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  1. I haven't heard of any podcasts. What's the news, aesthetics only? Do they plan on making current models useless? My gaming group loves PF, but it's been hit hard enough with Armoured Clash scale change. I don't think invalidating everyone's PF collection would make them, or I happy.
  2. Planetfall has endured in my gaming group and we still play it a lot. Since the beginning I absolutely fell in love with the scale and models. I don't think the games needs much, except for a clearer rulebook, tweaks to terrain and scenarios. Of course some units and cards need rebalancing, but from what I could find about the test rules, the proposed changes looked pretty good. I really hope the models become availible again soon, because right now we just can't grow the playerbase here.
  3. Yeah Spartan, please show us a comparison shot!
  4. Just as a follow up, the pledge manage is open until the 27th of March! I just finished entering my pledge... I'll be able to get my hand on the Ice Maiden!
  5. Indeed, I got into the game after the kickstarter and I'm bummed I can't get the models now. I would pay the amount they charged on the KS, but not scalper prices on eBay.
  6. Wow, la qualité de la peinture et des tables est renversante! For our english speaking friends: Those pictures are sexy!
  7. True, the community has pointed out many rules flaws that really should have been complied in a FAQ by now. Some ORBATS also need to be corrected. At this point it wouldn't be that much of a hassle for the SG team to correct those small errors. I use a Leviathan quite often with my Dinz and I wasn't aware of this ruling and it's quite a big deal. There is no point in ever choosing the Leviathan CQB stat with the current Leviathans. Tarpiting a Leviathan is going to be much harder now that I know this ruling.
  8. My group plays in Québec City... generally in my basement.
  9. I personally like the thing. It makes sky drops more accurate, it gives it's squadron a lot more CQB power, it can Target Lock, it can be used as an ablative shield and it can deny TV by going into hidding.
  10. Nice work, I'm hoping to try those with my friends.
  11. Really nice force. Looks very impressive displayed like that.
  12. Just played a rematch and we both played the same lists. This time the Relthoza won, but it was a very close game. Spiders are still plenty strong, they just aren't stupidly powerfull anymore.
  13. I played my first game as Dindrenzis vs Relthoza, 3400pts. I can't comment on the changes made to the Dinz, but the Spiders definitely felt toned down. My opponent was using them for the first time since the new ORBATS and he actually enjoyed the new style, despite the nerfs and the fact that he lost. The game was definitely closer and more dynamic that any we've played before. So far, I'm very happy with the new stats and can't wait V2.
  14. Good question. I think the intent of the rules was to give it to all Armoured and Elevated LoS classes. It would make more sense, if they restricted the wording to LoS classes, because Ju-Fa-Shamis have a lot of rules with the word Leviathan in them. Yhey even call in a Leviathan in the wording, but if you look at the profile, it's not clear that it's a Leviathan, since it's full name is Battle Walker Ju-Fa-Shami.
  15. I agree, it's a change that's going to take a couple seconds, but it will make for a far more elegant rules set.
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