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  1. What to get?

    The novgorod and mezen are much better bang for your buck than rostovs when it comes to smalls. The new box with the sub, light cruisers, battlecruiser and gun corvettes is definitely worth the purchase
  2. Thoughts on the Magadon?

    While they have some new toys, in my experience they are still too slow and tend to get shot to bits before they can use the fancy new toys.
  3. Retired ships?

    It is kinda the same with the Russian ships with turrets, why take them when you can bring the newer ships with mortars and fixed fore guns?
  4. Best boarding nation

    Russia is to slow to a real boarding faction, also as a whole it barely had any more ap than other factions any more
  5. A few V2 questions

    Any reasons for changing this from the previous two rulebooks? This edition is much more about bringing the big ships but loosing this at times really hurts, some dreads are all but impossible to kill without the boarding insta win.
  6. Official FAQ

    This is why the 53 odd page 2.0 rules question thread needs to be closed. By the sounds of things no one wants to wade through it due to its size any more.
  7. Official FAQ

    This is sorely needed. If you do not browse the rules question forum fantaticaly you will miss so many small clarifications and RAI updates that can trip people in games.
  8. Official Thread: Dominion Of Canada

    @James which should it be, hits or successes? Most places in the book mention hits, and you are using successes here which can confuse people if the terminology keeps on getting mixed up which is why this discussion even happened.
  9. Official Thread: Dominion Of Canada

    This is a case of inconsistent terminology in the rulebook. The exploding dice mechanic section begins with using the wording of two successes then moves on to using two hits. High payload only mentions successes and shields only mention hits. @emmachine read the second paragraph on the exploding dice section and you will see the wording change to each 6 results in two hits and roll more dice. @Projectmanhatten5 It is worth checking the rules yourself, the devs/beta testers have been known to get mixed up with the beta documents over the published ones before.
  10. Worst ships - what would you leave at home?

    Taking more than one Peset. The range of the Target painter is so short to be useless with the activation before moving on a platform that is far too fragile to be within 8". I might take one just to mimic it on pretty much anything that can use a mimic instead.
  11. Tac Cards

    No the book has the templates and the counters only.
  12. Tac Cards

    Purchase only. They are in the starter boxes for the core 7 factions, or can be purchased separately from the spartan store.
  13. Heavy Bombers?

    If it wasn't for their facebook guy we wouldn't even get those renders. James is the only spartan presence on the forums any more. The silence is getting deafening.
  14. It is a pity that this ability is so terrible, combined with the other commodore ability pretty much means the CoA commodore is pretty much the worst when it comes to abilities.
  15. Rolling to hit question

    Old rules. Forums badly need a purge of the 1.1 rules of which there is a ton still rather prominently located.

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