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  1. Neil

    Asteroid base idea

    Those look great. Where did you get the scenery packs from?
  2. Hi all. I was looking on the online store for the scenery pack to make some asteroid bases, but I can't seem to find any. Have they been discontinued?
  3. I have been looking at something similar Shadoestar, though I was hoping to throw in at least 1 BB into the mix to spearhead the battle line and take most of the heat
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I was hoping to build a list based on WW2 carrier groups, with the srs doing a decent job of damaging the enemy, and using my other fleets ships to finish them off. After reading your comments though, I will base my fleet around a BB like the tyrant, as it will be getting the boxed set for my birthday next month. On a side note, it sounds like a lot of players use srs as pure interceptors. I can only assume this is due to everyone fearing those bomber wings more than they let on.
  5. So I should definitely take a BB or dread to bear the brunt of the enemy's wrath, and use the carriers as versatile fleet support then. Leaning towards the dread myself, though the tyrant looks good too
  6. So I am getting back into FSA and I have been looking at what to get as the core of my fleet, 800pts or less to begin with. I like the idea of a carrier heavy fleet, and so I was wondering if it were viable to take a pair of carriers for tier 1 selection? Do they perform well, or just act as soft targets to enemy BB's?
  7. My Battleship. Yet to earn her name in battle.
  8. Neil

    Neil's KoB

    My labour of love with Her Majesty's Forces.
  9. Setting time limits for the game would be better in my view, than reducing the game size, but 800/900 points, and 2 1/2 hrs a game sounds about right. first game starts at 10, last game ends 7pm, in the bar for half past. Perhaps have the 2 days split between the 5 games, with at least 1 set on land, and make it a mini campaign of sorts? Remember, some forces are better on land, or in the air, and a pure sea list would mean they lose out as their ships are not as powerful as the next fleet. As a KoB player, i would love a pure sea based tourny, as in my opinion, we fair the worst in our air arm.
  10. Also, 70% max large capital, does this include massive class, or are carriers not allowed?
  11. My first thoughts are, will boards all be sea with large islands? or sea OR land based? Its no good spending points on a tank force and its a all sea board
  12. Like the effect you have got for the ship as a whole, though i do feel the guns need something more.
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