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  1. In the old Dystopian Wars there was an alien faction "martianlike" with tripods and stuff that did not take part in the DW fluf story but you could have it as "what if" story of DW. SInce wild west exodus has an alien faction i think it could be remade to pay a major role in the new background story of DA. What do you think? btw: Hapy xmas!!
  2. Dindrenzi battleships are difficult to crit. If you want to double crit them, roll no less than 18-20 dice (AD) and from behind otherwise is better to try to use both broadsides going for a crit. If you go behind them, wacht out for mines! I recommend not to link when shooting at cruisers. Untounched sorylian cruisers have plenty of firepower on their own (8 AD is fine against a cruiser). howeveer you will need the "drives to max" card if not shunting them to reach the enemy cruisers I got good resutls when shunting a battleship on turn 2 (thanks to the special admiral ability) while the rest of the fleet advances. Howwever I used this tactic against directorate mostly, never against dindrenzi. A battleship shunted near the enemy is difficult to remove. More or less Sorylian work like terrans. except they dont have shieldsthat good , but they have speed and the small ships (frigates with packhunter) are very good. always try to purchase weapon shielding for your battleship If you include veydreth try to get some corvettes. they are very good, specially near gas clouds (place mines moving around )
  3. You can get the special admiral from system wars to shunt in some cruisers or battleships and try to engage the Dindrenzi with both broadsides btw I hope the sorylians get buffed in the new edition. ^^
  4. The fleet managed to get a draw in two games and lose one game to aquans (was my first game against aquans and they have everything in favor to blast my fleet apart with mines) This fleet struggles against Relthoza and has little scatter broadside, so aquans hiding on gas clouds are extremely hard to hit and they mine you from there, damaging whole squadrons in one move. The scenario against aquans wasscalating engagement, so my tier 1 took its time in getting into combat (I should have taken Gnash kragg) and did little in that battle. However I have been told the carrier+gunships combo is a strong one and difficult to drop its combat efficiency. Thanks to the destroyers is easy to drop the PD from a big ship then follow up with a torpedo salvo from the Tier 1. It killed ba'kash quickly (with the weapons retracted!) and survided two turns of retholzan dreadnought onslaught. The fighters also made a ship to explode damaging nearby enemy cruisers (I choose them because the range the combo ships are supposed to operate). So that was my impression. I made this fleet because I was expecting a limited time between combats so I wanted fast kills early on, but the game had more time per match than expected and I found things go out of control when the enemy is closing to the fleet. The katar are good as damage sponges, very hard for their points. I also used thermal controls with them but did not capture ships as expected (maybe I had bad rolls, cant remember)
  5. Some ideas for SRS... 1) remove the possibility of losing an entire SRS token to asteroids. Make them have losses but not losing every craft in a failed colision check. I think it was silly in current 2.0 2) Ace figther and interceptor option. They re-roll colision checks and 1's rolled on PD and (in case of fighters) AD EDIT: regarding mines... I don´t like the mines to be removed from the game, but I don´t like the mines to be used as a dominant main weapon able to attack directly ENTIRE SQUADRONS in one go instead of individual models (and the lack of defence toward them) I think mines should be (only) for area control only, and I think the solution is the approach they had in Taskforce. They appear as dangerous area terrain that hinders movement and shooting. Another idea is to mix the mines with the "Ambush" token, you can hide some ships, or have some bluff tokens and hidden mines. THis makes mines a way to condition the movement of an opposing fleet (control) and not as the ultimate weapon to destroy squadrons.
  6. Thanks Frans @Fracas Its in my signature The gate of suns
  7. Hi there! I have posted in my blog (The Gate of Suns) a battlereport that looks like the cover of the last edition of the Uncharted Seas rulebook (Ralgard Vs. Iron Dwarves) Go check and see what happened in that battle! Dan
  8. I hope they don´t wash out that from the next taskforce... It took me a week making those mines and they make good cover for the otherwise poorly defended Veydreth (who also can´t Ambush in TF) That's why I am holding myself of making new terrain until V3.0 is released.
  9. Here are the ships I brought TIER 1 Xiphos Carrier with +1 Mv, Shield and extra wings. It had 6 fighter wings and 2 shuttles accompainment: 2 Warwolves TIER 2 3 Destroyers (Kestros) with stealth systems 3 Katar assault cruisers without planetfall, and second assault TIER 3 5 Reaper with pack hunters 5 Scythe 4 Plumbata Total 1000 points
  10. Hi there, sorry for the necromancy, but it took me time to edit the pics and I couldn not upload while I was in Germany due to a internet restriction in the place where I lived. Here are the pictures about how the tournament was. I must add, the meals were excellent and the people there very friendly This one wa the winning fleet in the FA painting constest (and it was very nasty too!) My lizards aquans and their death star this shot was taken moments before my fleet was about to be mined into space dust (and i needed 6 to hit!!) My third battle against my traditional enemies the fun of this battle was the black hole that ate several retholzan ships the lovely Hahnc's Ryushi My lizards, the "Dindrylians" First battle against... more sorylians!! The Great Rending V2! General look of the bouards and other tournaments taking place Hope you liked!! Dan
  11. I am readying myself to play Firestorm taskforce and the only thing missing was the way TF handles minefields, so I needed two of them and 3 bases with mines for each, so they can work as a mine token when a ship triggers one of them (and Im painting Veydreth atm...) Here are some minecraft samples As a suggestion, the rule for triggering mines could be modified to rol a D6 per unexploded token on the field (but the ship is attacked just once), so the "denser" the minefield is, the dangerous it becomes crossing it. Hope you liked
  12. all stuff specific of taskforce (all versions)
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