (Aquans + Terquai and Relthoza + Ba'Kash)

    Clare/Limerick - Mage (Directorate, Aquans)

    New Zealand
    Wellington Region (Kapiti) - Swastakowey (club) (Aquans + Terquai, Directorate + Works Raptor, Terrans + Hawker, Relthoza, Dindrenzi)
    Wellington Region (Whitby) - Runicmadhamster (club) (Dindrenzi + RSN, Directorate + Works Raptor, Terrans + Hawker, Relthoza, Aquans + Terquai)

    Groningen - Sacreddutchman (Sorylians, Dindrenzi, probably Directorate and Terrans as well)
    Deventer - Nicius (Sorylians)
    Zutphen - Matti (Relthoza)

    Albacete - Captain_Dan (Sorylians, Directorate)

    Tyresö, Stockholm - Ahmadan (Aquans, Terrans)
    Tyresö, Stockholm - Ulfast (Sorylians)

    Birmingham - Althorin (Aquans, Directorate)
    Birmingham - Pa11ad1n (Dindrenzi)
    Deal, Kent - Radox_1981 (relthoza) 
    Derby - Commander Drakere (Terrans and maybe Hawker)
    Derby - Strigoi (Relthoza, Directorate)
    Edinburgh - Nyx Tempest (Terrans)
    Edinburgh - Polyphemus (Sorylians and Veydreth)
    Edinburgh / Rosyth - Kraggi (Directorate, Works Raptor, Aquans, Terquai, Hopefully Relthoza at somepoint).
    Kirkby Thore, Cumbria - Sailion (Directorate, Works Raptor, Terrans Veterans, Aquans and Terquai. Will probably add more over time.)
    Leeds - Aunshi (Aquans and Terquai)
    London - Cannor (Aquans/Terquai, Directorate/Works Raptor)


    Mansfield - Steelsmith (Terrans/Hawker, Relthoza/???)
    Middlesbrough - DeadSteve (Aquans and Terquai)
    Oxford - MadSpy (Directorate/Works Raptor)
    Sheffield - chrisbburn (Terrans)
    Sheffield - Drachenfutter (Complete Zenian League)
    Sheffield/Norwich - likeAsir (Aquans)
    Sheffield - Zeph (Dindrenzi & RSN)
    Southampton - Slimeball (Relthoza, oroshan if they are released)
    Southampton - FragEmll (Sorylian)
    York - Minsk (Aquans, Directorate and something else who knows)

    Mesa - east (Relthoza, Sorylian, Kedorian, maybe Veydreth)
    Phoenix - GT3000 (Directorate, Dindrenzi, Terrans/Hawker)

    Bay Area - Meatwagon (Starter set factions, then Dindrenzi)
    Los Angeles-Sardaukar (Dindrenzi)
    Pasadena - Eumerin (TBD)
    Sacramento/Elk Grove - SageofLodoss (Starter set for now)

    Griffin (Fayetteville/McDonough/Atlanta) - MaxToreador (Aquans & Terquai, Dindrenzi, Terrans)
    Meansville (Fayetteville/McDonough/Atlanta) - Cyb3rw0lf (Directorate & Works Raptor, Sorylians)

    Barrington (NW Chicago suburb) - Afterimagedan (Sorylians, Directorate)

    Fort Wayne - Solvok (Aquans, Terran, Dindrenzi, Directorate. With Allies for all four.)

    Topeka - Grumbleback (Aquans, Directorate)

    Annapolis - Samurai_Eduh (Undecided, bought starter)
    Bowie - Madmac (Terran)

    North Andover - Dirz (Aquan, Directorate)

    Lansing - SMDVogrin (Directorate)
    Lansing - Dreadbeard (Terrans, Hawker)
    Grand Rapids - Knightperson (Relthoza, Aquans)

    New Mexico:
    Alamogordo - CuriousGames (Undecided, probably Zenian League)
    Alamogordo - Das Hobbs (Terrans and Hawker at first, more may be added as budget and time allow.)
    Alamogordo - privateer4hire (Full Core of Aquans and Full Core of Directorate)

    New York:
    Albany area - Chimerologist (Sorylians, Relthoza)
    Bronx NYC - SinSynn (Dindrenzi, Terrans)
    Endicott - Northerndragons (Aquans, Directorate)
    Niagara Falls - DoomMetal30 (Dindrenzi)

    Cincinnati - cjk1975 (Terrans/Hawker/Tarakian*/Ryushi* (*if released))
    Columbus - Nuck Fewton (Relthoza)
    Columbus - Big_0 (Terran and Hawker)
    Columbus - Kabob (Aquans, Dindrenzi)
    Columbus - The GuardTower (multiple races and players)

    Lebanon - DarthPooPoo (Aquans, Dindrenzi)
    Pittsburgh - Clap! (Terrans, Directorate)
    Williamsport- 12sidedMerc (Terrans, Sorylians)
    Rhode Island:
    Providence - theguy (Aquans)

    Austin - Commodore Jones (Dindrenzi)
    Austin - Endrasalem (Terran)
    Austin - BDub (Dindrenzi, RSN, Directorate, Works Raptor, Kedorians, Marauders)
    Dallas - Neiltj1 (Aquans, Directorate (in time all the toys))
    Fort Worth - Phaedros (Aquans, Directorate, Dindrenzi and RSN when released)
    Keller (Fort Worth) - trideau (Terrans; I have Aquans/Directorate and original starters)

    Utah County - Gothith (Aquans, Directorate, Terran after full release)

    Burlington - hardygun (Terrans)
    Hinesburg - Durockowitz (Aquans, Relthoza)
    Milton - SonOfDramos (Dindrenzi, Terrans)
    Monkton - csmardon (Directorate)
    Shoreham - carlosthedwarf (Sorylians)

    Luray/Leesburg - Duskland (Sorylians, Relthoza)
    Richmond - fracas (aquans, directorate, terrans, retholza)

    Seattle - Valander (Aquans)
    Seattle - Banimal (Dindrenzi) 
  3. I've found the same thing. The heavy is such an obvious target, having the highest damage output and being easiest to take out. It rarely survives long enough to get a good shot off, leaving my cruiser squadron gimped. I like the idea of mixed squadrons, maybe what I have to do is to try to hide the heavy in terrain until I want it to open up (have it lead from the back).

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