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  1. Because after you have played the game several times with the same units it starts to get boring. The solution is to change your list, after a time doing so requires new releases. If those releases are not produced by the company your options are home brewing or quit.
  2. If you're playing a game a lot, say weekly, either a huge catalog of models or a continual release of models/rule tweaks is required to sustain interest. Lack of those (when promised or not) is going to cause players to quit playing. Particularly if they can use the models within another system.
  3. Any word on some legions stuff?
  4. Using the pontoon bridge is a clever idea
  5. Baking soda and pva glue to make some cool snow flock, Mortaal posts about it here: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/11758-coa-11th-cohort-novaliss-mercy/ For jungle I'd be tempted to go with much lighter greens and maybe some sand.
  6. Nice work, keep going I too have some gears salvaged from old army toys, I find it makes throwing them out easier to justify.... Do you have enough to make more bombers?
  7. I think you're right in keeping it, looks pretty cool
  8. At least now when everyone calls it the dune worm it will make some sense - in the book "Dune" the worms die if they are submerged in water...
  9. You've done a great job on the wheathering there. Is that washes over highlights or have you done any highlighting after applying them?
  10. Looks good I'd like to know this as well?
  11. That's fast, you could finish an entire army in a day... Did you start with the yellow spray paint?
  12. That's pretty awesome, how long did the model take?
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