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  1. ive listened to the podcast with neil and derek/delboy and they're not that keen on giving away too much too early (some of their releases are in the pipline for 2015) would be nice if we had a rough overview of some of the planned releases of say the next 6 months - for me it would give me an idea of where the games going etc and give me an opertunity to plan/budget (who am i kidding ill just buy them all ) but it doesnt seem to be company policy - pity
  2. was it just me or did bun just mention "new fleet boxes" ands "air boxes" in the same post?
  3. For me it’s a dangerous move to post an “OP” post. You will always be met with some pretty over the top comments that disagree with your point of view. In my experience they fall into 4 main categories Actual comments and discussion from players that have played with/against unit x that disagree with you for logical reasons x Much more helpful and interesting You just aren’t playing the correct strategies to defeat x Ok Slightly helpful but doesn’t address the original subject on a units Game Balance! Spartan Games are perfect and you have no idea what your talking about. In no way helpful (falls into I will gladly wash the peoples tractor category) People who own unit/fleet x and are fully aware how op it/they are but don’t want to loose their advantage over their opponents. Unfortunately way to common and very unsportsmanlike. Dystopian wars is only the second war-game I’ve ever played and these forums the first I’ve participated on any subject really. I have started a few “this unit/fleet is broken “ threads and been quite shocked by the response of fellow forum members. I had naively believed that the whole purpose of such discussion threads was to discuss other’s points of view on matters relating to our chosen pastime. Its interesting how many members dismiss out of hand all such posts but the truth is sometimes Spartan just get it wrong. Does this make them a BAD game company? The answer is No , because on more than just a few occasions they have gone “oops” and fixed a mistake. And I’m sure part of their realization of a problem would come from these forum discussions. I remember being extremely miffed the first time I had an arronax teleported against my dred and lost it to boarding and nearly a whole squad of frigates to its particle cannon in the first turn. By the third game of being on the receiving end of maggot attacks with similar outcomes I posted my “I hate teleporting maggots thread” and was promptly shouted down on everything from my understanding of the rules to my poor tactical prowess on the game board. The point is the whole Arronax / teleporting orb thing is now banned (in DW2) and robot boarding altered to a point where 1 shot boarding against large/massive targets is unlikely to be an instant win scenario. I am all for spirited debate but the forum needs to be a place where a user can post a point of view and then engage in logical discussion J
  4. that is without a doubt one of the nicest painted fleets i've ever seen - for such a simple colour scheme - your attention to detail is amazing - oh to have young eyes and steady hands
  5. really nice colour scheme ! but the attention to detail on the planking and domes is beautifull
  6. myth28


    i prefer to mix my own washes - i use future(pledge) floor polish for the base then add ink (usually vallejo) my favourite mix is black/sepia mix that i apply to just about everything i saw an amazing model at a comp once and got talking to its painter , who showed me the recipe the joy is you can adjust the translusance of the mix and the strength of the colour but the big winner is the speed it lets you paint a model i used to paint the hull then wash the model - then paint the decks and ink the decks - then paint the metalics and ink the metalics - nowdays i do hull/deck/ metalics then wash the whole model in 1 go - lets me finish a 2 box fleet in 1 day - (i hate ghost fleets !!!)
  7. hi delboy - greatly appreciate the work you and the other playtesters have done on DW2 looking forward to it Are you planning on returning to your habbit of giving a rundown on new release units as they come out- - missed the break downs of the merc fleets
  8. nice looking ships - i like the gritty metalics set off with the red detail
  9. hi guys - thanks for the sneak peeks and lots of info - slightly different question - the pics show us all lots of new vessels for all the core 7 nations - which no doubt will be released over the next x months and keep me broke and painting till the wee hours - are there any current plans for any NEW nations to be released in the near future or any aditions to some of the alliance nations ?? i know you probably cant be specific but there was talk of italian air before we all went beta crazy and our new scenario is focused around south America .......so??? .......hints pls
  10. Okay Have been contacted by Customer service and it would seem the fault is mine for sending a blank email . It would seem my original whine is baseless and i would like to offer a public apology to Spartan Sorry Myth 28
  11. thanks for the quick reply guys i sent the request to despatch@spartangames.co.uk just under a month ago
  12. Ok any advice out there ? ive noticed of late a few more problems than usual with the Quality/completeness of some of the Spartan products. I tend to purchase a few of each box set for myself and for commissions and many of the boxes are missing pieces- Both my Blackwolf sets were missing the pieces to join the cruisers to the flight stands and the pewter turrets were so miscast in one set there was magor filing and puttying to the point of resculpting. In one box set both the bow sections were missing (snapped off/miscast ?) but not in their plastic bags - therefore packed broken - not brocken in shipping. Recently i purchased the RC box set containing the pesets and there were no clear echo template included. Now i understand Spartan is growing at a cracker pace and i love their products. I even understand that at the rate they are pumping out new products there will be teething probs, my real issue is apon contacting customer service and detailing my probs i get ....nothing! no parts.... no reply ......no explanation in the early days the few minor problems i had were rectified with replacement parts within days (not bad considering im in Aus) I have heard Spartan prefer you returning the items to the retailer but in the latest case i picked them up on holiday Suggestions ?
  13. hi there mcduff have jpgs available of most of the nations to print your own decals - just need white laser copier decal paper pm me your email -ill send you the files
  14. i'm sure this one has come up before but ive done a couple of searches and found nothing - CoA player tries to use his fresnel generator - rolls a one - generator offline needs repairing - uses his inventive scientist MAR to reroll and the Generator fires and since its attached to an aristotle it puts out 23 dice at RB4 and double (nearly triple) crits an Aussie pocket battleship- the question is - does the generator need repairing because of the original one - and the atack never takes place - or does the inventive scientist reroll mean the damage to the generator never happens and the atack was legit ?
  15. has anyone else noticed the design influence on the gadeiros fortification - WASP hq marineville to go with the STINGRAY nice !!
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