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    Sea battle mats

    Lol, Naptain and Falconer, that's exactly what I have already. I dont like it because its a stretchy material and its not heavy enough to stay in place during play. Plus I want an upgrade and just don't have the time or patience to construct and paint a dedicated sea board. BigB, good to hear they hold up under scrutiny. What is the material like? I was worried when they said fleece. Sounds like one of those thin air plane blankets. Is the surface printed or painted? Would the surface catch on sharp corners during play? Is the white as bright as the photos? Thanks in advance. It's one of the few sea mats out there and probably the cheapest, there must be some owners out there that can chime in. Thanks for all the replies gentlemen.
  2. Severino

    Sea battle mats

    What are people using? A quick google search shows that the Dreadfleet mat is popular, and it does look great but it isn't a full 6*4. I'm using a blue velvet cloth at the moment that has a nice wave texture to it, but it's not ideal. I'm thinking of buying a sea mat from Cigar Box http://cigarboxbattlestore.bigcartel.com/product/ocean-battle-mat-105. It's not crazy expensive like the Terrainmat ones and the international postage is very reasonable. Any got one? What's it like? My only issue is too much white, but the store photo maybe exaggerating that. Hotz do a sea mat but it seem they just do plain blue. Pics if possible.
  3. That is the very minimum I would expect Spartan to do. What I'd like to see is a resin token set and maybe some resin explosion and fire markers that would fit onto the turret mounting that I could have magnetised, splash markers, broadside markers, torpedoes etc Everything that litko offers that I'm about to buy could be done better by Spartan.
  4. Soooo... do we know if they will reprint? I can't find anywhere that the commodore edition was a limited run, so right now I'm assuming that it will be reprinted. I don't care if the reprint includes the changes or not, I want one mostly for the fluff. They've sold out locally, and I'm not paying overseas postage for a hardback that might get damaged on the way. I'd like a Spartan employee to please clarify.
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