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  1. So I notice most people play the 1200 point range. I started my fleet at 800 and was curious if people think dreads are mandatory. I personally love super tough ships and I hear the Omni ships are tough as nails. Does everyone use dreads past 800? Whats your fav and the toughest dread? Help a new Terran/Miniature addict out.
  2. OMG, it's a good time for me to start Terran. I love battlecruisers! ***HEART***
  3. My local shop has Firestorm Armada: Storm Zone - Battle for Valhalla That worth it?
  4. What would be the best way to start? Should I get the fleet or just some squads?
  5. I have been looking at aquans, rsn, and syndicate. The Syndicate I loved the model but the rules now don't play to my style. RSN is too fragile for me as well. Aquans are neat but I don't know I never could get myself to pull the trigger. I find the Terrans most fit with my style of well shielded warhorses. Plus I love Torpedos.
  6. Looking for some help. I have seen Terrans are super tanky (And I can ally with Syndicate!). I was looking for a fun and tough group. Thinking 800ish points to start. Tyrant W/ +2pd +3WC + Shield Projector (275) - 3 interceptor wings - 3x Squire 3x Harpoon - Torpedo Spook - +1 Shield, Shield Projector + Nuclear Torpedos 3x Perseus Light Cruiser + 1 shield + shield projector 4x Armsman Frigates Total 755 Figured I would move up the center with the Tyrant and Light cruisers to scare them while my torpedo spooks attack cruisers and lights using 7x a shot instead of combining. Thoughts?
  7. I was looking at the task forces. They seemed a good way to start.
  8. That is a sexy build :-) So many options. Debating if I should get the 2 player smaller fleet boxes to start.
  9. Oops, that is what I meant. It seems like it would be a good ship to put in the middle of some cruisers and move forward as a bulk of scariness.
  10. The Tyrant is looking pretty sexy with a shield cruiser escort. Terran are looking sexier by the day.
  11. I think I may end up Terran. Since the resign they seem better. Is a Terran battleship good with a shield cruiser?
  12. The Ba'kash battle carrier looks pretty nasty, to say the least. The only issue is no shields :-( So many nice looking ships. Damn you spartan games! Every time I find a faction I don't like you re-do the models and they get sexy.
  13. Looking at starting with a patrol box. I hear syndicate is not too strong right now (Even though I love the models) and Tarakian have cool lore, they just appear, stop fights, then vanish. There are so many options. I like having a tough fleet. I always thought aquans but they seem popular and most fleets I see are them. Kinda leaning towards a sub faction. Works Raptor ships do interest me but they are kinda odd with some being close and others being long ranged torps. What do you all find is Meta around you? Any fleets played more then others?
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