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  1. IS Firestorm Armada getting any kind of Fighter Token Mini's in the future, has it even been discussed, or is it a flat no? Cause right now I Love Dystopian Wars. It has everything, but that's just it, it seems like Spartan has ignored Firestorm Armada in favor of it. DW has Fighter Tokens from the get go, but Firestorm armada just has paper pieces. Tokens need to be made. Sincerely Paladin
  2. I actually like the PA. Once again though its a situational use weapon. I was lucky my 1st time. I sank an FSA Dred, and the 2 Battleships behind it, but that was only due to amazing rolling. Still, it had my opponent cursing up a storm.
  3. Paladin

    CoA: Dystopian Legions

    Painted Dystopian Legions minis for Covenant of Antarctica.
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