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  1. Most likely won't be able to show this sunday due to a prior commitment.
  2. Got an email stating that "most" of my stuff is on its way, and sorry for the delay. I'd really like to know what "most" of my order means.
  3. Thanks Mike, that is good to know. @Gen. Eric I did look at the store, and that wasn't a great reference. Spartan's Gallery really needs an update. They have some great models, but not great photo's of them. I would love to see a faction gallery that actually showed off the models and allowed you to find them in an intuitive way.
  4. So the new Orbats don't contain any images. Is there anything out there to help with ship identification?
  5. Sorry I missed the action. I was there right at noon, but could only stay for 10 minutes as I had to get back home so that the fam could catch the new Spidey movie (which was amazing, no pun ...okay, maybe a little intended). I've got Empire, Federated, and the Chinese. Sounds like you don't have a regular FSA player yet, so I'll happily grab that spot. I am somewhat tempted to bring the CF as they are so damn sexy. But the variety with them is so darn limited. Besides, FSA was my first fleet ever, so it will be nice to get back to them. Nice to see a few other people post up. Who knew so many players were around Portland.
  6. I'll do my best to swing by on Sunday. I doubt I'll have a fleet ready though as I'll have to go digging through my office to find them. However, in the future, I'll be happy to bring my FSA fleet.
  7. Wait a minute....there's another Dystopian Wars player in Portland????
  8. Thank you Spartan Derek. It is encouraging to hear of work and advancement on the game.
  9. At least that is what their blog site says using the Planetfall tag. How do you go two years without mentioning a game? I really just don't get Spartan. They make fantastic models. The rules aren't always the cleanest, but I have felt that they were on the right track with each iteration getting better. But damn, the long areas of silence is just deafening. Find something to say about your games, even if no new stuff is out. Create some tactics articles or paint showcases. We just need something from you to see that a game isn't dead.
  10. So I noticed that you can leave a comment on the latest blog entry. I did and it said there were 10 other comments, however, there seem to be no way to view them.
  11. So I don't have the fleet action rules, but I have played the fast rules for Firestorm. Is the same random damage table in the DW version? Because that was the one thing I didn't like. A glancing hit could blow you up, while a major hit might only leave you with barely anything.
  12. DW 3.0 needs less tokens, and a more simplified damage system. I really like planetfall. If DW can move in that direction, that would be a good thing.
  13. Just curious. Picked up a fleet of these guys as I've always liked the way they looked. Saw that I've got the whole line already, and was hoping that it will expand some in the future.
  14. Personally, CQB seems a little odd to me. In its description, this is basically small arms fire and typically to be used against infantry. And yet CQB is just as damaging to these huge armored vehicles as the main armaments. For V2, I'd really like to see something like the following: CQB vs infantry or light models use the RED dice mechanic. CQB vs armored use the BLUE dice mechanic. CQB vs leviathan use the BLACK dice mechanic. Leviathan CQB always use the RED dice mechanic vs all targets. Now CQB fits with the description. Useful and deadly vs light armored targets. Vs heavier armored targets, not as effective. Plus, we now have a reason to have Leviathan CQB.
  15. And here is where the problem lies. When they make a ruling that contradicts the written text, then they need to change the written text. You can't expect people to search the forum to learn how to play. They are going to download the available book and trust that it is correct.
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