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  1. I'd say yes, yes, do repaint them. It's a highly striking result!
  2. ...you slice it open and fill it with shoarma? I'd love to stand at the helm of a Foundry.
  3. Sounds similar to when my Directorate battle station came without a base; mailed Spartan about it, got a whole new battle station... sans base. d:
  4. Oh Cadia, our home and native land... d: Nicely done!
  5. Wandelaar

    Wandelaar's Directorate

  6. Wandelaar

    Wandelaar's Australians

  7. Wonderful finished result! I've always been taught to thin the dip a bit before getting to work.
  8. Amazing! Does the PVC lie flat on the table easily, or does it curl much?
  9. Personally, the white stars look better to me...
  10. How much terrain is used in your games?
  11. Oh. My. God. Look at. Those. Boats! (My Chinese dragon don't want none unless you got jade, hun!)
  12. "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" is blaring through my noggin right now...
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