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  1. Mortier

    Mortier Paint Log

    Thanks to all for the positive replies I am off to work tomorrow so will not be posting for a couple of months ( only do 300th scale at work easier to transport). Will be back posting as soon as I return. Stu
  2. And so you should be happy with the outcome well done love the look. Cambrius really? sexy? you know the web is for more than looking at miniatures. Stu
  3. Mortier

    Mortier Paint Log

    I promised the battle ship for the weekend but I took my fleet for a game against the Brits love the death by rocket as a result I didnt finish the battleship but I did start my sky force with the following bomber please bear in mind the scheme is only experimental as normal critic is most welcomed. Stu
  4. Nice looking fleet soft colours very french, Stu
  5. Havent we all done the same at one time or another it is never as bad as you think Show us. Stu
  6. Mortier

    Mortier Paint Log

    Waiting for my wash to dry I completed my surfaced Ika hope you like Hope you like Stu
  7. I have found this site a great motivation and look forward to any new painting styles and schemes. Stu
  8. Mortier

    Mortier Paint Log

    Dorvack. GHQ is 1/287th scale. I have attempted to dull down the IKA to try and show some details although it is a one colour paint job, Hope this is better but I use an Australian product for my gloss glass coat I guess its too glosy. Stu
  9. Looks great love the luffwaffe look of the tiny flyers and the ships are great real north atlantic weathering Stu
  10. Mortier

    Mortier Paint Log

    Again Thanks for your generous remarks. Cambrius. The colour used is 15 years old so I dont know if the formula has changed over time but it is Tamiya XF-14 JA Grey. I do not use a dry brush method but a modified layering technic the first coat is applied over a black under coat and is thin one part paint with 4 parts liquidtex flow aid. Give it 2 washes of Devlon mud making sure your brush strokes are in the same direction of water flow up and down in this case. then highlight with the original colour mix.. I like the washed out stain effect it give and you can control the color by the number of layers used if too bright you can wash it again with this time a thinned layer of devlon mud. Hope this is helpful. Dorvack.The numbers are decals GHQ german armor numeral The flag is painted with a decal roundel. they are bedded in using a softener. Von Klinkerhoffen. It was army painter ultra matt only around 6 months old. I think I know were I can get my hands on Dullcote locally so I will give that a go thanks. Still working on my Battle ship hopfully finished by the end of the week.
  11. Mortier

    Mortier Paint Log

    Thanks for the kind replies. Especially thanks to Von Klinkerhoffen I have a look at a lot of the stuff that you have posted and that tutorial on basing tiny flyers has been greatly appriciated. Here are my cruisers a little note check your matt varnish before you spray it this stuff must have a expiration as I found out to my dismay.So if you see any tiny white dots please forgive. Critic will be most welcome as I am starting on my battle ship. Stu
  12. love the work can you give a step by step for the water
  13. Mortier

    Drilling For A Flag

    I bought a set of drill from a model railway and hobby supplier they had a set of drills 15 in total .3 to 1mm with a pin vice with the correct colet these have worked really well. Stu
  14. Mortier

    Mortier Paint Log

    here are my first Frigates Stu
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