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  1. For those who haven't tried Halo: Fleet battles the biggest difference in the core mechanics is that instead of rolling extra dice on sixes you only get to reroll your misses, and in most cases ones can't be rerolled. The biggest complaint about FSA among my gaming group is with the exploding sixes adding way too much variability, so this news was greeted with universal approval. In your opinion would FSA be better with this version of exploding dice?
  2. Where? 5) Can lumbering vehicles move backwards?
  3. 4) Can infantry in a building use any main ordinance weapons they might have?
  4. Hi! Apologies in advance if these have been asked elsewhere: 1) When setting up the board are the buildings/terrain features used for objectives placed in phase B (Set Up Terrain) or phase D (Place Objectives) of the pre-game sequence? 2) Are damage markers assigned to models or squadrons? Do destroyed models take their damage markers with them when they are removed from play or do they persist as a debuff to the squadron? 3) Do disorder markers affect movement or combat in any way other than possibly granting Forlorn Hope status?
  5. Are the point values for table size and # of objectives based on total point value of all players (i.e 3000 points being 1500 per side) or the point value of a single player?
  6. It's a giant mechanical scorpion. That alone is reason enough to field one!
  7. Granted there are still turning templates, but only specific models use them
  8. Wait if it's that horizontal groove on the upper torso i see it now
  9. Pictures would be appreciated
  10. Aplogies if this should be in the "Hobby" section, but I'm looking at assembling my first core helix and I can't figure out where the gun on the Salamis walkers is supposed to go...
  11. Could you possibly also add the RSN tier 3's to this guide? I'm curious what the effects of Target Resolution are on the deployment of RSN escorts.
  12. I'm not sure if the rule is worded such that it means you can only have a single SRS token in a split berth situation, I always read it as merely allowing you to combine wings in the first place. Also even with the added protection from the interceptors I think 2-ship squadrons are still far too vulnerable.
  13. TKaz84


    The Ba'Kash heavies also have a brutal 16 AD torpedo attack to use after the enemy has been softened up.
  14. So far both of my terran opponents are convinced that shunting heavy cruisers in is the only way to use them. Maybe we'll try escalating engagement to test that out....
  15. I seem to be missing sky drop markers
  16. Picked up a starter box at Adepticon today However after removing the contents I have a few questions: 1) the box says I should have 5 infantry bases for each side, yet I appear to have 6 2) Are the empty slots in the bases supposed to be filled in with the metal troopers or are they designed to hold upgrades later on? 3) For the Directorate tanks I appear to have four of the exact same turret. is this intentional or is the heavy tank's turret supposed to be unique? http://i.imgur.com/lznVewD.jpg 4) Instead of having Sky Drop markers I appear to have...whatever these things are: http://i.imgur.com/GVQbpyJ.jpg What are those things? 5) I also have a random flight peg?
  17. It seems like shunting in from reserve is too easy. it's already a 2/3 chance of arriving in normally, and even if you fail there are only a couple of results that are truly that bad given that generally you arrive behind whatever you want to shoot.
  18. Ever since 2.0 was released for free I've been slowly working up to a game a week. Fortunately it has caught on with several people locally (free rules helps!), although with the impending release of the other Armada game set in a galaxy far far away I suspect I won't be getting quite as many games in in the coming months
  19. Cyclic Shielding I think is a very matchup-dependent TAC. It's great against Relthoza players (like me!) who have biohazard/corrosive on nearly everything.
  20. As the Relthoza player in question, his biggest problem isn't the Cloaking Field, it's Stealth.
  21. If I were running Ba'Kash cruisers (and I'm thinking about it) I would definitely have them in reserve against anyone with significant long-range firepower.
  22. TKaz84


    My dice weren't particularly good there, and i didn't have enough things with biohazard to make capturing it likely. You should definitely hold off on venting atmosphere unless you really really need it though. d3 hazard markers is no joke, especially since crew damage hurts you so much.
  23. The ability to link your turrets with your broadsides is what makes ships with turrets so good. Remember that when you start to use heavy cruisers!
  24. Glad you had fun If you really want to protect your carrier consider taking extra command distance instead of beam weapons. EDIT: In case it wasn't clear I'm the one who introduced him to the game
  25. I was actually thinking about shunting it in from reserve
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